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16mm film; 380 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 011
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1938 – 1940
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: Reel 11: Ann part 2. Screening notes: Gaily decorated table with clown cake. VS of young girls wearing party hats eating. VS of toys including dwarves / Santas, rabbit in kilt. Girls with party favors. Girl blows out birthday cake candles. (Faded color. Nice CUs on girls in party finery.) Exterior. Men and women horseback riding. Young girl riding pony, dismounting, leading to barn. Placard: 'Ann's tenth' written on drawing of birthday cake. VS of small decorated table. VS of beribboned girls eating. Ann blowing out birthday candles, blowing party horn. (Dark; faded color; girls self conscious.) Another decorated table, another birthday party for young Ann and friends. Cake made in form of rabbit. Exterior: Ann standing in sun; seated in driver's seat of car with pigtails draped over back of seat. VS of fruit baskets. (Faded and fuzzy.) Ann standing on downtown street corner VS of young girls in full length (prom) dresses, flowers in hair and at waist. Girls pose on couch with stuffed bear toy. Ann as young woman in ball gown beside Christmas tree, poses with West Point cadet in uniform, Christmas 1945 [Frederick Hafer, Mary's fiance] VS of Ann posing in various formal gowns, fur jacket, showing off jewelry. (Dark, color faded.) VS of large crowd standing beside cars, watching young people play softball game. (Short, slo fade.) Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Ann's birthday parties. Anne Northrop has red hair. Ann Stewart has braids. I'm the big kid. Another year, different dresses. Mary Port blowing, Anne Northrop blowing, Gladys Port, Mary Sneed, me with kerchief. Riding at Miss Bloomer's stables near Walden. Ann on pinto pony "Jack" Ann's 10th birthday with "bunny" salads. Nice shot of Mary Port. Me with apron and "candlestick" banana salad. Anne Northrop wtih Ann Stewart at head of table. Note less formal paper plates, cups and tablecloth. Nancy Allott, Gladys Port. Rob Golding brings cake to Ann. Ann walking up sidewalk on Grand Street. Marzipan fruit (a novelty). Ann on Broadway in front of Broadway Garage. Ann Northrop in evening gown, Ann Brown ditto. Girl with glasses. Ann Stewart in blue dress with corsage. Fred Hafer in cadet uniform, Christmas 1945.
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