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1) 1271.0016_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1271.0016_VHS
3) 1271.0016_IN3/4
4) nhf-1271_0016 VHS.mov
[Bell--home movies] Reel 16
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circa 1927
Can Descriptions
Label: 'HBB. Cathedral, [?]lling, downtown plaza, Sau[?].' [1927]. // Boy sliding down hill on sled. Children join boy. Man kissing small boy, father and son. C.U. boy wearing snowsuit. M.S. of children at top of hill. Sliding, sled pulling. Silhouette shots. M.S. of children with parents. Two adults slide down hill on sled. Rear shot of small boy on skis. Boy climbs on roof of doghouse. White dog does same. Boy climbs into doghouse. M.S. dog and boy sitting on doghouse roof. Boy waves to camera. M.S. boy ascending again roof of doghouse. Wash strung on overhanging clothesline. M.S. boy with wooden box with handle on side. M.S. of fine home. Snow on portico roof. M.S. of boy and man standing in path cleared of snow. Dog joins the two. Boy dallies in snowbank. M.S. middle class home. Lady standing by trellis points to home. C.U. of lady. C.U. African American man. Profile shot of man and boy walking down sidewalk. Man removes hat. M.S. boy holding man's hand. L.S. city street, trees, buildings. M.S. of homes on street. M.S. individual home. M.S. street and cars. Streetcar stops on street. M.S. of commercial buildings, store fronts. Smiling man dressed in business suit. Track shot of huge brick building. M.S. group of four men. One makes a 'come hither' gesture. L.S. two men standing under 'G.O.P.' sign. Shot of horsedrawn wagon, cars moving on street. Courthouse, municipal buildings. Quick shot cathedral, apartment house. Rear shot little boy running down sidewalk. Turns, faces camera. C.U. little boy. L.S. brick building. 'Kimbrough Drugs.' Track shot of large building with tall windows. Quick shot of white wooden building. M.S. of couple standing on porch. C.U. little boy wearing coat with big buttons. M.S. man in business suit. M.S. of bungalow-like home. Boy driving 'Soapbox Derby' like toy car. He's given a push by Dad. Girl pedaling tricycle. M.S. of two girls with their bicycles. Girl on trike and boy in 'Soapbox Derby' car pedal side-by-side down sidewalk. Two men pushing to help boy operate 'Soapbox Derby' car. Two girls pedaling bikes. Medium group shot of all vehicle operators side-by-side, car, tricycle, and bicycles.
Amateur films
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