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16mm film; [2350 ft. total for 7 reels]; Silent; b&w
[commercial shorts] Reel 057 (C4)
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Can Descriptions
Various commercial shorts. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 57 (C4): 400 ft. B&w. Si. Some film damage. Scrappy and Bear. Not animated. 'First Show.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes. Reel 57. Intertitles: 'Castle Films presents 'The First Snow. A Paul Terry Toon. Registered U.S. Patent Office. Copyright by Terrytoons, Inc. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. All the pups will be surprised at the first snowfall today!' 31:36. House shaped like a shoe. Snow is descending. Puppies asleep in bed. Pup wakes. Intertitle: 'It's snowing!' Pup jumps on sleeping pups, waking them. Pup gets on stool and gazes out of window. Intertitle: ' A winter sparrow starts the day smoothly!' Pup skates on table while other dog peers in window. Pup descends from stool. Intertitle: 'Come on, get up fellers, it's snowing!' Pup dances, opens trap door. Intertitle: 'Let's go!' Other pups jump out of bed, descend stairs below trap door. Intertitle: 'Losing no time!' Each pup slides down stair railing. Intertitle: 'All in the line-up!' As mother pulls clothesline along, each pup jumps over it. 32:51. Exterior of shoe house. Pups jump in snow and each slides on sleds. Sleds bounce up and down. Screen intertitle: 'The pups,no longer sleepy heads, race down the hill on Christmas sleds.' One by one pups descend long sled run. Screen intertitle: 'One good push deserves another!' Pups give each other pushes on individual sleds. Screen intertitle: 'All aboard!' Pups fall of sleds, piling on top of one another on one sled. Screen intertitle: 'Winter has come with its ice and snow, the pups put on a frigid show!' Pups fall through ice and emerge. Screen intertitle: 'Grandma Hen comes strolling by. Now we'll see the feathers fly!' Hen with umbrella. Pup on sled knocks her clothes off. Pups run around. Screen intertitle: 'The pups sing out with 'Ahs' and 'Ohs' at the big snow man in his Sunday clothes!' 34:20. Pups play ring-around-the- rosie around snowman. Screen intertitle: 'We are happy as can be. Everything is posey. That is why we sing and play ring around the rosey!' Snowman comes frustratingly alive. Snow melts to reveal pups inside. All laugh. Screen intertitle: 'In the good old wintertime.' Pups, other animals skating. Screen intertitle: 'The giraffe is a one man yacht!' Giraffe in sled-bathtub with a sail. Screen intertitle: 'Music on ice!' Dog plays piano as it skims on ice. Screen intertitle: 'Blowing his own horn!' Dog plays French horn, his breath animating sailboat. Screen intertitle: 'Piggywig takes the spotlight!' Pig walks on skates. 36:06. As pups skate around her, pig almost loses balance. Screen intertitle: 'Watch out!' Screen intertitle: 'Trouble ahead for Piggywig!' Dog in French horn sailboat knocks pig down. Pig lands in water by cracked ice. She grabs small ice section. Screen intertitle: 'Help! Help!' Screen intertitle: 'To the rescue!' Animals on ice. Screen intertitle: 'Quick! Man the trusty canoe!' Pups get into canoe. They paddle over ice and water. Pig sneezes. Screen intertitle: 'Ka-chew!' Pig continues sneezing. Screen intertitle: 'Danger ahead!' Pups paddle canoe. Screen intertitle: 'We'll lasso him!' Head canoe pup twirls lariat. Screen intertitle: 'The falls! Hurry! Hurry!' Waterfall. Pig jumps on small blocks of ice to keep from going over. Screen intertitle: 'Will they save him?' 37:49. Pup lassoes pig just in time! Pups almost go over waterfall in canoe. Screen intertitle: 'Now for a hard pull!' Pups row canoe at side of waterfall, but do not descend. Screen intertitle: 'Pull! Pull!' Pups ascend side in canoe. Screen intertitle: 'Saved by the pups!' Pig bites rope extended from canoe as pups row canoe. Screen intertitle: 'The pups all shout 'Hurray! Hurray! They've done a good big deed today!' 38:36. Pups drag pig to safety as all animals on ice rejoice. Pups push on pig who has not recovered. Screen intertitle: 'Ka-chew!' Pig sneezes, blowing all other animals into hole in ice. They emerge. (End of cartoon.) Columbia Pictures Corp presents Scrappy in 'Counted Out' An Exclusive Pictures Production.' 39:02. Scrappy enters boxing ring. Opponents raise hands. Girls cluster handsome opponent. Audience throws hats in air. (These are all cartoon or animated characters.) Referee removes Scrappy's robe. Scrappy bumps against opponent's legs. Opponent shakes gloves. Scrappy jumps between opponent's feet. The two begin boxing. Opponent picks Scrappy up by seat. Referee shouts. Scrappy boxes as opponent walks behind him. Referee knocks pail of water out of corner. Pail descends on his head, leaving sponge. Scrappy punches at opponent who pats Scrappy. Scrappy sits on corner school as referee fans him with paper. 40:36. Referee stretches Scrappy's legs. He stretches front of scrappy's shorts and pours water down his throat. Referee goes through boxing motions. Referee collapses and Scrappy places him on stool. Scrappy fans referee with towel. He revives and goes to face Scrappy's opponent. He stretches himself to opponent's height. He pummels opponent's chin. He uses boxing glove extended from string to hit opponent. Opponent bounces up and down, hitting floor. Screen intertitle: 'The End. Excel moving pictures.' New Film. Live animals and people. Screen intertitle: 'Keystone presents Bear Comedians.' Bear enters canoe as people watch from shore. They are children. They are clustered around a wagon. They wrestle, fool. 42:02. Children get in canoe, push off into lake. Children wave at angry companions left on shore. Bear cub approaches children on shore. Children laugh and wave from canoe. Bear grabs pant-seat of one of boys on shore. Bear sits up, touches boys on back of head. Bear cub touches boys on seats of pants. They sneak away from cub while children in canoe laugh. Children in canoe discover bear in there and jump into water. (End of 'Bear Comedians'.)
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