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16mm film; [350']; Silent; Color
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DVD; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
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March 3 2019 at 19:15:09
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 85
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 85, 1/13/1999 JS: (00:02) Infant crawling on floor. Infant moves toward mother, who claps her hands. Men painting exterior of house. Bushes draped in drop cloths. Man on ladder removes branch from tree in garage area. Man standing below takes branch. Pot of flowers sitting on brick steps. Painter on ladder painting shutter. Exterior of home. Painters stand back to apprise their work. Flower, grass, low-lying foliage, rocks. (03:02) Woman stands just above lake shoreline. Scraggly trees nearby. Parked cars. Boat operated by little boy decked out like captain. Boat docks. Older man has been in motorboat with him. Woman carrying plate. She plants seedlings from plate. She pauses. Man retrieves object from ground. Shadowy shot of foliage. Near parked car, woman assembles highchair. Woman places infant in highchair. Infant smiles while extending arms across tray. Man picks a flower for boutonniere. Large yellow flowers climbing up trellis. [Likely roses] Infant crawling on floor. Casting backward glance, infant continues crawling. Stops by plush toy. (06:02) Mother wiggles plush toy to encourage infant's crawling. Infant leans against exterior of playpen. Carrying infant in his arms, older man emerges from screen door of home. He places infant in playpen which is at side of porch. Man crouches down, talks to infant. Group gathered at edge of lake. Woman fishing. Long wooden toy battleship floats in water. Man retrieves battleship. Places it in its wooden case. Little boy pedals kiddiecar as little girl runs behind. Woman picks infant up. Places him in grass. Motions for him to crawl over to her. Infant gives backward glance, waves. Infant pauses, resumes crawling. Infant sitting on grass. Puts blade of grass into mouth, mother removes it. Mother holds small flower aloft. Mother claps hands. Infant does same. Little boy, wearing oversize 'white bucks' walks on sidewalk. Infant sitting in chair. Woman crouches down by chair. Boy, on kiddiecar, grasps infant's hand. Two women in yard. Woman, toddler watch as older man plants American flag on pole in lawn. (09:03) Man, boy and women salute flag. Younger man touches toddler on head. Older man, formally-dressed, soldier in dress uniform side-by-side in garage. Woman hangs wash on clothesline strung in yard. Infant outside in playpen. Infant in stroller pushed by mother. Other woman crouches down to observe, talk to him. Two women walk along. One woman has thermos, picnic items. Other woman wheels infant in stroller. Two men carry loaded hamper between them. Two men by boat at dock. Woman sits on wharf, infant on her lap. Men on wharf preparing to launch boat. Man, other woman join woman with infant. The ladies smile. Two wear sunglasses. Infant in stroller wears lifejacket. Boat drifting on lake. Man kisses infant in stroller. Man and woman lift infant and stroller into boat. Woman sits in bow of boat. Man takes infant's hand and waves it. Older man and infant's buddy sit in stern of boat. Man waves infant's hand for him as boat begins excursion. Older man stands in bow of boat. (12:01) Man wheels wheelbarrow laden with luggage down path while older man with a few items under his arms, follows. Woman follows. Immediately behind woman wheels infant in stroller. Group at dock and in boat. Woman, man places clothes in open door of car. Woman adjusts clothes on hanger. Older man arrives, carrying two suitcases. Younger man places luggage in tailgate of car. Ladies kiss. Woman carefully wheels infant in stroller up steps. People on shore, wharf. Man has dog on leash. Watercraft in harbor. Pan. cruiser, pleasure boat. One person has tennis racquet. Shoreline. Older man, holding infant, emerges from home. Two ladies emerge also. Man pats infant. Tennis court. Doubles game in progress. (15:00) Woman waves hand at infant's side, trying to get him to do same. Infant, woman on beach blanket. Infant is handling sneakers. Infant puts hand in water of small stream running on beach. Infant crawls on rock area, rubs hands on it. Woman wheels stroller down semi-rocky area, jouncing stroller. Pleasure craft, cabin cruiser. People on wharf, gangway. Woman passes infant to man who holds him aloft in his arms. Men with luggage ascend gangway. Little boy, toy boat under arm, ascends gangway. Older couple kiss. Man, little girl in arms, comes up gangway.
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