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1) 1229.0011_VHS
2) 1229.0011_IN3/4
3) 1229.0011_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
[Charles Gilbert--home movies] NHF Reel 011
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Can Descriptions
NHF Cataloguer's notes as follows. Intertitles in quotes; film box dates/notes in parentheses. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 11: (Edgewater Inn). (1929). (46:49). Two women climbing out of back seat of roadster. Man gets out of the front seat and helps second woman out. Man on steps of house holding and kissing a young boy. Talks with him as they hug. Man watches as woman adjusts child's clothing, doing up snaps, etc. Man helps. Woman returns to house. Man walks away. The boy, wearing a cloth cap, goes to get on a small trike in the yard. Boy pushes himself around on the trike, face full of concentration. Dog crosses his path, boy looks up into camera with great glee. (48:50). A military type parade. A car pulls up in front of a large building. Woman holding bouquet, with four boys at picnic grounds or park. Woman opens an umbrella, poses for camera with it, drops umbrella. It is windy. Three bigger boys form pyramid with smallest boy on their shoulders. Boys are roughhousing around woman, she is wearing a cap. They are in front of roadside stand with "Orange Crush" sign. Nice footage. Woman gestures at them and gets them to stop and look at something. Boy standing in a moored float or rowboat. He dives off into the water. Woman and boys walk down a dirt road. One boy does a brief dance for the camera. Two women walking together posing. Woman sitting on rocks in meadow. Woman looking out window over fire escape. Two women walking in meadow, one carrying wildflowers. They talk and gesture off camera. Two women now picking wildflowers and one waving at the camera. Woman with a young boy. He's perched on something and a young girl stands between them. Woman tries to get girl to wave at the camera.
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