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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
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March 3 2019 at 19:15:12
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 65
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1950 – 1951
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 65: people w/ car, older man wearing service jacket, too large; people unloading car; (18:00) people leaving house w/ wrapped presents, walk to garage, man wearing service uniform; (19:08) people getting out of car w/ gifts; man and woman leave house, x-mas wreath on door, CU of wreath; (20:19) car backs up; man and woman leave house, man smoking, woman w/ ice skates, family stacking luggage outside, woman ties books to bags, man puts bags in car; older woman kisses everyone goodbye; (21:10) pan right to left from car to large house, snow on ground; CU of door; car backs up to luggage; officer steps out; two service men in uniform put bags in trunk; service men stand in front of car w/ two women, older woman, younger woman, and younger man walk by and kiss/shake hands w/ them; car leaves; (23:00) older man loading suitcases into trunk of car; man poses in front of car w/ bag and large (one gallon) glass bottle; woman leaves house, walks toward camera w/ pink lampshade and bag; women next to car w/ man's grey hat (fedora); man w/ woman's hat on; CU of license plate; man tightening or loosening bolts on plate; car backing out of garage; man removing plate; older woman putting different plate on different car; CU of plate, tightening bolts; (24:05) woman leaving house w/ white gloves and corsage; CU of woman, out of focus; woman walks back toward house, cat in doorway; younger woman models black and white checked coat, cat in background; woman models black coat w/ enormous orchid as corsage; (24:42) shot of yellow flowers, pan right to left over yellow flowers; shot of various flowers and trellis; CU flowers; woman in a blue dress tending flowers; CU woman w/ white flower; woman posing;(26:00) small tree in front of street; (26:03) CU of stone stairs; long shot of brick/clapboard house fronted by trees w/ few leaves; pan across plants around house; CU of plants inside house from outside; (27:06) street covered by shadow of large tree, pink blossoms in foreground; (27:08) two women kiss in front of car, younger woman w/ glasses kissing older bald man; younger woman walks past camera, older woman watches from doorway; younger woman goes to stand near older woman in doorway; (27:29) woman holding newspapers walks down walkway, then begins to run; building w/ lots of windows; sign on building 'Father's Hall Skidmore College'; older man taking things from trunk and giving them to girl w/ glasses, who is already loaded down; (28:00) group of people huddles on sidewalk, looking at something, see camera, all look up and smile; (28:10) convertible parked on side of street, woman on drivers side ties scarf around head, man standing in car; car drives away; rear view of convertible; four people in car three turn and smile, car is stationary; (28:21) car POV, moving landscape, late fall/early spring; (28:24) two women on shore of lake, setting up table (w/ food?); two men standing in front of lake (dark); CU of cake w/ '21' written w/ gumdrops, slightly out of focus; very blurry CU (of trivet?); people gathered around tables in front of lake; shaky pan of campground; (29:16) car POV, moving roadside, lots of parked cars at rest stop, unreadable sign; (29:30) people putting luggage in back of dark green car, woman gives man package tied in string; shot of car w/ rag in window; pan across very large house; woman carries bundle of coats around front of car and gives them to man; (30:11) man carries potted plant outside and sets it down, holds branches up for camera; man brings other plant out, holds both of them up; (30:35) CU of yellow roses on black background, fuzzy; top view of flowers; (30:53) man w/ cigarette carrying trash can; (30:60) man clips screen door to clothesline; man washes and scrubs door w/ hose and brush (31:30) man opens manhole, removes bucket dumps bucket dumps in larger bucket (holes in film); (31:40) woman ties screen to rope, man in second story hauls it up and places it in window (32:20) four people leave house, three carrying steamer trunk, walk down stairs; trunk is placed in car; three women leave house, carrying luggage; five women on stairs, talking, wave goodbye; older man shakes hands w/ five women, older woman shakes hands w/ five women; (33:48) woman in purple dress in garden; (34:00) night time, man lighting BBQ grill; people drinking and smoking; man (flipping burgers on grill?) (very dark); man sits at table where two women already sit; man tends grill while another man watches; footage to dark to see; (35:00) older woman leaves house, shows letter to camera; shot of house; shot of other house; shot of sign 'Gunholm Tourist Court'; (35:43) women come out of house w/ suitcases, man takes cases; women next to car; women walking down path by house, rowboat against wall; sign '-Private- Isle of Springs Assn' ; two women and man on stern of boat, man waving hands.
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