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3) 1371.0069_F16
16mm film; 600 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
4) 1108.0066-.0069_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) 1371.0069_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 069
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Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart notebook entry for Reel Sixty Nine is: 'Mogee.' Beginning titles read: 'Mogee...which is a French word you language students will recognize...and which we think is a fitting name for our snowmobile...and because of this fact...we have decided to call the 1937 winter sports trip...Mogee.' ["Mogee" could be "Maudit," French for damned.] Screening notes: People gathered Newburgh train station in light snow fall. Carrying luggage and skis. Train arrives, passengers get on. POV from train interior of women on platform as train pulls out. Pass signs on building 'No. Adams Beef and Produce Co,' and 'Coughlin Bros.' POV from front of moving train of snowy tracks. Approaching small station, man shoveling. Loading luggage in car. [Mary Stewart Hafer: T.W. Stewart in red coat. Mother, Ann and Mary seeing group off. Grandfather Stewart wears red coat. Archie has long coat wtih parka. Dr. Proper has skis. Grandfather Warden present. Also Dr. McGrath] Intertitle; 'Calais, Maine.' Older man talks to camera (silent) and tips hat, enters Post Office. [Dr. Hoar? Grand Lake Stream?] Intertitle: 'We learn the ice is safe.' Men loading huge blocks of ice on sleds. Man using saw to cut ice. Intertitle: 'Mogee Arrives.' Odd vehicle: Model T body with huge treads in rear and skis in front arrives. Covered with many drawings and handwritten notes: 'The Ground Hog,' 'Humdinger,' 'Hoot Mon.' Men examine, photograph, load luggage. WS of snowy field, covered lake. Filling radiator of snow mobile 'Intertitle: We Buy Mogee a New Radiator.' VS of men looking around snowbound junk yard for automobile radiator. VS of repair. LS of 'Mogee' starting off. VS of snowmobile skimming across lake with snow wake. Hunter with rifle, sliding along snow path. Sawing wood beside cabin. Two men ice fishing. Man holding huge 6 foot icicle looks at thermometer. Man holding pole with 6 fish. (Barber shop?) man washing another's hair. Intertitle: 'Winter Sports.' Skiing down small incline onto lake. Car towing skiers. Chipping hole in ice, fisherman lying with face in hole. Four hunters outside log cabin, talking. VS of men looking at thermometer. barometer. Men skating, wrestling on lake. Intertitle: 'Proper and the Game Warden.' Ice fisherman pulls out catch, approached by man in uniform. They struggle, fisherman subdued, warden sits on chest and handcuffs, drags him away. [Mary Stewart Hafer: this is the actual game warden] Snowmobile with skis in front traveling through forest paths, Rob Golding seated on hood. Hunters and dog get out of snowmobile. Guide wearing fake beard and mustache. Places four foot round of birch bark on head as hat. Intertitle: 'Trip to Unknown Lake.' Pouring water into radiator, cranking to start engine. Hunters with rifles. Intertitle: 'Snowshoeing across Dobsis with the Mercury Below Zero.' VS Archie Stewart and Rob Golding, trekking across lake with rifles; beside large log cabin at The Pines; walking on wooded path. Sliver of moon in sky above pine branch. Intertitle: 'Childhood Memories My Grandmother's Quilt.' MS man holding quilt by lake. Intertitle: 'We visit camp at Addis Ababa.' Hunters relaxing outside cabin. Intertitle: 'To Golding Northrup & Stewart, Bullet Hill.' Misc. hunters, shot of smoke from chimney. Intertitle: 'Sunset.' WS of sun setting over lake. 'The End. F 45. F 8.' Few frames of lake and canoe.
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