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1) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel D
Creator's notes: 'Lois, Henry, Dick at West Hartford, August and September 1937; Ed at Akro Agate Company; Thanksgiving, 1937; Christmas & Dick's third birthday, see parts of No. 9'. Do...   more
2) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 5
Creator's notes: 'Cherry trees, Washington, March 30, 1935; Salt Lake to Los Angeles: Wasa[t]ch Mountains; Great Salt Lake; Bingham Canyon open copper mine; Sevier Desert; Sevier Lake (...   more
3) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 1
Creator's notes: 'Ed at college, track meets, etc.'. Donor's notes: 'The college scenes are at Worcester Tech in Worcester, Mass.'   more
4) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel A
Creator's notes: 'Hatch-Pratt wedding, Dec. 2, 1933, West Hartford, Conn.; Ed Hatch & Ruth (Billie) Pratt, Peg, Dot, Aunt Bertha, Uncle George Moore, H.B. Pratt, Ed at home (174 Walden...   more
5) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel C
Creator's notes: 'Lois, Henry, Dick with Hatches at West Hartford house; playground and Hartford rose gardens, Sept. 1936; At work--Hartford Empire Glass; Dick in Concord, N.H., Nov. 19...   more
6) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 4
VINEGAR // Creator's notes: 'Waquoit Church; Timothy Hatch homestead; East End Meeting House; Bowerman homestead; Plymouth Rock; Surf at Marblehead; Lynn beach; storm at Provincetown, S...   more
7) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 8
Creator's notes: 'Wichita to Albuquerque by plane; Grand Canyon - on the ground and from the air; San Diego to Mexico; Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Bob Kimball; Plane to Albuquerque, dust...   more
8) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 7
Creator's notes: 'Pictures at home; Salt Lake to San Francisco by plane; Southern California vs. Notre Dame college football game at Los Angeles; Signal Hill and Los Angeles; to Albuque...   more
9) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 2
Creator's notes: 'South American trip: Boston, Havana, Santa Marta, Great Smoky Mountains, May 1937'. Donor's notes: 'Havana via steamship'.   more
10) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 9
Reel 9 had been divided into two sections, described by donor as 'Hatch Portion' and 'Pratt Portion'. Added to end of reel is section called 'Railroad clips'. Creator's notes: 'Misc.; L...   more
11) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 3
Creator's notes: 'Texas suit, San Angelo, Judge Neill; West Virginia, Harper's Ferry, John Brown's Fort; Hartford Flood, 1936; Aunt Marion at Red Rock, Lynn; Ben Blanchard; Fire at Deaf...   more
12) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel B
Creator's notes: 'Dick in Concord, Fall 1935; Dick's first Christmas, 1935, age 364 days; Uncle Walter Hatch sees movies run by Ed Hatch at home (174 Walden St., West Hartford, Conn.);...   more
13) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel 6
Creator's notes: 'Buffalo, Columbus, Pittsburgh; The Mattes at Maplewood, N.J.; Twin Mountains, Mount Washington, N.H., 1934-1937; Strike pickets, N.Y.; Lois and Henry at Twin Mountains...   more
14) [Hatch, Roswell F.--home movies] Reel E
Creator's notes: 'April 5, 1942--Walden Street; May 30, 1941--Walden Street (?); Christmas 1940--Walden Street--Ed; 1944--Walden Street; 1942--Waterville, Maine [noted in margin: order...   more
Hatch, Marie B. and Pratt, Richard H. Collection
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