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1) 5359-03-ACMP-34_F16
16mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 5359-03-ACMP-34_VHS
3) 5359-03-ACMP-34_IN3/4
[Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Glen Cove, Cynthia and Rose Cottage Nursery School
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Can Descriptions
Two-year old child at doorway. Woman and child. Adults outside, group at outdoor table. Man and small girl; father with pipe. Puts child on shoulder. Men in jackets and ties. Child at beach, toddles around alone. 07:59 Children get out of car, 1-2 years old. Children on slide with two children on it by house. 09:17 Children play in doorway, in swing and seesaw. Fenced in yard. Exposure problems. 10:02 Lots of children with baskets in field, 2, 3, 4-years old. Flowers cover the ground. Ten children have a picnic. 12:03 Children at river's edge. Bridge in background. Children throw rocks into stream, wade in 3' deep water. One little girl lies down in puddles and takes off shorts. Naked boy on tricycle.
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