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1) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 1-31
Home movies shot by Abraham Katz including footage of the Centennial parade in Cambridge, MA, a vacation to Mexico, skiing in St. Johnsbury, VT, and Concord, NH.    more
2) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 32-36
Black and white and color amateur footage of the EMF store and a parade in Cambridge, MA, two boys playing baseball, experiments with trick photography and intertitled footage of "The D...   more
3) Sale at store, children playing in backyard, 1934-1938--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 37
Dark footage, indoors, department store? Clothing, dolls and other things for sale. “Agfa” title. Store front “Gorin’s 5 to $5.” People milling around outside the store, doors open a...   more
4) Children, beach, hunting, picnic, wedding, 1935-1940--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 38
Portrait shots of men sitting outside. Two men playing catch in the yard. Adults and children outside. Children on the swings and slide. Men playing baseball. Little boy with a tri...   more
5) Children, 1935-1943--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 39
“Ansco” title. Boy in a wagon with “Paul” on the side. CU, grimaces at camera. Another older boy [John Katz?] with mouth open and something in his hands. Paul crying. A baby [Ed Ka...   more
6) Children and animals, 1935-1944--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 40
B&W. Boy in a bed. Little girl in a jump suit climbing down granite exterior stairs, stands by automobiles running board. “Agfa 1936.” Two boys by a fence, light flare. Children lo...   more
7) Trip to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, 1937--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 41-43
Black and white and color amateur movies of Katz vacation to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico ;Reel 42, rapid pan of boat, swish pans of roof and scenery. Pan up and down of two...   more
8) 1937-1938--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 44
Color, faded. Waves on shore. Tourists in swimsuits. Mrs Katz dances on pier. Pan of shoreline. Walking along the beach. Walking in town. Klein's store sign. b&w on ship. Porto...   more
9) 1938-1941--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 45
Reel 45: Interior with film light (strong shadow) of boy at table with paper bag. Deterioration at head of reel, briefly. Man enters frame, reveals a small horse sculpture (from food)....   more
10) Vermont, 1938--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 46
1938 Vermont;Reel 46: Vermont farm (per donor note). Two boys with cow. Light leak. Someone is milking cow. Views of cow tied up and boys observing. Birds on wire. CU bow udder bein...   more
11) San Francisco and Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 47
Can: Vermont Leader: John Shower;Reel 47 Color: band playing, includes guitar, xylophone. Too dark to see any action. Then resolves to face in silhouette with glasses on and train trac...   more
12) 1939--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 48
Reel 48 Agfa title "Katz Electric" and "Integrity, Katz Electric" animated titles. Flashing. B&w very hazy nad overexposed views of city, bridge too-rapid panning.. Underexposed v...   more
13) New York World's Fair, 1939--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 49
1939 black-and-white home movies taken during two visits to the New York World's Fair, including many shots of the fairgrounds from the roof of the Westinghouse Building. ;The reel ope...   more
14) Boxing, children, 1939-1941--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 50
Reel 50: Color. Boy in double breasted coat and cap in driveway. He pedals tricycle. Boy in yard with ball. Lion and cub in cage at zoo. Family walks by cage. Boy climbs in hole. Dark...   more
15) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 51
Reel 51: b&w Agfa title On shipboard, "horse racing" game on deck, probably a dice game. People in deck chairs, view of ocean through railing. Smiling travelers in deck chair, man wi...   more
17) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 53
Reel 53: "Entrance to Lodge 1938 Located in Ellisville, Mass." No Trespassing sign. Mailbox on post Murray Sandler name on mail box. View of house. View of dune. Man with rifle on la...   more
18) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 54
Reel 54: b&w, boy at beach drinks from water fountain. Walks to camera with sea behind him. In water, waving hands. With man in water. Small waves. Child in sand. Thermos and clothes...   more
19) Abraham Katz--home movies. Boston fish business. Reel 55
Outstanding Boston Working Waterfront Reel, about 4 minutes. Reel 55: Color, boat and water at Boston Harbor. Working waterfront, bucket unloads fish. Ice in hold. Nice footage of...   more
20) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 56-69
Black and white and color amateur footage of the Katz family around Cambridge, MA, construction of the EMF store, family vacations around New England including Benson's Wild Animal Farm...   more
21) Belmont, 1937-1942--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 70
Reel 70: b&w children in driveway and yard. Toddler has "Sailor Boy" picture book. Laundry hung out in yard. Man with toddler on his back. White goat with two children. Driveway pla...   more
22) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 71-74
Reel 71: Agfa. b&w pan of small boats at anchor or moored. Steamship Pemberton. Plymouth Rock. Woman stands with camera and tripod. Car, view out windscreen at hood ornament. Passing b...   more
23) Children, 1937-1944--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 75
Gloucester sailing;Reel 75: b&w baby in chair, then lying down. Color, very blue, baby. Improved color but flares around white clothes, child outside with camera. b&w, boys by garage...   more
24) Seacliff Lodge, 1940--Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 76
Reel 76: color (faded). Woman with flag, cow inside fenced area. Man with small cow, he sits down with it. Woman with small cow and setter. Couple with puppies. Woman chases goat. Hen...   more
26) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 79
Reel 79: color. Children in yard. In driveway, in playpen. Dog in yard. Children and mother come out of house door. By garage. Child in stroller. b&w, child on floor. Boy on tricycl...   more
27) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 80
Reel 80: b&w, boy in driveway with toy, seated in toy wagon. Ruddy Army Combat Car truck toy. Overexposed, boy with toy. He pulls toy wagon across lawn. Loads army truck in next to him...   more
28) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reel 81
Reel 81: b&w parade (Mass Ave., Cambridge) from second floor. Boy with ice cream cone. MOtor scooter. Man with puppy. Children on firetruck. In back yard. At playground, slide, swing...   more
30) Abraham Katz--home movies. Reels 83-151
Black and white and color amateur footage of the Katz family in Cambridge, MA, on vacation around the United States, Caribbean, and France, weddings, parades, and family scenes.    more
31) Abraham Katz--amateur films. Reels 152-153
Two prints of amateur films shot by Abraham Katz. Reel 152 is titled "Snappy Steppers," and reel 153 is a filmed meeting/party of the Boston Cinamateur Club.   more
32) Abraham Katz--commercial films. Reels 154-166
Commercial 16mm prints of films including a Mickey and Minnie cartoon, "World Parade," "The Chameleon," "Monarch of the Ring," "Shicklegruber [sic] doing the Lambeth Walk," and a Notre...   more
EMF Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
EMF Collection, 2419
Abraham Katz
Ed Katz
Credit: EMF Collection, Northeast Historic Film.
Primary Format and Extent
166 film reels
Collection Date Range
1931 – 1965
The EMF Collection contains approximately 120 reels of 16 mm. film primarily shot by Abraham Katz, founder of EMF Electric Supply Co., which was located on Massachusetts Avenue. in Cambridge, Mass. In addition to the 16 mm. film shot by Abraham Katz, Reels 1-32 are 8mm film, and Reels 153-166 are commercial (purchased) films. The Katz family is seen at their home in Belmont, Mass., and on excursions and visits. There is coverage in color of the Boston Fish Pier in the early 1940s, and b&w film of Colchester, CT, where Abraham Katz grew up. Colchester had a Jewish agricultural settlement with a synagogue founded in 1898. The EMF Electric Supply Company building on Mass. Ave. is shown under construction, with employees on the street and in company vehicles and on excursions and enjoying celebrations. Cambridge and Boston parades are included. The family visit to the New York World's Fair in 1939 is covered. The Katz family's road trips and cruises show trips to Ellisville, Mass., to Vermont, and to lakes and beaches. The collection also includes a reel, "Shicklgruber Does the Lambeth Walk," a reuse of German footage produced in the UK and distributed to newsreel companies on 16mm film.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Abraham Katz (1904-1997) was born in Russia and grew up in Colchester, CT. He founded EMF, an electrical supply company, in Cambridge, Mass. According to his obituary (Boston Herald, 1997), he moved to Boston in 1920 and founded EMF in 1928. His brother, Benjamin, who is depicted in the film, was a US Navy officer.
Children, Hunting
Parades, Animals, Travel
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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