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3) 1919.0005_F16
16mm film; [50 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
[Mary Cushman Fenn--home movies] Reel 5
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Can Descriptions
Woman standing and sitting in yard holding baby; two little girls sitting on lawn drinking from glasses (dog/ English Setter ?/ in background); woman and baby; little girl with toy rake; little girl with golf club; little girl hitting ball with golf club (dog in background); little girl with toy rake; sandbox with two little girls and baby; woman using golf club in yard; two pet bunnies eating; woman holding little girl; family at swimming pool (jumping off diving board, diving, swimming, splashing); kids eating at a table outside; women in hats and dresses standing around yard; kids at table; man and woman standing on a porch; women standing around watching kids at table; dog (English Setter?) in yard; picnic; men pretending to box and wrestle; kids in swimsuits in yard with sprinkler; kids playing in tent in yard; women sitting in chairs under tree, little girl on tree swing; indoor birthday (?) party (kids in hats); little girls and baby sitting at table outside eating; kids playing in yard (sandbox, little girls kissing toddler, kissing each other); kids in swimsuits in yard doing somersaults, rolling on lawn, playing with hose; man sitting in chair reading newspaper, kids (two with dolls) playing in sandbox; shot of mountains, trees in foreground; woman tying down side of car convertible top(?); more mountains; man standing on rocky landscape in front of house (?); men and women walking and climbing in wooded rocky landscape; little girls playing in yard (one has a doll). // See collection folder for more content notes.
Amateur films
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