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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 127
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1956 – 1957
Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: Reel 127 Camp May 1956 and March 1956 and Easter 1956. May 1957. July 1957 Hafers at camp. Screening notes: VS of snow covered yards, houses, cars, rear of 350 Grand Street, Newburgh. Mother and Archie dressed up with fur stole. VS of people at roadside rest stop, Rob, GG. Two shots of men shaving seen through cabin window, Rob, Archie. Rob and Earl Bonness cutting down trees with chain saws. Slicing logs, limbing. Jeep pulling plow guided by man walking behind. Men pry large stone out of plowed ground. Feeding wood into campfire, cooking outdoors at camp. LS pair of loons on lake. VS of loons swimming. Moving shot from boat showing wake from motor. VS of shore, buildings, Grand Lake Stream boathouses. MS of Archie showing wall calendar to man, tears off page for May and points to June 1. VS of people playing card game, GG, Rob, Earl. WS of car at rest stop beside lake, picnic. Man in wood clearing putting barrels and bags over [frost must be expected]. TS on wild flowers. Potato sack suspended from fishing pole line used as scarecrow, camp garden. WS of lake, VS of logging boat towing lashed logs--this must be a last lumber drive. Men using levers, rollers and ramp to pull small barge up on lake shore. Jeep tows barge into woods. Sequence: Rob Golding loading rifle. CU on container Dupont Superfine Gunpowder. VS of pouring gunpowder, loading into rifle barrel, placing charge, filing with shot, firing. Rob Golding talking with Earl Bonness. Rob carrying luggage into white clapboard building, his home in Perry, Maine. Tom and John Hafer pose beside wall calendar, MCU on page for July 1957. Fred and Mary Hafer and sons eating dinner. MS of two women setting picnic table outside. Group eating [includes Earl Bonness and cook]. Fred Hafer walking from shore onto dock to boat. Man uses pole to launch boat from dock. LS man skinny dipping, drying off at end of dock. Man kneels on dock to wash clothing. Tom and John skipping rocks on lake shore. Fred, Mary load into motorized canoe, paddle away from dock and start motor. Fred and John? shooting arrows, archery. Two young boys swimming with Archie, grandmother watches from dock. VS of family swimming. WS flock of ducks landing on lake, VS of ducks swimming, flying [transferred at faster frame speed]. Canoe approaching shore. Family eats at picnic table by cabin--Fred, unshaven, GG, Mary, Earl, Tom and John, Archie.
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