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1) 1488.0006_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1488.0006_VHS
3) 1488.0006_INSP3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 006
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 6. 'Easter, 1955, 100 ft. Moosehead, George St. Clair, Steve, etc. Snow in winter of 1956, 100 ft. Duke and kids. Easter and kids, 1957, 100 ft. Mother Rawley, Aunt Sadie. Kids at Easter 1958, 100 ft. Sebago Lake, Leon, Ethel, Mom and Dad, Chas. Jr., golf.' NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 6: Intertitles: 1955. (1) Easter. (2) Moosehead, George St. Clair, Steve & etc. 1956. (3) Winter. (4)Duke & kids. 1957. (57:11) (5) Kids at Easter. (6) Mother Rawley & Aunt Sadie. 1958. (7) Kids at Easter. (8) Sebago Lake, Leon, Ethel, Mom and Dad & Charles,Jr. (9) Golf.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 6, 10/13/1998 JS: (57:14) Little girl, little boy in Easter clothes. Little girl curtseys. Little girl stands between two little boys. Little boy stands in front of other little boy and girl. Girl walks away swinging purse. Little boy smiling. Girl and boy standing in front of car. Boy aims toy pistol. Boy reaches down inside of coat. Man with camera approaches. Reaches into pocket of boy's coat. Man straightens boy's coat. Woman with boy and girl on each hand. Man, woman step off of porch. (58:57) Man kneeling at wharf edge. Holds aloft fish. Standing buddy watches man as he fillets fish. Fish being cleaned and filleted. Two men. One has fishing rod. Together they lift up tackle box. Two dead fish on board on wharf. Water surface in motion. Mountain sides in distance. Man opens leather jacket and strikes proud pose. (00:02) Three men, one semi-formally dressed. Two others casually-clad. Man approaches fish. Buddy in leather coat. Man walks away with fish net and object in other hand. Man in leather jacket proudly holds aloft board with two fish on it. (00:22) Three children sitting on steps, two girls, one boy. Two children chew gum. All three wave. Puppy wagging tail. Puppy, tethered on chain, barks, moves around. Little girl descends slide, followed by little boy. Little girl swings. Little boy hesitates at top of slide, finally descends. Little boy strides teeter-totter which is also a swing. He and girl swing in unison. Toddler girl walks forward. Little boy follows her. (01:49) Snow-covered ground. Evergreen trees. Horizon. POV car ride down snowy highway. Trees. Power lines. High snowbanks. Snow at sides of highway. Shadowy section of highway. Lighter segment. P.O.V. ride extends with aforescibed scenery. Snow-laden evergreen trees. Man walking at side of road. (03:35) Three children in snowsuits stand in yard of home. Woman on porch. Little boy almost loses balance. Child stands at rear of [car] holds onto number plate. Woman walks as dog behind pulls sled. Two children sit in giant wooden snow shovel. Third child pushes on handle from behind. Two children push one child remaining in shovel. High snowbanks at side. The two continue to push child in shovel. Boy with bar of snow shovel in hand. Girl in snowsuit. Labrador retriever runs forward in snow. Man watches as dog runs. Man throws snowball. Dog picks it up in mouth, but quickly discards it. Dog runs in snow. Three children sitting in snowbank. Dog runs in snowbank. Dog has snowball in mouth. Sparse foliage, trees. Dog still active in snow. Three children. Dog runs through snow. Dog tethered on chain. (06:07) Two boys, two girls in Easter finery. Little boy walks down porch. Little girl does same. Younger little boy waves, smiles as he walks down porch. Another little girl runs down porch. She stands by cellar window. Woman, man, and children by back of car. Boy, girl wave as they stand by cellar window. Another boy, another girl stand at foot of steps. Boy touches front of head. Two girls on porch, one older than the other. Girls enter yard. Dressed in coats, man, woman walk down porch and into yard. (07:47) Car backs out of yard, motors forward. Man, woman, boy at edge of lake. Lake, evergreens of opposite shoreline visible. Boy and man. Man smokes pipe. Boy, man in moored boat. Boy holds two dead fish aloft. (09:10) Two older women emerge from home. Miniature windmill on porch. One woman tries to hide face by holding cloth over it. Two women stand in front of evergreen tree. They laugh, talk, gesture. Younger woman, approaches, stands between the two. Man points to two women. Three are in vicinity of clotheslines. Man points. Two women side by side. Fence. Clothesline overhead. Breeze wafts tree branches. Third woman joins them. (10:35) Two women, four children standing in front of house. Two girls walk hand in hand. Car driven out of yard. Tailgate window open. Two girls, woman ascend porch of home. Two young women descend steps of home. Two women, the two younger women. Woman behind carries gloves. (11:41) Boat on water surface. Buildings, copious trees of shoreline. Another boat on lake. Boat docks. Two men and boy in boat. Boy holds dog on foredeck. Man plies oar to moor boat. Boy, dog walk on wharf. Boy holds dog in arms as he walks in rocky area. Boy ascends wharf with dog on leash. Man with fishing rod on wharf. Pipe-smoking buddy follows behind. (12:55) Family group by trees. Two men, two women, boy holding dog. Man pats dog. Man removes hat and places it on boy's head. Lawn, trees. Black spot covers most of shot. Two men playing golf. Golf equipment spread on ground. Man swings iron, ferrets ball forward. Buddy, with hands in pockets, watches. Four golfers. One is positioning ball. Two lean on irons. Other clears space for ball positioning. (End Reel 6)
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