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1) [various commercial prints] NHF Reel 3
NHF Reel 3: Construction of a Volkswagen Beetle from beginning to end. The Right Hand of Plenty. A World of Tea (the history of tea).   more
2) [various commercial prints] NHF Reel 2
NHF Reel 2: Hollywood Souvenirs. Daredevils Dare Devil. Collector's Corner (Movie treasures of yesteryear. Then and Now. Spectacular disasters. Intolerance (silent excerpt from Babyloni...   more
3) [various commercial prints] NHF Reel 1
NHF Reel 1: Trailers: Godzilla vs. The Thing. The Great Race. The Ink Well Imps. Felix the Cat in Bold King Cole and Flim Flam Films (animation with sound). Charlie Chaplin in The Tramp...   more
4) [various commercial prints] NHF Reel 4
NHF Reel 4: Reel 4 Fatty Arbuckle in Cast Adrift and How (silent). 1946 News Parade (Castle films). Trachoma and Malaria (two educational shorts).   more
Barbieri, Lewis Collection
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