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Film; 16mm film; [325 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1733.0007-.0015_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
3) 1733.0007-.0015_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1733.0007-.0015_VHS
VHS; Unknown
Children and family in New York--Messler family--home movies. Reel 7
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1940 – 1941

Credit: Patricia W. Messler Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Viewing Notes
3 month old baby in basket with blanket and bow in hair. Moving hands and head. Same baby carried by woman in polka dot blouse and plain skirt walking in garden. Woman and baby snuggled together. Baby in basket on stomach with head up looking around. Toddler boy about 2 years old with curly blond hair playing in yard. Woman and puppy come up to boy. Women in 1940 outfits and people standing around yard. Little boy being held. Same baby back in the basket. Baby being held on lap of woman. Little boy walking around. Baby being fed a bottle. Woman feeding baby. Baby stomach down on white blanket in yard on grass by woman in red dress. Baby being held by woman who was feeding her. Baby has hat and coat and booties on. Baby plays with flower. Same baby on striped blanket in pink outfit with pointed hat lying face down on blanket. Baby sitting and being held up by woman in checkered dress. CU of baby face. Older woman walking in yard with white hair. Looks like the grandmother or great grandmother. People walking around tree. Older woman holding baby girl. Younger children (girls about 5 and 6) playing in yard. Family gathering. Children playing. Adults dancing. Women standing outside building. Man playing with children and twirling them around. Family gathering and little girl in push cart laughing. Family standing and watching baby in pushcart. Film darkens. Children and adults dancing. Same little girl in white outfit seated in white chair holding basket. Red balloon appears and baby plays with it. Baby back in pushcart going across lawn.
Can Descriptions
"Wi[?]s first pictures are here - grandmothers - Whitney Family - home - puppy"
Color home movies of extended family and children outside home in New York.
Dancing, Children, Families
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