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1) [UMaine vs. Boston Hockey]
News story dated 12-05-68.   more
2) [Miss Maine Helps Project Thank You]
Interview with Miss Maine, who is helping the Portland Jaycees and WGAN Radio with 'Project Thank You.' On January 11 she will be on the air to help get care packages sent to troops in...   more
3) [Meeting]
Meeting   more
4) [Ice Skating in City of Portland]
News story dated 12-27-68. Interview with parks department official about six skating areas; lots of people on skates, two children on sled being pushed. At Deering Oaks Park.   more
5) Kyros at Bath Iron Works
No description available   more
6) [Concert]
News story dated 11-13-68.   more
7) Mrs. Bennett
No description available   more
8) [Swift Building]
Swift Building.   more
9) Danny Kaye Talks about UNICEF
News story dated 10-28-68. National public service announcement for Halloween.   more
10) [Convention at Newcastle]
At the Newcastle Inn.   more
11) [Curtis on LD 227]
Governor Ken Curtis at press conference. Discusses signing LD 227, emergency act to allow for overtime payments to hospital employees. Also talks about reappointing Commissioner Ronald...   more
13) [Battleship Maine Ceremony]
News story dated 02/15/61.   more
14) Brewer vs. So. Portland
No description available   more
16) Corcoran, John: Portland Education
News story dated 03-16-59. Original label says STOCK: John Corcoran   more
17) Gordon, John W. [stock]
No description available   more
18) [Washington Avenue in Portland is Flooded]
News story dated 12-23-68.   more
19) Pruf, Had It Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
20) [untitled]
No description available   more
21) Seven-Up, Turn Around Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
22) Basketball
No description available   more
23) [untitled]
No description available   more
24) [Toy Gun Disarmament]
News story dated 11-09-68. Reporters talks with representative from ad hoc committee for toy gun disarmament.   more
25) Leavitt, F. Herbert
News story dated 06-10-60.   more
26) [untitled]
No description available   more
28) [Pledge Drive]
Interview with unidentified man about deadline upcoming for pledge drive project.   more
29) [untitled]
No description available   more
30) [Commentary on Babe Ruth]
Elderly man speaks about the Boston Red Sox acquiring Babe Ruth. Refers to Ruth as a ìdamn goodî pitcher.   more
31) Hills Bros. Coffee, The Bean Buyer Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
32) [Airline Safety]
Interview with man about airlines and air travel safety issues.   more
33) [Baseball Player]
Interview with baseball player.   more
34) Miller on Tax Relief
News story dated 06-11-59.   more
35) [Department of Urban Development, Lewiston]
News story dated 12-27-68. Continuation of 2013-13.   more
36) [untitled]
No description available   more
37) Rock Concert
No description available   more
38) [Volunteer Army]
Interview with man about the United States Army. Says it would likely be cost-prohibitive to switch to a volunteer army, largely due to the need to focus on recruitment. Favors the sele...   more
39) George Curtis with Damborg
No description available   more
40) [Island]
Aerial views of island and causeway.   more
42) Avon Cosmetics Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
43) [Men Constructing Steel Building]
News story dated 11-01-68.   more
44) [Basketball]
Basketball game.   more
45) [untitled]
No description available   more
46) Wilkins, Austin: Fire Prevention
News story dated 03-13-59. Original label says STOCK: C.B.S. Forest fire prevention?   more
47) [untitled]
No description available   more
48) [untitled]
No description available   more
49) Plymouth Duster 1973 Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
51) Downy, Ganging Up Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
52) Pat Feeney, Riverside Golfer, City Champ in 1957
No description available   more
53) [Apartment Building Fire]
Exterior shot of apartment building fire. Firefighter spraying water on fire from ladder.   more
54) Wadsworth Statement
News story dated 01-04-60.   more
55) [Northern Burner Supply Building Fire]
Fire truck outside Northern Burner Supply building. Firefighter enters smoking building. Burned papers thrown out of building.   more
56) [High School Wrestling Match]
News story dated 12-17-68.   more
57) Sanford High [School] Gets Engine
News story dated 12-08-60. Industrial Arts class.   more
58) Anderson, Toby: For Truck Owners
News story dated 07-27-60.   more
59) C.M.P. Gets Chopper
News story dated 11-21-60. Central Maine Power helicopter; two men taking a test flight.   more
60) Marshal Cavendish Man & Woman, Attraction Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
61) Cold Water All, Shopping Cart Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
62) [Kyros on Congressional Pay Increase]
Peter Kyros speaks about congressional pay increase that was voted against by Senators Edmund Muskie and Margaret Chase Smith.   more
63) [untitled]
No description available   more
64) [untitled]
No description available   more
65) [New England Telephone Company Strike]
News story dated 08-31-68. Mr. Norton and unidentified man discuss settlement of strike.   more
66) [Naval Officers Arrive at Installation]
News story dated 08-09-68.   more
67) Garrett Visits Portland
News story dated 05-21-60.   more
68) [Ken Curtis on Sunday Sales of Alcohol]
News story dated 12-00-68.   more
69) [Portland-South Portland Bridge Under Repair]
News story dated 06-07-68. View from underneath bridge.   more
70) [untitled]
No description available   more
71) [untitled]
No description available   more
72) [Maine Laws and Marijuana]
News story dated 10-22-68. State official talks about state laws and marijuana.   more
73) [Youth Training Program]
News story dated 10-29-68. Man talks about inefficiency of youth training program.   more
75) [Middle East Terrorism]
Interview with man about Israel, terrorism, and Israel's isolation in the Middle East. Discusses the December 1968 attack on an El Al aircraft at Athens International Airport in Greece.   more
77) Flaherty, Owen: Pub. Chairman, Coliseum Committee
News story dated 12-10-59.   more
78) George Nasson Day Scholars
News story dated 12-09-60. Industrial Arts class.   more
79) [Boats Search River]
News story dated 09-24-68.   more
80) [untitled]
No description available   more
81) [Comment on Nixon's Refusal to Debate Humphrey]
News story dated 10-16-68. Man comments on Richard Nixon's refusal to debate Hubert Humphrey in presidential race.   more
82) [untitled]
No description available   more
83) [Bowdoin Basketball]
Bowdoin vs. [Springfield] basketball game.   more
84) Allen, Lloyd K.
News story dated 06-14-60.   more
85) Ocean Spray, Breakfast Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
86) Gignoux
News story dated 12-24-59.   more
87) [Public Hearing]
News story dated 10-29-68.   more
89) [Interview at Airport]
News story dated 06-07-68. Refers to someone important who has died; not named.   more
90) [Portland Airport Finances]
News story dated 10-02-68. Man talks about present and future financial status of Portland Airport.   more
91) Skippy Peanut Butter, Outdoor Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
93) Dennis, Louis: State Chairman for Veterans Day
News story dated 11-00-58. Original label says STOCK: Dennis, Louis   more
94) [Lack of Support For Senator McCarthy in Maine]
News story dated 05-19-68.   more
95) Colonel Stephenson
News story dated 12-21-59.   more
96) Joanna Western, Window Shopping Box 1
Advertisement (commercial).   more
97) [State Crime Lab Needed]
Interviews with police officials regarding recent murder and robbery in South Portland. Johnson reports on testimony from the State House regarding need for a crime laboratory in the st...   more
98) IGA, Milliken, Tom L
Advertisement (commercial).   more
99) [Portland Snow Removal]
Man speaks about snow removal in Portland and need for people to find parking off the city streets to aid in the process.   more
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White, John J. Sr./WGAN Collection
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Credit: White, John J. Sr./WGAN Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Margaret Chase Smith, 1964.
Primary Format and Extent
film (250,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1936 – 1973
Collection contains news: over 200,000 feet of television newsfilm, primarily local news from the greater Portland, Maine, area dating from the 1950s and 1968-1973. Collection also contains advertising (both local and national commercials), sports coverage, public affairs programs, and features such as the syndicated "Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks," a series on women's health and beauty. Collection also contains documentaries and political footage, including a film about the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project in eastern Maine and incomplete footage from the 1964 press conference in which Senator Margaret Chase Smith announced her presidential candidacy. See also Andy Graham/WGAN Collection for television commercials.
Biographical/Historical Notes
John J. White, Sr. was employed at station WGAN-TV in Portland and saved the film. WGAN-TV, a CBS affiliate, is now station WGME-TV.
People and Organizations
Margaret Chase Smith
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