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16mm film; 415 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
5) 1108.0006-.0009_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 009
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Can Descriptions
Reel 9: screening notes: b&w, intertitles throughout. 'Bits of professional film sent with outfit. The following pictures are selected from a few of the hundreds of subjects available in Kodascope Libraries. Warner Bros. presents John Barrymore in Beau Brummel' Brief scene of Barrymore and a portly gentleman eating and drinking. Both wear powdered wigs, footman stands behind. Coquettish girl flirts. 'C.L. Chester presents Going Up the Iguazu' Six men pushing large dugout canoe through rapids. 'Out of the Inkwell by Max Fleischer' Animated, clown blows horn at boy sleeping against haystack. Water blasts out of horn waking boy. Clown chucks boy under chin but still gets a beating from the peevish fellow. First shot with 33 Winchester (gift from mother) 'Glimpses from last half of 1926' wide shot of Archie standing beside pond, loading, aiming and shooting rifle. Little Mary, 23 months and 23 days old. [Archie is standing by the Brookside ice-harvesting pond that his father created. The pond has long since filled in and now has commercial buildings on it. Mary Stewart Hafer.] Viewing notes: 'Scenes of Mary and Jess. Sunday June 13, 1926' Little girl in garden walks up and hugs dog. Stoops to poke in flower bed. Archie reading newspaper beside sleeping dog and little child. Mary tries to ride very patient dog. Mary tries to put sunbonnet on dog's head. Grandma wheeling Mary, Quenty [wire hair fox terrier] Mary seated in stroller, holding American flag. Mary sucks thumb as terrier yaps at side. Mary holding umbrella in garden. Picnic on Wallkill with George & Flo. 'Sunday Picnics -- Fish -- ice cream -- and watermelon.' Two women sit on either side of young men on fallen tree. One young women struggles to pull down pant leg on man's crossed leg. Casting fishing line, woman wears high heels and skirt, man in tie cast from rock. Various shots of men and women fishing. Nice shot of Archie crouched on rock beside small waterfall casting, wearing wingtips and bowtie. Carving, eating watermelon, picnic in field. Sweet sequence of shots: man and woman showing little girl how to skip rock in water, unsuccessfully. Mary dangling toes in stream.[Adeline B. Hill is short woman with white-blonde hair, Mother's Wellesley roommate, according to Mary Stewart Hafer.] Swimming at Brookside, George, Florence, Mary, Archie. Viewing notes: 'On hot Sunday afternoons bathing was in vogue' Man, women and child in boat. Swimmers. Mary on shore tosses rocks, with mom, with dad. 'When the nights commenced to lengthen we began to experiment with interiors by artificial light.' Man reading to two women; playing cards; woman lights cigarette for man who blows smoke rings. [George Northrop and fiancee Florence Newsome.] Woman pops, tries to catch rings with finger (nice). Archie adjusting radio dial (dark). [Archie's new Atwater Kent radio. Mother singing.] Mother plays piano and sings (overlit?). 'Baby's Morning Bath' Mary in tub plays with soap; kicks water, slips; bare bottom to camera. 'The Stewart family celebrated four birthdays. Mother's on the 8th of August.' Group in garden coaxes dog to jump up. Child offers dog treat while mother watches. Mother teaches child how to get dog to shake hands. Grandma tries to get dog to jump for treat, dog decides treat in child's hand easier. 'Baby's on the 7th of September.' Mary runs in garden. 'Grandfather's on the 17th of October.' Smoking cigar on porch. 'Grandmother's on the 23rd of December.' Woman with fur collar standing on porch. [Grandmother Stewart] [The group in the 4 birthdays is Grandfather and Grandmother warden, Mary, Mother, Grandfather and Grandmother Stewart, and Helen Brown, wife of Archie's and Grandfather Stewart's business partner, Otto Brown. We all lived on the same block on Grand Street. 4 grandparents, left Wardens, right Stewarts. Grandmother Stewart tossing treat for Jess. Mother, Father and me/Mary." ID by Mary Stewart Hafer] 'Little shots taken here and there.' Woman and child seated in snappy automobile. Father and child wave at camera. Man reading newspaper. Little girl (Mary) with doll in rocking chair between grandparents. Street scene, cars parked, backing into traffic. Woman and man reading newspaper on porch. Car driving in field, woman and child get out. [Brookside, Mary Stewart and daughter Mary] Archie polishing automobile. Archie opens box camera, looks thru viewfinder. (Starts dark, improves.) Mother holds skirt as she wades in stream. Older, prosperous looking men stand beside car. [Man with white mustache Henry P. Ramsdell, Lieutenant with the Orange County Volunteers at Gettysburg. Archie credited him with great ingenuity in managing to find a coffin after the battle in which to take his Colonel''s body home. Mary Stewart Hafer notes.]
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