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1) 1531.0004_F8
8 mm film; 325 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 1531.0004_VHS
3) 1531.0004_INSP3/4
4) nhf-1531_0004a.mov
[Bos--home movies] Reel 4
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities. Can notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 4: [date code 1953] Castine pool. Picnic at Hanns beach. Harbor boats. Schoodic Point. Church fair. Mother on bike. Garden. Elizabeth, Miss [faiken?], Grandma Hooke. Cousin Ed. Goose Falls. Wharves. Stonington. Tweedies. 14 Bedell, King's Fair. Dancers. Strawberry festival. Mrs. Ro[?] cook out. Camp. Star [Island]. Pool. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 4, 6/2/99, JS: (44:53) Girl in bathing suit dips foot in water, swims. Passengers emerge from canoe and sailboat. Boys wading in water. Boy paddles rowboat. Boys dive. Boys pull on rope attached to bow of rowboat. Two women standing in vicinity of boulder. Girls swimming. Mailman walks down street with difficulty. Sailboat with furled sails. Large ship of commercial or ocean-liner type. (Slight film faults and flickers.) Rocky cliffs. Man on shoreline. (47:53) Two girls. Girl sitting nearby pulls aloft fishingline with object on end. Exterior scene. Dogs and people walking. Sailboat. Two children plie individual oars of rowboat. Woman clumsily commences riding bicycle. Boy watches in background. 'Mobil Gas' sign. Man. Small island which appears to be giant boulder encircled with evergreen trees. Man and woman. Swimmers and waders. Woman with children. Small animal by bushes. Two boys. Dark shot. Sailboat. Person wearing black-banded white hat. Buildings along shoreline. (50:53) Man wearing glasses. Family group in boat. Sailboat voyaging. People on wharf. Inverted watercraft on wharf. Piles, wharf. Back of rustic, falling-down shoreline dwellings. (Slight film flicker, blemishes.) Flowers. (53:53) Boat passengers. People on shoreline adjacent to waterfall. Little girl in bathingsuit. She wades as man swims up to her. Boy runs along shoreline. People sitting on individual white boulders along shoreline. Child, girl sitting in water. (Film faults and flicker.) Sailboat begins voyage. Girl on float in water. Boy pulls float from under her. One after the other, children dive into water. Child runs behind fence in which is gate. Shuts gate. (Film flicker.) Man stands in tree while sawing at limb. Dog below wags tail. Man raking and burning leaves. (56:53) Women and children in vicinity of birdbath. Children enter door of structure which looks like garage. Boy dressed as clown. Child in costume eats from paper bag. Woman wearing old-fashioned dress dances at home exterior. Resumes frenetic dancing. Man joins her and dances. Woman dips punch from bow. Flowers. Woman crouches over barbecue fire. Man carrying plate. Woman, man eating at picnic table. Girls in swings. (59:56) Girl swings upside down from gym bar in swing area. Woman and girl sit on teeter-totter. Two girls by archery target. Girl with tennis racquet. Group of girls playing archery. Woman places sweater over her arm. Adolescent girl. (01:06) Group of women in boat. Cliffs. Women on shoreline. Two women climbing up the boulders. Woman wearing dark glasses. Man wearing dark glasses. Woman wearing sunbonnet. Another woman raises her hands. Pleasure craft voyaging on water. Motorboat behind. Gangway with women assembled at side. Man walks down gangway. Shakes hands with man at end. (End Reel 4)
Cookery, Coasts, Swimming
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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