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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 39
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1938 – 1939
Kids Wayland 1938-39 Donor notes: "Wayland 1938+39 Alice feeding chickens + Easter Egg hunt etc. April 16, 1938 Snow scenes--Nov 26,27, 1938 Ann - bird hunting Christmas time 1938 Alice on tennis court Christmas time 1938 Christmas tree + children Christmas time 1938 Going to Granny's Christmas time 1928 Henry plowing Faith two weeks old arriving from hospital - Feb 1939 Kids coasting, plowing, [illegible] scenes, kids skating - Feb 1939 Kids' Circus - Spring 1939" Alice Bemis (born March 8, 1935) and Miss Ellenbrook at the henhouse, April 1938, sprinkling grain around for the chickens. Views of the Bemis siblings and a friend having an Easter egg hunt near the henhouse and horse barn, April, 1938. They put eggs in a basket and bags. Views of Alan pushing Alice in a swing, and views of Alice on a jungle gym. Views of the Wayland house and property after a snow storm, November 26, 27, 1938. Ann and Margot throw snowballs at each other and at a dog. Ann in winter clothes, around Christmas 1938, with binoculars, looking for birds. She puts see out on a bird feeder. Alice (?) holds a toy airplane and tries to send it off to fly. Underexposed shots of presents under Christmas tree, and Alice and Ann (?) with toys. Exteriors of the Wayland house, and Chapie and the girls getting into a Packard 120 green sedan. All are in their Sunday best, as if to go to Granny's house. Alan puts on a large fur coat, and Ann gets in an open convertible with him (may be his Packard Sport Phaeton or Bentley 3-litre.) It is right-hand drive. Alice and Margot play on the tennis court with their dolls and bicycles, Christmas, 1938. Views of Henry, family employee, plowing the driveway at Wayland. Ann and Alice ride on a toboggan being towed behind the Farmall, 1938. Two-week old Faith arriving home from the hospital, February, 1939. Chapie gets her from the car and holds her up for the camera to see. Bemis girls sledding on snowy slopes around their house in Wayland, MA, February, 1939. Alan joins in the fun. One child tries downhill skiing. Snow scenes around the Bemis house. Views of the Bemis girls ice skating on the tennis court which has been frozen. Three Bemis girls (Ann, Margot and Alice) and a friend perform a "circus". Views of several adults getting ready to watch. Views of the girls doing an acrobatic act (climbing on each others' backs), a box that hides its occupants but does tricks, a horse trick, a dog trick, and a comedy in dress-up clothes. At the end, everyone is served a drink. Shots of Chapie and the three oldest girls riding horseback at Wayland. The two older girls have their own horse; Alice rides with her mother on Monty.
Families, Children, Winter
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