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1) 1469.0019_VHS
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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0001-.0011, .0018-.0019_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reel 19
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1920 – 1939
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 6/97: Reel 19: Cars. (46:00) Woman is in back seat of car. Another woman is with her. Both emerge from the car and head up steps of brick home. Man appears in screen door. Girl with doll or baby carriage is at foot of steps. Autos shown. Girl gets up from chair by small tree. People converse and walk around. Elderly woman appears. Stable. Young girl leads horse as two men and woman look on. Girl mounts saddled horse. She rides away while others watch. Horse and carriage with man driver. (47:00) Carriage and girl on horse ride past each other. Girl leads horse through a few paces. Horse is in doorway of stable. Man and girl talk with woman astride horse. Woman and horse emerge from stable. Woman leads horse away. (48:00) Man leads white horse out of stable. Another man leads another horse. First man mounts white horse. Leads horse through a few paces. Another man appears with a saddled horse. Another man and woman are present. Woman mounts the horse. She adjusts the saddle and rides forth. Another horse attended by groom. Footage of stone home and foliage. Fence, arbor, portico. Fields, foliage. Porticos, brick wall. Dog. Stone bench. Shuttered windows. Shutters are opened from the outside. (50:08) Large stone vases are shown with flowers, arbor. Tulips. Foliage. Wooden bench, fence. Swimming pool with statue and fountain. Shrubbery, foliage, field and trees. (51:00) Brick or stone building. Wooden portico. Stone wall surrounds building. Silos and storage buildings. Fields, fences, trees. Cows outside barn. (52:01) Buildings and trees. Large, long barn. Trees. Makeshift fences. Enfenced bull. He is tethered. Geese. Man is leading horse. Woman and young girl look on. (53:00) Horse nudges young girl. She caresses horse's nose. Men and women walking in field. Woman points with a cane. Woman doffs her hat and then puts it back on. Cluster of boulders. (54:01) White wooden house. Wooded area and barn. Women talking. One woman smoking cigarette. Young girls runs up and hops on one leg. Children. (55:01) Woman in bathing suit. Another woman on edge of pool. One jumps in and swims a few laps. Other woman joins her in the pool. Men appear poolside. One has swim suit on. Woman walks into pool. Man and other woman get in pool. (56:02) Another man jumps in. One man swims backwards. Woman in garden. She picks a tulip. Bull on a rope held by man. He leads the bull away. Man with cow appears. (57:00) Man leads cow with tether. Man and cow join other cows. Barn and cows. Man and woman playing croquet. She hits ball through wicket. Man hits ball. (58:00) He knocks ball in opposite direction. He joins woman. Croquet course. Woman knocks ball up course. Man walks off in opposite direction.
John Howard
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