3 Copies of This Film
1) 0748_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 0748.0001-.0003_VHS
VHS; Silent; b&w
3) 0748.0005-.0018_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w and color
[Moses Pike--home movies] NHF Reel 2, Items 5-18
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0748.PC5 - 0748.PC18
circa 1935
Can Descriptions
NHF 'Reel 2, Items 5-18' and 'Reel 3, Items 19-38.' NHF cataloguer's notes as follows. Can/box notes in quotes. 5. 'Tuna hunt. Canadian geese. Ice fishing. Bird hunting. Sea fishing. Personae: Uncle Alger.' Catching large fish, may be bluefin tuna. (Faded color.) Waterfowl, Canada geese and goslings. Ice fishing (b&w), 2 men remove snow, use tools. Set line. CU spotted fish. Whale breaching seen from boat, men fishing with rods on ocean, sea birds. Hunting, two men set bear trap (?), attach suet to tree (?) Fishing, man with pipe and no shirt on pulls in line with fish on it. Baiting and throwing out lines. Pull in and release skate. (Camera motion) 6. 'Diana McCurdy at two, sticking out tongue. Peter and Aunt Marjorie. Anne and Mary. Laura, Aunt Anne, Marjorie, Daddy, Alger. Bob Warren and Diana. Diana, Peter, Anne, Mary, Jake, Carol, all acting silly. Later at lake. Carleton, Davis, Diana, Duffey, Marnie.' Little girl, about two years old, on porch in hat and mittens, makes faces at camera. (Faded color, pink.) Same little girl outside front door. She looks sad. Baby outside with little girl and mother in black hat. Sitting on front steps. Little girl has Donald Duck toy. Two children some months later, little girl in snowsuit outside, adults pass her. (b&w) Children in headdresses and coats outside (faded color) Dance. Children, four to eight years old, stand for camera, one has toy sheep. Mug for camera, one has teddy bear. Children at rocky beach with row boat, (dark, faded color). Children and grandfather in garden, (green and faded). Mother and father enter frame. (Camera movement). 7. 'Kay and Tim wedding.' Wedding, people come out of door, wedding party. Bridesmaid and two girls in purple dresses, man in uniform. Many people emerge, ladies in gloves. Bride with bouquet, (dark color). 8. 'Baby Jake. Too fast.' [b&w, dc 1936] Baby on blanket, b&w (very fast cuts) 9. [b&w, no dc] Child outside in snowsuit, snow falling, CU of three-year-old, (b&w). 10. [b&w, dark, damage, no dc] Family in galoshes on street, walk away from camera. 11. 'Misc.' Family outside, baby in bonnet held by grandmother (faded color, pink). 12. 'Misc.' Various trims. 13. 'Foreign travel at sea. Some color.' Cruise boat with pool (b&w). Ports of call, (b&w and col.). Tropical. 14. 'Bullfight. Bridge on pontoons. Latin city on water, Caribbean? Seaplane. Plants and flowers.' Bullfight. (Bad exposures and focus problems.) 15. 'West Indies. Cartagena. [?] Guinea. Venezuela. Foreign travel. Color. Sea and land ruins.' [dc 1935] 16. [b&w, dc 1936] 17. [b&w, dc 1935] 18. [color, dc 1935]
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