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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 114
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1953 – 1954
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes: Reel 114: Archie Stewart can notes: Florida 1953 & 1954. Florida New Year's Eve (two trips) Screening notes: Mary Hafer posing in front of palm trees. Fred Hafer kneels on grass taking photographs. Tom Hafer on fairground rides: merry-go-rounds of horse carriages, boats. Small gauge railway filled with passengers. Pony ride. Carousel. Child sniffing flowers. John Hafer on towel seated on grass. Child seated in shallow surf, collecting shells. Woman lying in grass, bounces baby. Child seated on grass playing with presents. Archie Stewart presents cake, child swipes finger through frosting. Cake: Happy Birthday Tom. Baby leans against man's shoulder, smiling; John and Fred Hafer. Man cuddles, kisses baby; Archie Stewart and John Hafer. Rob Golding in parking lot, gets into automobile. Stands beside car at slip, ferry approaching--Norfolk Ferry? Cars driving onto ferry. Moving shots from ferry of people walking on dock; pier; flag waving in breeze; passing large ship. People standing on boat deck. Rob Golding stands beside car parked on shoulder of road, eating. Bottle top: Dr. Pepper. Pig crossing road. Men looking at monument, inscription Pulaski. Pan down statue to plaque: To Those Georgians Who Volunteered and Served Their Country in the Spanish American War. [Rob Golding served in the Spanish American War] Emblem: Woman kneels between two soldiers, legend Spanish War veterans 1898 - 1902, Cuba, Porto [sic, Puerto] Rico, Philippine Islands. Ocean, beach with people seated. Older man and young woman in swimsuits seated in front of small cabin. People talking on beach. Ann poses in sundress in front of palm branches. Beach scenes, sign on wall: Daytona. Seagull flock. Ann poses in bathing suit in front of surf. Child playing in sand beside pirate flag. Long [tour?] car drives across beach. Ann turns cartwheels, slow motion. Archie seated in lawn chair typing. Mrs Mary Stewart placing flowers in hair. Flowers, Ann poses beside bloom. [Alligator?] Cactus, pan to pelicans. Large flock of flamingos walking on grass. Man in sailor cap with large red parrot on arm. Trained parrot show: pulls bucket. Stewart family covered in parrots at Miami Parrot Jungle. Tropical Cafeteria. People walking down sidewalk enter restaurant: Family--GG, and others. Two Buicks, two people by side of road, ocean. Shuffleboard game. Rest area with sign: 'Hurry Back to Florida.' Two woman eating on bench. Men eating at picnic table. Sign: Wayside Park, Dillon Rotary Club. People drinking from bottles in front of sign. Rob and Ann. US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. Huge anchor monument towers over Archie. Man stands beside monument: pan up from older man to profile of Indian. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Rob Golding had Indian heritage; Archie was struck by similarity of his profile to that of Tecumseh at Naval Academy] Inscription: Dedicated to USS Delaware, 1817. WS of three people standing in front of large stone building.
Beaches, Birthdays
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