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1) 1375.0067_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0067-.0069_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0067-.0069_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0067-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:15:12
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 67
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 67: car w/ open hood/trunk (dark); man bouncing on bumper of car; people talking behind car; (0:10) two people in front of garage, door open, (dark); (00:27) woman walks out to car w/ outfit on hangar, puts clothes in back seat of car; (00:34) men put luggage in back of car; woman gives flowers to another woman; (00:42) men put luggage in back of car; man hands suit on hanger to woman; man passes camera left to right w/ long package; woman gives other woman plant; man and woman shake hands; women walk towards house; (1:07) two women walk to stairs toward camera w/ pillows that have names on them; three women leave house wearing name tags; (1:27) building w/ large cupola; people waving from across city street; arched sign over door 'Grand Union Hall, Welcome' people walking down street and up stairs (dark); (2:00) two women sitting by small sign in grass 'Skidmore College West Hall'; (2:05) women and older man walk arm in arm toward camera, woman kisses man, pretends to cry; (2:15) bulldozer pushes dirt around in empty lot; more of bulldozer; (2:31) bulldozer backs up and turns around; (2:48) man gets in truck w/ bulldozer on back and drives off to left; (3:03) two women, man in front of tower approach camera woman displays books(?); storefront, sign 'American Stores Company'; two men behind cars, one has keys other has box; (3:25) car POV, off center angle, bottom of smokestack w/ 'markets' written on it; (3:32) car POV, pan right to left across rooftop w/ ventilators, smokestack w/ 'Acme Markets' on it, water tower; car POV, driving toward water tower and smokestack; woman walk down street; five people, two women three men walk toward camera; (3:59) sign 'ye Olde Centerton Inn'; Airplane crop-dusting field, truck (?) in foreground; biplane flies over house, plane flies Right to left over field; plane takes off; plane flies across field; harvester (?) and truck (holes in film); (4:30) three men, one woman, two men wearing hats, pan left to right across field, trees; man in hat in front of house; women, men pose for camera; two men, one in hat, in front of house w/ brick chimney, garden path w/ shrubs and bench; two women in hats look at yellow flowers; people in hats wander off camera; gabled house; shot of springboard, pan across pool, woman taking picture (?) of pool, older woman posing w/ purple flower for corsage; sign on lawn '544'; (5:54) street sign 'Glendale Circle'; stone house in suburban area; man in front of stone house meets other man; man gets out of white convertible; two women leave stone house, pose for camera; sign 'The Ingleneuk'; four men next to car, two remove hats; (7:09) pile of cinder blocks in lot; man walks across lot to truck; truck drives off; people gathered around picnic table; shot of beagle; man in cook's outfit; two people on raft w/motor; people gathered around picnic tables, eating; woman chasing dog past boat on sawhorses right to left; man and woman chasing dog; two men, two women, one woman sitting, all looking and pointing at something; woman, older man, sitting; woman picks up dog, older man w/ cigarette pets dog; landscape shot from mountain; (8:25) man removing pole from truck w/ sign 'Trees Ink'; panning shot of tree; man working w/ cords in the back of truck; woman poses in fancy outfit; (9:00) frame of house fills lot, leaves turning color, car parked in front of house, man opens dor for woman w/ package, man removes suitcase and garment bag, follows woman up path toward camera; house frame covered w/ plywood in lot; man working on framework of second story; completed second story; woman and older man walk up street toward camera, tree in foreground w/ sign 'Vote here today'; woman next to sign, looks at sign, camera; older woman and man walk toward door w/ flag and 'vote' sign; older man and woman leave building; (11:13) black car pulls away from curb, pan across car; CU of bumper and front wheel; side view of house frame; front view; chicken (?) in garden; house in lot w/ shingles, windows, siding, truck full of lumber w/ men removing wood; two women dressed warmly leave house w/ luggage; women placing bags in trunk of car; one woman puts scarf on the other, tightens it, both smile; man, woman leaves house w/ older woman; man opens door of car; woman gets in driver side of car; man gets in driver's side of car; men working on frame of one side of house; partially finished house; woman in fur coat in front of window; woman in fur coat on front stoop; partially finished house covered w/ snow; trees (very dark); finished house; bulldozer leveling driveway; cat on stoop, X-mas wreath on door (14:48) cat in grass; wreath on door: finished house; three women walk away from car toward camera; three women walk past camera; (15:33-15:59) blank space; men working in street, pan across men working on house; smoking pile in driveway; men next to truck in street; man removing lumber from truck, sliding it through window, man using jackhammer in street; men working in street (very dark); man walks to curb as car pulls up, gets in back seat, car drives off; car pulls into garage; man and woman walk out of garage, man closes door.
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