4 Copies of This Film
1) 1469.0016 - 1469.0017_VHS
2) 1469.0016 - 1469.0017_IN3/4
3) 1469.0016 - 1469.0017_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1469.0014-.0017_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[John K. Howard--home movies] Reels 16 & 17 (record 1 of 2)
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 6/97: Reels 16 & 17: (Fuzzy photography). Pan of meadow. Wooden fence. (34:11). Low mountain in the background. Pan of meadow. View of mountain in background is more vivid. Pan across meadow and mountain. Pan of snow covered mountain. (35:04). Meadow shown in foreground also. Pan of mountain. Two men emerge from white tent. Medium shot of four horses, three white, one black with their backs to the camera, tails visible. Two more horses. Man approaches the one on the end. (36:07) Quick pan of the horses. Back to two white tents. Man is by tent. Shot of field with a white tailed deer moving quickly along. Deer stops to graze. It sprints forward and grazes once more. (37:02). Medium shot of leaping deer. Jerky CU of deer. It pauses, looks into the camera, moves closer to camera. Moves further into the field. Quick CU of grassy field. Quick pan of field. (38:08) Deer progresses into field, pauses and looks out. Black horses shown, one has a dead deer across its saddle. Man adjusts the deer. Shot of cowboy clad man astride white horse. Rider and horse stride up to man with deer across saddle. (39:00) Deer sprinting; quick pan of field. Brook flows through field. Pan of field. Deer is sprinting along at bottom of frame. Medium shot of deer as it pauses. Deer with large white tail springs forward. (40:13). MS of deer continuing forward. MS of field with moving deer. (41:05) CU pan snow covered mountains. MS of two deer in field. One moves across the field. The other deer follows. (42:00) LS of foliage and field. Deer moves slowly. Other deer catches up. MS of deer pausing. Pan of low mountains, snow, rocks. Mountain is sparsely populated with trees. (43:07) Pan of trees, foliage. MS of man and horse. MS of two men and black horses. Animal skins and antlers decorate nearby wooden structure. Man picks up one of the animal hides. (44:00). He places the hide over saddle of one of three nearby horses. MS of horses. MS of hide, antler structure. Skeleton head of a cow is at center top. MS of horses and man at hide, antler station. One man mounts horse. MS of group of nearby horses. Pan of tall evergreens. Cut now to pan of mountain and trees. (45:01). MS of three horses and two men. One man saddles horse. Men lift heavy packages on to horse's back and secure them. (46:00). LS of horses in woods near tent. Shot reverses to where man is saddling a horse. Canvas type object is on horse's back. Shot back to tents and horses. (47:00) Back to man loading horse. He secures canvas object to horse. Other man tests security of rope. Pan of mountains. CU of mountain. (48:00) CU of snow, trees. Pan of evergreen trees. Pan of nearby snow covered mountain. (50:04) Med. shot of three pack horses grazing. MS of lone, grazing pack horse. CU of snowy mountains. MS of two men accompanying several pack horses. Pan of trees, men, and pack horses. Pan of snowy mountains. MS of men. (52:00). MS mountains. MS of pack horses going through snow. in a procession. LS of man leading the horses onward. (53:00). MS of man astride horse at end of the procession. Cu pan of snow covered mountain. Reverse pan of the same. Med pan of evergreen trees. MS of two men and loaded truck in front of store. The men are jesting, having fun. One is an African American. (54:00) MS of two men talking near car. They shake hands. MS of mountains, trees. Pan focusing on trees, mountain. Pan of sheep herd with sheperd, a dog. Man doffs hat. Pan of trees, mountian. (55:19). MS of highway, telephone poles. Animals cross middle of highway to the opposite side. (56:05). MS herd of sheep grazing. MS black sheep running forward. Jerky shot of highway and trees. Pan of trees. Traveling shot of trees. Pan of highway. This section of the film is jerky, some blemishes.
John Howard
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