2 Items in This Collection
1) Work and Play at the Poultry Farm of Charles H. Buck in Naples, Maine 1935
Chickens and Eggs, House, Grounds and Gardens, Playing with young goat, Sunday school, kids excursion, swimming stunts at Old pond.;Sign hanging from a tree: ‘Rocky Hill Farm’. Mailbox:...   more
2) Recreational New England Sailboating in the 1930s
This film footage includes informal scenes from five undated cruises: 1) 'Sailing the Seas' on the Skidbladnir (ketch). 2) Boston to New Bedford on Truelove II (Schooner) (old Cape Cod...   more
Barstow, Robbins Collection
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The collection consists of 2 reels of silent, 16 mm film, totaling approximately 825 feet.
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