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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; Color
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DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 038 (F8)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 38 (F8): [can/reel notes available; dc 1957] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 38. 20:19. Copiously-treed mountain side. Someone moves about. (Photography is shadowy.) Cabin exterior. Boy walks by cabin. Boy enters cabin. Other boys walk past cabin. Cabin exterior. 20:57. Three people in cabin. (Shot is shadowy.) Boy. Person at right spreads hands as if explaining something. Young men swimming in lake. They splash and swim about. Silhouette shot of two young men standing in individual canoes. They bob up and down in the sterns. They reach downward. Seem to be performing aerobics. 21:54. Group of young men gathered outside. Man leader stands before group. Shot just a bit shadowy. Semi-silhouette. Leader. Group. 22:23. Two young men playing chess. Both rise. Two bare-chested young men in proximity of chess board. 22:46. Ears of corn in square wooden enclosure. Young men scatter circular white objects among the ears of corn. Objects are removed from small pots. 23:05. They continue to place circular objects among corn ears. Bare-chested man in vicinity of campfire. Group of young men assembled. Some sit on rocks in area. Young man walks past campfire. Blocks of square lumber placed at side of campfire. Blazing campfire exudes smoke. Blocks of wood thrown just above campfire. Young men sitting at side of fire. Young man standing opposite. Young men throw wooden blocks on fire. 23:59. Ears of corn in bin. Intermixed small circular objects. 24:11. Group of young men standing outside of bin of corn. They reach down. Water surface in immediate background. Shadowy shot bin of corn. Young man reaches down. Shot still shadowy. Young men reach down to ground. They appear to be handling cloth objects. 25:02. Camp or barbecue fire. May be fueled by charcoal. Intense smoke issues forth. Fire, fuel in wooden box. Young man places hook at side and drags box with hook. Intense smoke emanates. Cloth, tarpaulin section at left. Tarpaulin is placed over coals, fire and then raised. 25:22. Smoke rises from tarpaulined coals. Group of young men. One brushes side of face with arm. Partially smothered fire exudes smoke. Man walks by with long stick in hand. Young men at table. Others walking around. Some have plates. 26:07. Table with food, condiments. Group sits about eating. Man walks carrying plate. Shadowy shot of group eating. Three young men crouched down eating. Another walks among them. 26:34. Four young men paddle a canoe, two in bow, and two in stern. Appear to be rowing in opposite directions. 27:13. Shadowy pan. Looks to be line of rocks, boulders. Pan. tracks to right. 27:17. Two young men stirring something in large kettles. They are out of doors. One removes lid of kettle and stirs contents with soup ladle. 27:39. Rocky ground. Young man sets suitcase down. Bare-chested young men in vicinity of assembled rocks. Rocks. Shadowy photography of immediate area. 28:01. Young men walk in area. Approach rocks. 28:06. Ears of corn in bin. Young man sits outside of bin. Young man leaning over. (Shadowy photography makes discernment difficult.) 28:29. (Photography is now improved, normal.) Young man carrying item by tongs. Young man pulls, hoists heavy item by a rope. Looks to be wooden item. Item is sprayed with water. Another item is sprayed with hose. Young pokes with pick at item in box. 29:03. It is a huge block of ice which he is decimating. Another young man works on block of ice with small, hand-held pick. 29:16. Ice cream freezer is being assembled for us. (The old-fashioned kind.) Circular center is placed in wooden container and securing lock placed over that. Chipped ice is spooned into interior of freezer.) Wheel being turned. Ice being placed in ice cream freezer. Wheel is attached to side of freezer. Young men sitting in vicinity of freezer. One young man sits on a can. Preparations being made to begin hand-freezing ice cream. Young man on his knees turns wheel at side. Circular container is lifted from freezer. 30:03. Two young men eat ice cream from dishes. 30:07. Greyhound bus. Sign on side: 'Flying Moose Lodge.' Young men running about on grounds of lodge. Some are dressed. A couple wear bathrobes. They continue to assemble. Entire group commence aerobics, jumping up and down and moving arms. (Shot a little shadowy, but action can be discerned.) Left-tracking scan of group exercising. 31:00. Group does toe-touching exercise. Boys run as group disperses. Many of boys in pajamas, group does push-ups. Young men still emerging from cabins, tents. 32:01. Group now do jumping-jack exercises. Turning, group does push-ups once again. They rise and some brush dirt off of hands. Group runs forward. Left-tracking pan. of area. (Shot a bit shadowy for clearer discernment.) Cabin exterior with its sloping roof and small chimney. 33:07. Trees behind which are cabins. 33:17. Young man crouches down and pushes canoe into water. Young men on platform. All wear swim trunks. One after the other, the boys dive in with some swimming near platform. One makes spectacular, head first dive and swims normally. Swimming, diving continues. Forested hillside and horizon with clouds visible in background. 33:50. Two young men embark in canoe. Other young men are busy, move about on shore. One swings tin container which appears to be gas can. 33:59. Silhouette shot of young men standing in bed of pickup truck. 34:07. Young man steps into canoe. Other canoes aligned. 34:16. Greyhound bus. Driver comes around back bus-exterior. He rubs his arm against his nose. Back exterior of bus. Driver and helper pack luggage into storage area in lower bus exterior. (End of Reel 38.)
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