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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 43
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1946 – 1948
Family Stuff [mostly] Becky - Oct. 1946 Donor notes: "Autumn 1946 thru August 1948 Concord- autumn colors - 1946 Becky in spring -1947 Becky Nov 22 - 1947 Becky - Easter - 1948 Becky -April -1948 Becky running around on lawn and swimming, August 1948" Color footage of Ann (born July 1, 1929), Margot (born October 8, 1930), Alice (born March 8, 1935) and Faith (born January 20, 1939) walk near the Bemis house in Concord, MA, then riding their bikes along the road. Ann has Faith with her on her bike. They are followed by a black labrador dog. Views of the autumn trees around the house. Views of children (not Bemis children) sitting on the front steps of the house with a dog. Views of boats sailing by High Head, the Bemis summer home in Brooklin, ME, and Alan Bemis's Republic Seabee Amphibian plane flying into the bay by High Head, and taxiing to mooring. B&W footage of Becky (born March 17, 1947), several months old, watching the camera from her crib. Chapie plays with her, then gives her a bath and towels her off. Chapie plays with her in a playpen. Color footage of Ann, Margot, Chapie and Faith outside the Bemis Concord house with Becky sitting on the ground, and a dog around on Easter, 1948. Faith plays with Becky on a swing. Becky toddling around, taking first steps on the lawn, spring, 1948. Faith rides her bicycle, Margot plays with Becky. B&W footage of Chapie cleaning Becky's ears while sitting on the front doorstep, then letting her walk toward the camera, spring, 1948. B&W footage of naked Becky at High Head, playing with a ball. Views of her with a nurse on the beach, wading in the water, being pushed over by waves. Faith and Alice also play in the water. Alan Bemis' seaplane can be seen parked in its hangar on the shore.
Families, Children
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