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1) 1435.0001_VHS
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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 001
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 1: [no notes] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 1: 00:05(This reel is in color.) Two women sit on shore of lake. They have a picnic lunch. Nearby woman has hamburgers in a pan. She cooks them over a fire. Couple paddle in a canoe up to shoreline. Woman snacks from plate. She holds up plate to face as if to shield self from camera. Ladies crouching down. One has tin cup. Woman by tree. She waves with spatula. Exterior of home. Tree grows in yard. Bare trees. long building in area. 01:04. Two women walk arm-in-arm. Cabin in background. Exterior of home with white columns. Group of people, all formally dressed. Woman has satin gown. This is a wedding. Bride has bouquet. She lifts train of gown. Groom stands near her. (These wedding shots are a bit shadowy.) The couple kiss. Groom points outward. 02:07. Bride, other members of the wedding party. Bride and groom. Buddy smooths groom's hair for him. Members of wedding in vicinity of the bride. Little girl wearing formal long dress. Large building ensconced among trees. Sign at left. Waterfall. 03:02. Water cascades profusely. Man and little boy sitting on ground. Boy ties shoe. Man standing by waterfall. He points to the waterfall. He shrugs his shoulders. He is all but in the waterfall itself. Woman walks around in the area. She is trying to find comfortable place to stand. She walks over the rocks. Flowing stream with arched stone bridge over it. Trees, foliage. Beginning of stream. 04:04. Shrubbery, foliage. CU smiling woman. She says a few words. CU man. He smiles, says a few words, also. He cocks his head, points to the right. Man ascends stairs. (This shot is shadowy.) This may be outside. He sits on bench at top of stairs. Woman crouches down applying brush to item. She is near car. She is brushing lower half of car seat. Man does same. He sits on car seat and continues brushing. 06:03. He waves, smiles genially. He talks. Man, woman reflected in surface of car exterior. Just their faces in miniature. Exterior of home. Overhanging trees. Woman enters yard. She ascends steps, waves as she enters home. Man descends steps. He has suitcase in each hand. He ducks under tree branches. Parked car with doors open. Infant. 07:02. He is crying. Woman wipes him with cloth. Wipes his entire body. Baby cries as woman applies lotion. Woman puts fresh clothes on infant. Infant in woman's lap. Holds bottle as baby partakes. 08:00. Woman wipes baby's mouth. She places bottle back in baby's mouth. CU infant lying down. CUs continue of infant lying down. Fireplace. (These shots are just a little faded.) Christmas tree. Infant lying on rug. 09:12. Infant grasping raised feet. Infant lies back. Kicks feet. Pulls on string of bootee. Man holds infant in his arms. He looks at infant, talks to him. Man gets infant to 'patty-cake' with hands. 10:01. Infant begins to cry. Man and infant. Man waves infant's hand for him. Infant lying down. Has toy in hand. Man leans over infant. Dog at right of infant. Infant pats dog. Infant in high chair. Infant smiles. 11:06. Infant smiles while lying on mattress. Looks up. Infant bounces as he balances self on hands. Gives a hitch forward. (Photography has improved. It is now black and white.) More mattress-infant footage. CU infant. Smiles. Rocks back and forth supported by hands. 12:01. Dog lies beside of infant. Dog looks up. Dog sniffs infant. Full wastebasket. Infant at left of wastebasket. Infant touches box in wastebasket. Infant and wastebasket. 'Mel-O-Bit' American Spread' box in wastebasket. 13:05. Infant grasps rim of wastebasket. He knocks empty box out of wastebasket. He grasps box on floor. He picks box up. Examines it. Infant sitting on older man's lap. Woman pushes infant along in decorated wheelbarrow. It is striped. She pushes him a ways and then turns wheelbarrow around. Infant has hairbrush in hand. 15:01. Infant leans on object which looks like cover for layer cake. Jiggles back and forth on legs. Fireplace aglow in background. Infant stands by toilet. Crouches down on floor beside plush toy. Smiles. Grasps side of bathtub, sits down on floor. Smiles. Crawls forward on all fours. Infant sits on toilet seat. Attachment elevates him. Infant wearing sunsuit. He has toy. 16:08. Toy has spindles for placement of rings. He places ring over spindle. Continues placing rings over spindles. (Cataloguer's error: Infant is little girl.) She turns pages of magazine. She has toy resembling necklace. She places it around her head. CU infant smiling. Infant being bathed in small tub which is actually dishpan. Woman lathers soap. She uses washcloth to bathe infant. She continues to bathe infant. Infant smiles. Infant sits in brook. She is adjacent to shoreline. 18:13. She has puzzled look on her face. Woman picks her up, but sets her back in brook, splashing a little water on her. Woman dips infant back and forth in brook. Infant sitting on couch. She has finger in mouth. 19:01. She turns pages of book. Infant between handles of wheelbarrow while woman pushes it. Infant standing outside. She is walking now. Doll carriage in background. She walks on pathway. (Hereafter cataloguer will refer to infant as toddler because she is walking.) She continues to walk on path. Toddler astride rocking horse on porch. 20:00. She is astride rocking horse in parlor. She continues to rock. (Film has acquired a pale green tint.) Outside on walkway. Toddler in snowsuit. Inside now. She observes soap bubble someone has blown. She touches it. More bubbles. She smiles amusedly. She bursts bubble on spoon. Shakes arms in joy. 21:03. She continues to enjoy the bubble show. Waves her arms again. Bubbles continue. (End of Reel 1.)
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