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1) 1108.0027_F16
16mm film; [420 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1108.0027_VHS
3) 1108.0027_SVHS
4) 1108.0025-.0027_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1108_0027 18fps HD Reel 27 FULL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 27
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1932 – 1933
Viewing Notes
Reel 27. // Archie Stewart can notes: '1. Cutting ice. Very interesting. Old #11 Coldan Street fire & Fellowcraft. Of some historical interest.' Screening notes: Intertitles: 'Harvesting ice at Brookside,' 'Removing Snow,' 'The Old Method.' Horses pull carts to scrape snow, men guide from behind. Intertitle: 'The New' Man rides tractor pushing snow. Intertitle: 'Over the Top.' Tractor rolls over snowbank. Intertitle: 'Modern Ice Saws in Action' Two men walk beside large saw blade slicing parallel grooves in ice on frozen lake. Other men working in BG. Man (checking under the hood?) of ice saw (size of snowmobile), large blade with huge teeth on front. VS of saw in operation. Intertitles: 'A Glimpse at Another Day' Man cutting ice manually with long saw. 'Floating Laddies' Very arge squares of ice being pushed apart; men ride on floe and guide with pitchforks. 'Approaching the Elevator' Men guide huge ice floes towards inclined conveyor belt, floes cut into smaller squares, guided into channel to float onto conveyor belt. 'Up the Elevator' VS of ice moving up incline, WS of building. 'Through the Plainer' [planer] POV through blades. 'Down the Run' VS of blocks of ice on conveyor. 'Broken Cakes to the Scrapheap' WS of ice shooting out of building. Great MCU of face of workman seated beside conveyor. VS of men guiding ice, machinery. Archie Stone, in fedora, at end. Intertitle: 'Colden Street Fire January Eleventh' WS of smoke filled street, firemen playing water through smoke. Fireman smoking with pals while watching. 'Looking South on Colden Street' WS of firefighters. WS of people watching from behind barricade across street. Various MS of men in swirling black smoke, equipment. 'Looking North on Water Street' Heavy smoke obscures view. 'Looking South on Water Street' Firefighters and policeman beside fire truck; heavy smoke. Firefighters on roof, dozens of hoses snaking across pavment. MCU of engine with 'McQuoid 3' painted on bonnet. 'Firemen battle for hours in sub zero temperature.' Weary firefighter stands beside truck, his slicker caked with ice, while another works on engine. [See also Reel 6] Men eating and talking. "Fellowcraft" at Palatine Hotel. Headwaiter shown at left.
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