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March 3 2019 at 19:16:53
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 23
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Can Descriptions
23. Sept 25 [1932], Crozier kids in car, Tom's drawing on blackboard, piano Debussy Oct 19, Navy-Princeton game, Oct 29, Susanne in pen, Halloween, San in stroller Nov 6, San walking Nov 20, Nov 20 indoors, out in walker Dec 4, sleighing Dec 10, San's first sleigh ride Dec 18, Dec 18 in sled, bliss Jan 8, climbing stairs Jan 29. (UNEDITED)
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 23:17:46. Woman sitting in open car. She holds infant girl in arms. Family group consisting of children. Boys in back wave. Boy in corner moves around avidly. 18:04. Girl in front says a few words. Grassy bank. Large vehicle adjacent. May be moving van. Man carries rug, small item of furniture up path of home. Two men remove what appears to be large trunk from back of van. Boy walks down path of home. Man removes item from van. Two men place large item on dolly and begin to wheel it up path to home. 19:06. Boy approaches man holding onto large item. Boy goes away. White columns of home visible. Man in business suit ascends path of home. Removes hat, waves. Trees adjacent to garage. Man near tree. Leaves of tree being gently wafted by breeze. (This reel has moderate green tint.) Children holding blanket by its corners. Someone throws item into blanket. Four children walking up path. Girl holds cat in her arms. Woman, man, child emerge from car. Man walks forward. Wipes nose. Family walking along path by home. Men in white on field. 20:05. They have a cannon which is fired, exuding smoke. Marching band, crowd of spectators gathering on field. Pan. of field with spectators. Servicemen wearing white hats stand on field adjacent to band. Shot of area tracks to left. Late arriving serviceman runs down field. Pan. of assembled servicemen. Crowd. Marching band moves forward. 21:09. Servicemen commence marching in orderly fashion. This is a considerable retinue of navy men. Spectators behold marching navy unit. Front column of navy men. They round corner with crisp smartness. 22:00. Procession continues. Spectators commence to enter field. Men continue marching. Infant standing in playpen. Infant walks from side to side in pen. Infant plays with small toy. Infant gets down on all fours. She has dropped toy on floor outside of pen. She reaches through bars and retrieves it. 23:00. She resumes standing. Loses balance, sits down. Boy descends steps of home. He carries 'Jack O Lantern' carved in pumpkin. Boy wears Charles Chaplin mask. He walks forward. CU masked boy and 'Jack O Lantern'. Boy goes over to car of which door is open. Sets pumpkin on running board. He climbs into car. Chauffeur starts to drive car. Car drives off as boy peers out side window. Man wheels infant in open carriage. Infant is snugly blanketed. Man in overcoat. Man pushes carriage forward. The two are at garage exterior. 24:08. Man lifts infant in snowsuit down. Little boy present. Man and boy hold infant's arms as she walks forward. She smiles as man and boy help her down front steps. She sits on bottom step, walks a few steps, but falls down! Man helps her up. She walks a few steps by herself. She falls again and man helps her rise again. Sitting on the bottom step, she dangles her feet back and forth. Boy encourages her to rise and she walks independently forward. She does well, but returns to bottom step. 25:01. She picks up object from ground. She walks a few steps, but crouches down on lawn. Man helps her up and now she walks on path. Sits down on path. She rises, walks once more. Two men by tree. One holds infant in arms. Shadowy shot of room in home. Infant walks forward. She smiles while reaching out with her arms. She grasps cloth doll. Carrying doll, she walks along. 26:04. Drops doll. Boy is sitting on couch. He moves his legs back and forth. Infant throws small book to floor. She walks along in area. She touches keys of small spinet piano. Boy grasps infant to support her as she walks along. She picks up box from floor. She approaches spinet piano once again. Infant lies on floor as boy watches her. She rises. She walks about, smiling in her new-found independence. She crouches down, grasps cloth doll. 27:01. Walks forward. Infant at table. Large building blocks on table. She opens, shuts jewelry box on table. She grasps round object. Opens jewelry box once more. Examines small item therein. Infant on walkway in small carriage in which she can push herself along. She has wooden beads in hands. Woman, boy watch her. Her hat falls down over her eyes. Woman folds brim up so infant can see. Winter scene in front of home. Boy slides on sled. Dragging his feet, he descends lawn on sled. 28:00. Boy holds sled aloft to position it for sliding. He runs forward, placing sled in snow and mounts it. He slides forward. Two women approach car parked in yard. Snow commences falling. Boy appears. Man opens car door. Ladies enter. Boy and adult walk up hill. Boy drags sled. He walks along in snow. Adult and boy on sled together slide down snowy slope. Adult also has sled. They climb up hill with their sleds. Someone else on sled descends hill. Evergreen trees encompass sliding area. 29:03. Two on sled descend. Lone boy slides down. Boy 'inches' himself on snow on stomach. Sliders at foot of hill. Succession of descending sliders. Young person in window of home. Wears officer's hat. Man emerges from doorway of home. He carries infant who is already aboard small infant's sled. Man smiles as he holds sled and infant. Man descends steps, sets sledded infant down on walkway. Infant smiles. Man hauls her along on sled. 30:03. He pauses awhile. Infant touches nose. Front of home, roofed, columned front door. Snow-covered shrubbery. Someone peers between curtains of window. Man hauls infant on sled across snowy yard. They pause. Infant looks around. Shot of infant snugly blanketed on sled. 31:00. Man runs along. Walks now. Car parked beside of road. Snowy ground, street, trees. Man runs down center of street while hauling infant on sled. He runs, brings sled along side of him. He stops. Infant waves hands. Two men shoveling snow, opposite each other near trunk of tree. They pause to talk, resume shoveling. 32:00. Men continue to shovel. Boy in cowboy attire coils up rope. Places rope over arm. He is near Christmas tree. He forms loop in end of rope. He recoils rope He doffs cowboy hat, laying it down on chair. He places drum which is extended on strap over his neck. 33:01. He secures drumsticks and plays on drum. He resumes wearing his cowboy hat. Infant in open carriage being wheeled from doorway of home. Woman wheeling her gives infant stuffed toy. Woman carefully wheels carriage down steps of home. Woman smiles as she pushes carriage down sidewalk. 34:00. Infant at bottom of stairs inside of home. She commences to climb the stairs, giving a backward glance. She pauses. Cautiously, she ascends stairs. She looks back and begins to ascend in earnest. She reaches the upper landing which is protected by rug. (These shots are just a bit blurry.) Man approaches her. She sits down at foot of stairs. 35:00. Boy sits on bottom step. He claps hands. Infant approaches him. He holds her on his lap. He helps her walk along. (Photography a little shadowy.) (End of Reel 23.)
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