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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0019-.0021_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 020 (P8)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 20 (P8): [no can/reel notes; dc 1937] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 20: 19:37. Dead animal is hanging in yard. African-American boy and men are working in area. Yard. Black kettle steaming over fire. African-American men are preparing animal for cooking. African-American boy, eight or nine years of age. 20:01. He holds small steel beam. Back of ramshackle school bus. Bus drives off. Landscape. Trees. Brick gate. Academic buildings. Ivy vines gracing sides. Left-tracking pan. of academic structures. Walkway. Pan. extends to left. Greek columned academic structure. Bare trees. Columned academic buildings. Extension of the same. 21:08. Leftward pan. of the buildings. Columned academic building. Stream, surrounding foliage. All adjacent to academic buildings. Walkway which leads up to columned academic building. Another academic building with someone walking on porch. Three women on walkway. One in center carries bouquet, long-branched flowers. 22:01. The three talk as they continue their walk. Fourth woman joins them. She removes woman's hat. Stone natural archway. Woman running in area grasps her hat. Smiling, she continues to run forward. She sticks tongue out. Now man runs in area. The archway. 23:04. Ladies walk on walkway in area. Wooden fence protects walkway. Building with columned doorway. Flock of turkeys. Turkey raises fantail. Woman enters area. Other fowl. Chickens. Barnyard fowl. Turkey struts proudly. Flock of sheep. 24:02. Flock grazing on grass. Closer view of flock. Lambs, rams, ewes. Lambs race forward. Ladies with lambs in their arms. One woman holds two lambs. CU woman with the two lambs. Two different women. Each holds lamb. Ladies hug, pat lambs. 25:01. Man holds lamb. Scratches back of its neck. Older woman walking in barnyard. She carries container. Group of women stand at fence exterior of barnyard. Woman carrying poodle opens fence-gate and enters barnyard. Other women and young man follow her. Woman with poodle. Two parked cars. Man enters one of them. These are vintage cars, but current for the time. Man drives off in car with canvas top, convertible of its time. CU cow chewing cud. 26:00. Group women enter barnyard through open fence-gate. Young man scratches his nose and follows women into barnyard. Two women talk as they walk. Cattle stockyard. Many parked trucks. Sign atop building says......'Livestock Sales.' Sign which states that stockyard is not responsible for any accidents which may happen to patrons. Sign on fence....'First two rows for bidders.' Livestock in pen. Two men take animal away, grasping it by tail. 27:03. Men walking in yard. Ropes extending through fence openings. Herd of cattle move forward. Man behind sign. Auctioneer. Crowd behind fence, the bidders. Black and white calves. Auctioneer moves his arms. Calves run forward. 28:01. Herd of calves. Auctioneer. Man leaning against fence. Three calves. Men outside of fence. Man with stick. Bidders, assembled crowd. Auctioneer points. Man walks forward. Man prods calf with stick. Family sits in yard. Large tree nearby. Woman rises. Family members sitting in canvas chairs. Two men sit on ground. 29:03. Ladies sitting on couch. Woman rises. Man carries plate of food. Family sits at table eating meal. Man stands as he eats. Family at table, talking, eating. Two men dine while sitting on lawn. CU man eating. He smiles, looks up, continues eating. Man with tennis racquet. He serves ball. 30:01. Family sits in yard. Young man has tennis racquet. Back to tennis court. Someone is in field outside of court. Two men continue their game. Man jumps over lower net of tennis court. 30:40. Man lobs ball on tennis court. He catches ball rather than hitting it with racquet this serve. Tennis game continues. 31:02. Young man continues to hit or lob ball. Swings racquet as if angry. Lobs ball. He continues to lob. He is bare-chested. Opponent now. Opponent is younger man. Man is asleep in reclining lawn chair. Now he sips soda from paper cup. He has a ridiculously long straw. Young girls eating, sipping soda. Girl in lawn chair. Others sit on ground. Dog is with girls. 32:00. Girl munches on apple. Family seated about table outdoors. Shot shows other members relaxing in lawn chairs. Boy and man play tennis. Another man watches. Three girls, sitting on ground watch. Boy near car. He looks inside. It is an open car of the time, similar to a convertible. 33:06. The kind of car that started by crank at engine exterior. He turns the crank and pulls on front of car in effort to start it. He turns crank vigorously. Pulls on front. He touches steering wheel. Reaches inside. He climbs in and manipulates controls. Finally successful, he backs the car up. 34:03. Car and young driver progress down road. Young man now has young woman with him in car. Older woman now gets in back seat. Young man drives away with his feminine passengers. 'Sunoco' wide banner is attached to upper back exterior of car. Ladies stick one arm out each and wave. Dog on sidewalk. Rear of car motoring down street. Trees, foliage on sides of street. Dog running down sidewalk. Large 'Sunoco Oil' billboard. Other cars motor down street. 35:03. Young man driver stops at service window of garage. Parked car. Fence. Young man works on engine of a car. This is a '30's or '40's car. Older aforescribed car now drives up. Young man dismounts and gets under car. He waves to another man who approaches and goes away. He raises hood of engine. 36:01. Other young man pours substance into engine. Young man looks beneath car once again as cars go down street. The two men stand by car. One leans down into interior. Man cleans windshield. Car drives up in area near billboard. Car is raised on ramp. Three men look under car. Fence. Trees. Garage. Man polishes parked car. Car has wide banner on side. Cars go down street. Man drives car away. Men stand in door of service station. Side of service station. Bannered car. Car by billboard. Man raises engine hood. Driver enters. Two men work on engine. Cars go down street. Men continue working on engine. Man applies instrument to upper engine. Man eats as he reads material having to do with garage, engine. 39:01. Truck passes by garage. Men walk away from car to service station. Man carries can from service station to area where car is. Two men. Attendants. Wear bow ties. Another car drives up. Young man climbs rather clumsily into car with banner on side. He backs car up. Drives up to service station. He now makes adjustments inside of car, dashboard area. Top of car is now down.Banner on side states: 'We keep motors young.' He throws away removed item, clumsily seats self in car. Puts small paper item in mouth. Now he drives away. (End of Reel 20.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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