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8 mm film; 100 ft.; Silent; b&w
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3) 1562 .0003_INSP3/4
[Camp footage] Reel 003
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Can Descriptions
Camp footage. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 3, JS 7/7/99: (10:14) Shoreline. (Color a bit faded in this part of film.) Tree with sparse, scraggily branches. (10:54) Man wearing suspenders points outward. Toddler wearing sunhat walks along. Man removes item from barrel, using long-handled instrument. (11:20) Man pulls lobster trap out of water. Removes seafood from pail with hoe. Man moors boat adjacent to gangway. (11:48) Live crabs, seafood being emptied out of pail. He smiles as he rubs his hands together. Places hands on hips. Bird outside feeding. (12:34) Girl, toddler by rustic fence. Woman lifts girl in her arms. Lambs are enclosed in fence. Two women walking in field. Infant is on way to becoming toddler. Toddler walks along a few steps. Toddler, woman stroke lambs. Lamb feeding from trough. Another lamb feeds beside of him. (13:28) Pig-tailed girl holds lamb in her arms. Toddler, little girl observe lamb by fence. Family group assembled outside of fence. (13:44) Two women sitting in field. (13:46) Three children in bathing suits on shoreline. Man approaches. Hand in hand, woman and little girl run through shallow shoreline water. (14:00) Man crouches down on shoreline. Using toy pail, toddler plays in shallow water. Woman, toddler, and little girl crouch in shoreline water. (14:28) Family group assembled on shorelin Curly-haired little girl watches incoming tide. Man in bathing suit. Children play, wade in water. Toddler girl stands crying. (16:09) Man, captain's hat on his head, rows boat backwards. Pleasure craft on water surface where man is rowing. Toddler, with necklace around throat, stands in water. Boy toddler scurries by. Another girl toddler crouches down, splashing water with her arms. (16:28) Woman, two men sitting on beach. Women walks along beach. (16:41) Man in rowboat. Boy wearing sailor cap sits in bow. Adjacent pleasure craft. Rowboat is attached to stern of pleasure craft. (16:57) Two men. Older man wears captain's hat. Younger man salutes to camera. (17:05) C.U. abundant fishcatch. (17:13) Obese man has caught fish on hook. (17:17) Man and woman playing with two infants. (17:39) Man and woman walk along holding toddler's hands while he walks between them. Another woman follows. (17:46) Toddler crouches down, touches heads with cat. (17:57) Man, woman and toddler with flowers. (18:26) Woman and little girl walking along. Woman, girl stand by front open door of car. Woman is sitting in car. Another woman joins party from right. (18:44) C.U. man holding pile of cut wood. (18:44)Woman holding toddler in arms walks through patch of tall foliage. Little girl follows woman through tall foliage area. Man, woman by car. Toddler. (19:02) Litter of puppies. He has a rope with which he is playing with puppies. Little girl, toddler, woman and puppies sitting on ground. (19:56) Litter of pups in baby carriage. One jumps out. Boy is attending them. (20:16) Toddler approaches pup carriage. Woman takes toddler by arm. Pups commence jumping out of carriage. (20:31) Woman wearing glasses holds pup in arms, strokes him. Man wearing suit. Toddler. Pups lying on ground. Dog with them is panting. Perhaps the mother. (End Reel 3)
Beaches, Coasts
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