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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Charles Gilbert--home movies] NHF Reel 026
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1930 – 1947
Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes as follows. Film box notes in parentheses. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 26: (1930-1947). (Family). (0:00). Man at hay rack. Group of deer feeding and running in field. Deer have long tails. [Charles Gilbert III says that the Gilbert family kept orphan deer at their house in Hampden, 2014] Group of children around a girl on a horse. Man amidst group of long-tailed deer, then deer alone. Cows in field. Woman in coat and hat with a white dog, boy watching from the background. Woman attempts to position dog for camera. Dog is sitting in a saddle on a horse. Children riding ponies and burros or donkeys. (3:00). Man with dog on leash in yard. Dog now running free around yard. Two more dogs join in. Two women on the lawn in front of water. They carry on protracted handshake as they move towards the camera. Another woman joins them, more vigorous handshaking. Third woman is harnessed to plow driven by one of the other women. A woman pets a large white dog. Group of women on lawn, clowning around, striking poses and walking exaggeratedly. Game of leap frog. (5:19). Women each take turns approaching camera and clowning around. Tables and chairs are set up on the lawn. A game of cards. Shot of bay, sailboat and mountains in the distance. (6:44). Women sitting on the lawn. Two of them smoke. White dog. Card game. Women in bathing suits at edge of water. (8:08). They go swimming. Group of young boys pulling and carrying sleds on the snow. (8:50). Dog chewing bone in snow. Boys launch their sleds from top of porch steps. Boys pose briefly as they bring their sleds back up the hill. Two of the boys pose with two dogs. (10:20). Group of people in two canoes. Fishing from the shore. Two canoes again. Lengthy shot of man paddling canoe with two passengers. Canoeing sequences. (13:00). Dim pictures of group picnicking. Two women knitting. Canoes in the water. Woman standing in entryway of log cabin. Canoe. Man walking down dirt path towards and beyond camera. Same man in field. Two women in dark sunglasses. (14:40). Several pans of large neo-classical building. Band in bandshell. Domed building, unsteady pan. (16:40). Bandshell. Group of cadets on parade in courtyard of school. Capitol building.
Domestic animals
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