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1) House on 92nd Street
'Trend setting documentary-style spy film of WWII activity in New York City. Realism the true star' (1981-1982 TV Movies guide.)   more
2) March of Time: Make Way for the Queen
Van Voorhis and associates narrate the coronation of the Queen of England. Downtown London scenes, footage of previous coronations, parliament discussing the route of coronation process...   more
3) March of Time: America's New Number One Sport
Horseracing. Crowds going to Belmont Park by train, bus and walking. Crowds going into racing track, Van Voorhis buying tickets, then various scenes of the horses in action. Next are mo...   more
4) March of Time: The Tourist's Europe
No description available   more
5) March of Time: Vienna Today
No description available   more
6) March of Time: The Mighty Fortress
No description available   more
7) [The Alcoa Hour, Lindbergh]
No description available   more
8) March of Time: Inside the Maginot Line
No description available   more
9) March of Time: Show Business at War
No description available   more
10) March of Time: Crusade on the Pacific, Part 2
No description available   more
11) Ballet de France
No description available   more
12) Ballet de France, A Country Girl in Paris
No description available   more
13) Ballet de France, The Masquerade
No description available   more
14) Ballet de France, Fatima
No description available   more
15) March of Time: Summer Theatres
Dated October 18, 1935. Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn in 'Rain.'   more
Chaffee, Robert Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (14,800 ft.) : sd., b&w ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1935 – 1956
Collection contains newsreels from the "March of Time" series such as "Summer Theaters," filmed in Skowhegan in 1935; "Make Way for the Queen," concerning the Queen's 1953 coronation; and "America's New Number One Sport" about the race track at Belmont Park. Other newsreel titles are: "Ballet de France;" "Ballet de France, A Country Girl in Paris;" "Ballet de France, Fatima;" "Ballet de France, the Masquerade;" "Crusade on the Pacific, Part 2;" "Inside the Maginot Line;" "The Mighty Fortress;" "Show Business at War; The Tourist's Europe;" and "Vienna Today." Collection also contains fictional works such as "The House on 92nd Street" (1946), a documentary-style fiction spy film about World War II activity in New York City; and [The Alcoa Hour, Lindbergh] (1956).
Biographical/Historical Notes
The "March of Time" series was produced by Time, Inc. Westbrook Van Voorhis, narrator for the series, previously worked in Maine's Lakewood Theater under the stage name Hugh Conrad.
Fiction, Newsreels
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