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1) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reel 2
Contents of NHF Reel 2: 29. Makeup do's and dont's for the round face 30. Choosing eyeglass frames 34. Know your figure type and measurements 37. The right base for your skin type 38. F...   more
2) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reel 5
Contents of NHF Reel 5: 92. Makeup hair fashion for the oblong face 93. Tips for deep set eyes and dark circles 94. Aging gracefully (mature allure) 95. Importance of cleanliness 96. Ch...   more
3) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reel 3
Contents of NHF Reel 3: 62. How to prevent and get rid of wrinkles 63. How to pick the right shoe for your foot 64. The right hairstyle for your head and profile 65. How to stick back p...   more
4) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reels 6 and 6A
Contents of NHF Reel 6: 112. Tricks for lovelier lips 113. Setting your hair with rollers 117. How to make your legs look shapelier instantly 120. How to make your hands look lovely 121...   more
5) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reel 4
Contents of NHF Reel 4: 77. Handling problem hair 78. How to keep eyes bright and beautiful 79. Temporary face lifts 80. Belt do's and dont's 81. How to make hair shine easy to handle 8...   more
6) [Concert]
News story dated 11-13-68.   more
7) Mrs. Bennett
No description available   more
8) [Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks] Reel 1
Contents of NHF Reel 1: 2. How to curl your hair 6. Finding proportions of your face 7. Household chore exercises 9. How to select a proper hat 11. How to attain correct posture 15. Sho...   more
9) [Convention at Newcastle]
At the Newcastle Inn.   more
10) Pat Feeney, Riverside Golfer, City Champ in 1957
No description available   more
11) Highway Safety, Portland Meeting
No description available   more
12) Moose on the Loose: Captured in South Portland
Original label says STOCK: ANIMALS.   more
13) Overturned Car on Route 88 in Yarmouth
News story dated 10-25-58. Original label says STOCK: ACCIDENTS.   more
14) Dennis, Louis: State Chairman for Veterans Day
News story dated 11-00-58. Original label says STOCK: Dennis, Louis   more
15) Smith, Halsey: President Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce
News story dated 12-03-58. Original label says STOCK: Smith, Halsey   more
16) Flaherty, Owen: Pub. Chairman, Coliseum Committee
News story dated 12-10-59.   more
17) Haskell, Robert: After 5 1/2 Days as Governor
News story dated 01-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Hasekll, Robert   more
19) Farley, Miss Patricia: Manager of Portland Convention Bureau
News story dated 01-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Farley, Miss Patricia   more
20) Gordon, John W. Chairman of [Portland] Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Committee
News story dated 01-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Gordon, John W.   more
21) Hutchinson, Scott: Manager, N.E.T&T. and Head of YWCA Fund Drive
News story dated 01-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Hutchinson, Scott   more
22) Jones, Rep. Henry of South Portland
News story dated 02-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Jones, Rep. Henry   more
23) Spring Lambs at Friendship
News story dated 02-00-59. Original label says STOCK: Animals   more
24) Legislature: James Hartley
News story dated 03-11-59.   more
25) Corcoran, John: Portland Education
News story dated 03-16-59. Original label says STOCK: John Corcoran   more
26) Deer Study at Orono
News story dated 03-25-59. Original label says STOCK: Deer Study at Orono   more
27) CBS: Frogmen Set Record
News story dated 03-07-59. Original label says STOCK: CBS. Footage shows underwater in swimming pool. Playing checkers, eating, etc.   more
28) Dr. Douglas Brown
News story dated 03-10-59.   more
29) Wilkins, Austin: Fire Prevention
News story dated 03-13-59. Original label says STOCK: C.B.S. Forest fire prevention?   more
30) Legislature: Bing Miller
News story dated 05-06-59.   more
31) Public Pier
News story dated 05-12-59.   more
32) Nagle Blasts Post Office Transport Cond.
News story dated 05-22-59.   more
33) Marky the Baby Seal
News story dated 05-25-59.   more
34) Miller on Tax Relief
News story dated 06-11-59.   more
35) E. Spencer Miller
News story dated 06-15-59.   more
36) Expo Repairs Progress
News story dated 08-04-59.   more
37) Friendship Sloop Launched
News story dated 08-10-59.   more
38) Irvine, Dean: Co-Eds at UMP Statement
News story dated 09-25-59.   more
39) Smith, Pete: Chamber of Commerce, New Mall
News story dated 10-06-59.   more
40) Jones, Rufus: Artful Dodger
News story dated 10-09-59.   more
41) Chamber of Commerce: New Committee
News story dated 10-16-59.   more
42) Simmons, Missing Girl
News story dated 10-21-59.   more
43) Liquor Store Robbery
News story dated 10-23-59.   more
44) Regins, Steve: State Police
News story dated 10-29-59.   more
45) Aviation: Military F-100A
News story dated 10-29-59. In flight.   more
46) South Portland Shipyard
News story dated 11-02-59.   more
47) Michaels, Sam
News story dated 11-03-59.   more
48) Atomic Cocktails in Portland
News story dated 11-13-59.;Medical personnel use devices including Picker box. Cross on wall in examining room, could be Mercy Hospital?    more
49) Brown on Expo
News story dated 11-30-59.   more
50) Oliver with Congressional Issue Group
News story dated 12-03-59.   more
51) Clayt Starbird Retires: Portland Police Officer
News story dated 12-11-59.   more
52) Colonel Stephenson
News story dated 12-21-59.   more
53) Gignoux
News story dated 12-24-59.   more
54) City Council, Portland
News story.   more
55) Wadsworth Statement
News story dated 01-04-60.   more
56) Dr. Winthrop C. Libby
News story dated 01-11-60.   more
57) Anna Owens
News story dated 02-12-60.   more
58) Metro Mail Report
News story dated 02-12-60.   more
59) Nick Pitarys Rescue
News story dated 02-16-60.   more
60) 'State of Maine' Returns
News story dated 02-16-60. 'State of Maine' ship.   more
61) Garrett Visits Portland
News story dated 05-21-60.   more
62) Dr. John Milazzo
News story dated 05-16-60.   more
63) Bates Campus
News story dated 05-17-60. Original label says STOCK: Bates Campus   more
65) Brown, Linwood: Child Welfare
News story dated 05-25-60.   more
66) McMabol, Re-elected
News story dated 05-26-60.   more
67) Leavitt, F. Herbert
News story dated 06-10-60.   more
68) Allen, Lloyd K.
News story dated 06-14-60.   more
69) Greenberg, Maurice
News story dated 06-24-60.   more
70) KC27 Air Crash
News story dated 06-28-60. Aerial view.   more
71) Cousins Island Dock Squabble
News story dated 06-29-60.   more
72) Muskie, [Edmund S.]: Democratic Convention
News story dated 07-13-60.   more
73) Anderson, Toby: For Truck Owners
News story dated 07-27-60.   more
74) Maine Delegation at Convention
News story dated 07-28-60.   more
75) Merrill, Herbert Honored
News story dated 08-03-60.   more
76) Nautilus [Submarine] Ready Again
News story dated 08-11-60. Submarine at sea.   more
77) Studio 13: Canadian Business
News story dated 08-19-60. [Kindergarten?]   more
78) Bernstein Sworn In
News story dated 09-01-60.   more
79) Schools Open Tomorrow
News story dated 09-06-60.   more
80) Sub 'Jack' Keel Laying
News story dated 09-19-60. Submarine.   more
81) Dr. Blewitt Convocation Talk
News story dated 09-28-60.   more
82) Sgt. Rouhey Retires
News story dated 09-30-60.   more
83) Welsh, William Harper
News story dated 10-04-60.   more
84) Bruns on Fire Prevention
News story dated 10-10-60.   more
85) Cope: New Lights for Portland
News story dated 10-10-60.   more
86) Mayer Lemieux
News story dated 10-11-60.   more
87) Cormier at Westbrook Junior College
News story dated 10-12-60.   more
88) Brunswick Highway Construction
News story dated 11-21-60. Road construction on Route 1 beside Fort Andross.   more
89) C.M.P. Gets Chopper
News story dated 11-21-60. Central Maine Power helicopter; two men taking a test flight.   more
90) Waynefleet [School] Kids Sing
News story dated 11-23-60.   more
91) Sheldon Warning
News story dated 11-25-60. About consumer fraud at Christmas season.   more
92) Hunting Season Ending
News story dated 11-29-60. Six or eight hunters walking through woods.   more
93) Sanford High [School] Gets Engine
News story dated 12-08-60. Industrial Arts class.   more
94) George Nasson Day Scholars
News story dated 12-09-60. Industrial Arts class.   more
95) Bucknam with New Plan for Rearing Pheasants
News story dated 01-06-61. Men and dogs hunting.   more
96) Lee Weeks to get Shelter
News story dated 01-13-61.   more
97) John A. Smell
News story dated 01-17-61.   more
98) Portland Smog
News story dated 01-17-61.   more
99) GATCH Presents Film
News story dated 02-01-61.   more
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White, John J. Sr./WGAN Collection
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Credit: White, John J. Sr./WGAN Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Margaret Chase Smith, 1964.
Primary Format and Extent
film (250,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1936 – 1973
Collection contains news: over 200,000 feet of television newsfilm, primarily local news from the greater Portland, Maine, area dating from the 1950s and 1968-1973. Collection also contains advertising (both local and national commercials), sports coverage, public affairs programs, and features such as the syndicated "Ern Westmore's Tips and Tricks," a series on women's health and beauty. Collection also contains documentaries and political footage, including a film about the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project in eastern Maine and incomplete footage from the 1964 press conference in which Senator Margaret Chase Smith announced her presidential candidacy. See also Andy Graham/WGAN Collection for television commercials.
Biographical/Historical Notes
John J. White, Sr. was employed at station WGAN-TV in Portland and saved the film. WGAN-TV, a CBS affiliate, is now station WGME-TV.
People and Organizations
Margaret Chase Smith
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