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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 055 (C2)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 55 (C2): 275 ft. B&w. Si. Woody Woodpecker. 'Dines Out.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 55. 11:33. Intertitles: 'Castle Films present Woody Woodpecker in 'Woody Dines Out. (Television Rights Reserved.) A Walter Lantz Cartoon. Western Electric Recording. 11:56. Woody peers into restarurant window. Sign in window states: 'We serve all kinds of good stuff.' Intertitle: 'Oh, boy, am I hungry!' Woody continues to look in window. Rubs hands together. He pulls at door, not noticing sign, 'Closed today.' Intertitle: 'Phooey! Just when I'm in the mood for food.' He crouches down, walks away. He approaches another restaurant. Sign in window: 'We'll stuff you full, 39 cents.' Sign in restaurant door: 'Closed for alterations'. Intertitle: 'Why don't they stay open in this town?' He goes to two other restaurants. One has sign on door,'Closed by popular demand. The other says, 'Closed today'. On another restaurant door: 'On vacation.' Others: 'Open tomorrow', 'Closed'. 12:49. Woody stops in front of restaurant which has sign in window: 'We specialize in stuffing birds.' Intertitle: 'That's my meat.'He walks over to door. Sign on lower door: 'Open. Walk in.' Intertitle: 'And he's open, too!' Woody enters. 13:07. Store front with sign over door: 'Taxidermist. We stuff anything. Olives, dates, ballot boxes, etc.' Woody looks around. Stuffed turtle on shelf. Sign, 'Magpie, $2.00', stuffed bird. 'Magpie, ala mode,$2.50.' Stuffed magpie topped with ice cream. Next,'Potato bug, 15 cents.' Bug on small branch. 'Mashed potato bug, 10 cents.' Bug squashed on a board. Next, 'Cinnamon Bear, $100.' Bear sitting on haunches with hands drooping in front. Next, 'Without cinnamon, $20.' Bear in same pose, only white, pale. 13:43. Woody approaches bell with sign before it: 'Ring for service.' He rings bell. Mechanical toys pop out from front of bell, a bee, a donkey. Donkey kicks top of bell and pops back inside. 13:54. Woody sits at table in front of bell. He freezes with horror as large, ferocious dog appears in doorway. 'Dog' advances. Removes mask to reveal self as cat. 14:02. Intertitle: 'Good morning!' Cat leans over counter almost touching Woody. Intertitle: 'May I help you?' Cat raises magnifying glass. Intertitle: 'Let me have the menu.' Woody spells out the word finger by finger. Intertitle: 'M-E-N-Y-O-U!' Woody continues to spell the word. Cat straightens up. 14:27. Intertitle: 'Do you mean a price list?' Cat looks leering at Woody. Cat points upward to menu attached to ceiling. 'Our Ceiling Prices.........' menu states. Woody stares exasperatingly at cat for prices are very high. 14:46. Intertitle: 'I feel like a little shrimp today.' Cat and Woody talk. Intertitle: 'We all have our off days!' Woody presses his face against the cat's. His anger spent, he sits back down. Intertitle: 'I'll have some French fried soup!' Woody talks as cat strikes puzzled pose. Cat unfolds poster which states: 'Attention Taxidermists! $100,000 for a stuffed king size woodpecker.' Cat's eyes 'bug out'. He glances back at Woody. Cat removes his glasses. Intertitle: 'A hundred thousand dollars!' Dream cloud with money bags appears over cat's head. Group of women also appear. Intertitle: 'Women!' Cars appear. Intertitle: 'Motor cars!' Cat envisions self in long, luxurious car. Dream women. Intertitle: 'Yachts!' Cat alternately envisions women and yachts. 15:47. Intertitle: 'A mansion!' Mansion vision. Intertitle: 'Women!' Women vision. 15:57. Woody sitting at table. Cat leers at him and then backs away. He gestures with his hands. Cat opens can and pours contents in kettle. He takes bottle out of closet that states knock out drops are therein contained. He pours knockout drops into a bowl of soup. The soup moves up and down. Cat brings soup out and serves it to Woody. Intertitle: 'Hot dog!' 16:19. Cat leers at Woody. Intertitle: 'We call it Blackout Borscht!' Cat talks, smiles. Woody samples spoonful of soup. He eats soup. Circles appear around his head. He turns pale. His head stretches out. Small trophies are on wall behind him. Lightning emanates from his head! 16:52. Woody lies inert on a table. Light from above shines on him. He looks dazedly around. Cat above him has butcher knife. 'Woodpecker Wanted' poster on wall. Woody rises up looks around and then lies back down. Cat approaches and raises butcher knife. Woody's feet come up toward his face. The cat pulls feet down. 17:11. Intertitle: 'Knock-knock'. Cat presses Woody's head back down on table. Woody's body arches. Cat attempts to hit Woody who rises from table. Intertitle: 'Ouch!' Cat dances around room with pain from hitting empty table. Woody is by beheading block. He dances around in triumph. Woody is in doorway. Cat is by assorted knives. He takes knife and runs after Woody with it. Just as cat reaches door where Woody waits, door shoots upward. 17:37. Cat runs into door and falls downward. He falls down elevator shaft. Sparks emanate as he grasps elevator walls. Cat keeps descending. He yowls when he stops. Elevator ascends. Cat dons glasses and tin helmet. Door comes down on him. Teakettle is over cat's head. 18:04. Elevator descends and ascends. Wire cage is over cat's head. Door comes down again. Cat's throat is encoiled. He looks downward. Woody paints stripes on back of cat's trousers. 18:17. Woody pulls lever of elevator. Intertitle: 'Going up!' Elevator chart of floors. Sign: 'Is this trip really necessary?' Elevator descends. Woody in basement. He dusts off floor. Places pillow on floor. Intertitle: 'Zing!' Elevator crashes through floor. Cat rises out of floor. Intertitle: 'I love to dream!' 18:47. Cat with dream money bag of $100,000. Money bag grows wings. Mansion appears. Mansion collapses. Yacht appears. Yacht sinks. Group of women around table appears. Woody appears from center of table. He reaches out and strikes cat over the head. Woody embraces one of the girls. Intertitle: 'The End. Castle Films. A Walter Lantz Production.' (End of Reel 55.)
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