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16mm film; 430 ft.; Silent; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 029
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1933 – 1948
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 4/96: Reel 29: Screening notes: Children in and around swimming pool. Wrestling in water with inflated toy. Pan of well dressed crowd at swimming meet. Race, diving competition. Beautiful shots of expert women diving. Women walk up path at Wellesley reunion. Holding hands on quad lawn. Seven women pose behind large banner '1923.' Lounging on lawn, talking. Box lunch picnic, includes some men. Beach, women in dresses walking barefoot in surf. Bathers, woman kicks water at camera. Pan of bay with houses on far shore and at edge of beach. Elegant women of different ages seated on veranda, wearing hats. People poolside, watch synchronized swimming. Young men diving. Swim race by children. Tennis match, two women. [All swimming scenes at Powelton Club, Newburgh, NY. First scene is Rawls sisters, they were coached by Mr Gordon, the club swimming instructor. Won Olmpic medals in 1930s] Color: LS stone tower seen through trees. Wellesley reunion, walking on path, picnicking on lawn, smoking, mingling, talking. Jars of lilacs on picnic table. Two young women walking toward (dorm?) college building. Older women wave goodbye. Mary Stewart in low-cut satin gown, hair piled on head with ribbon, holding huge flower bouquet. Mary (daughter) enters room, they hug and Mary flowers as she leaves. Father enters from behind curtained doorway. Admires dress as Mary flounces. They kiss and he departs. Same Mary posed by grand piano in new dress and holding flowers. Posing in third outfit, pulling on long gloves, hat with huge feathered plume (or flowers?) on top. Color: Mary Stewart (mother) and Ann in fancy suits pose, talk together. [years later]
Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: Mary Sr's reel. Swimming 1933. Wellesley 1934. Swimming 1934. Tennis 1937. Wellesley 1939. Mary's 15 [birthday], 20 October 1938. Costume Dec 1948. Good. 1. Swimming at Powelton Club 1933. 2. Exhibiting the Rawls Sisters. 3. Wellesley Reunion, June 1934. 4. Swimming, exhibiting Frank Kurtz, 1934. 5. Wellesley Reunion, 1939. 6. Mary's 15th, 20 October 1938. 7. Costume, December 1948.
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