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1) Universal Newspaper Newsreel, Issue l 00 Vol. 5 #196
Videotape copy of Universal Newsreel Vol.5 #196. Original footage is 250 ft. of 35 mm. For preservation reasons, the segment was sent to the National Archives (U.S.) in early 1990s. NHF...   more
2) The Mystery Box
Western. Excerpts from chapter one (probably) and chapter five of 'The Mystery Box,' date code 1925. Opening title missing, starts with intertitle with actors 'Don Collins--Renegade lea...   more
3) [various segments]
Various footage. Technical Service notes follow: 1. 1933 Snipe 2. NRA Announcement 3. Gem Theatre Announcements 4. Contest, Lionel Trains 5. Willamantic Snip 1932 6. Trailers: Mary Pick...   more
4) [various segments]
Various footage. Technical Service notes follow: 1. Trailer for 'Desirable' 2. 1946 Boxing New Stock--badly deteriorated 3. Coming Next Week trailer for Wallace Beery in 'Viva Villa' 4....   more
5) [two Pathe newsReel 00clips]
Two Pathe newsreel clips ca.1927. Technical Service notes follow: 1. Pathe Cinema France--Ducks, A Kite 2. 1927 View of Theatre District and Irving Berlin Music Publishers Building   more
6) [segments of various features]
Segments of features, 1920-1926. 'Revolutionary film footage, gangster movie, ad for hand care with Lillian Gish.' Technical Service notes follow: 1. 1925 Segment of feature film 2. 192...   more
7) [segments of features]
Technical service notes follow: 1. Film segment of feature film 2. Winter scene from feature film   more
8) [various segments]
Various footage. Technical Service notes follow: 1. Dupont-Pathe 'Special Attraction' 2. 1939 Trailer D.W. Griffith's 'Abraham Lincoln' 3. Trailer 'Grand Hotel' 1932 4. Trailer for the...   more
9) Trails of the Gods, The
Film documentary on Swiss Alps by Canadians Cranford and Clark dated ca.1925. Original footage is 400 ft. of 35 mm. print. For preservation reasons, NHF sent the 35 mm. print the Nation...   more
Horn, Abraham and Teresa Collection
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