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1) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Family at Sunshine and Murray's
Family recreation at lake and in field.   more
2) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Boy Scouts
Scenes of scouts at lake, fire drill, awards, etc.   more
3) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Martha
Scenes of small children and Setter dog.   more
4) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Family recreation
Family at lake and in field. Wrestling match. Kids and playhouse.   more
5) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Boston? and Bermuda
Bridge in urban area, skyscrapers, coast, fort ruins, tropical trees and beach. Group on boat.   more
6) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Bermuda
Village scene, ship, water, horse and buggy.   more
7) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Children's recreation
Swimming, children playing and woods.   more
8) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Camp 32 and Our Friend's Families
Mountains, white frame house, lake, snow scenes.   more
9) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Siebert Family, Martha
People posing, infant, house.   more
10) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Martha's Vineyard
Man, sailboat, swimming, child on beach, housing.   more
11) [Otto Siebert--home movies] Bill at Camp
Children, swimming, etc.   more
12) [Otto Siebert--home movies] O.W. Siebert Co.
Buildings, truck with 'O.W. Siebert Co. Gardiner, Mass.' sign. Children.   more
Siebert, Otto Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (4,200 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1931 – 1933
Collection contains [Otto Siebert--home movies], scenes of family winter and summer activities, boy scouts, children and pets. Also shown are scenes of family trips to Bermuda and Martha's Vineyard.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Siebert family owned a lakeside camp in Maine and a family business, O.W. Siebert Company, located in Gardiner, Maine.
People and Organizations
Siebert Family
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