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1) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 1
April 1959. // Box notes: 'Char & her new horse, Cowboy Johnnie, Bob Simpson on his horse, Edna & Charlotte on bicycle.' // Footage includes: horseback riding; woman and girl riding bic...   more
2) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 2
1959. // Box notes in quotes: 'Track - Susie & Linda, kids skiing.' // Footage of track and field events/races: hurdles, long jump; baby in yard; little girl riding tricycle; two little...   more
3) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 3
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'Charlotte & Susie on Lady, Susie, Linda & Lisa, Susie playing hopscotch.' // Footage of woman and child horseback riding with western-style saddle; childr...   more
4) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 4
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'Mostly Charlotte & Blaze, water skiing, up to Conner [?] Lake.' // Footage of waterskiing and motorboating on lake; cabins; woman on horseback at sunset;...   more
5) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 5
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'John & Susie on tractor, Horses in water hole, Phyllis, kids & John up to Greenville, Johnnie, Uncle David, Nana & Grampa.' // Man and little girl driving...   more
6) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 6
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'White's Beach, scenery, ball field, house, kids in Mass.' // Lake scene with partially thawed ice; Autumn foliage; cabin shot; horses grazing in a field;...   more
7) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 7
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'Wilson Pond & camps, tree below our house, view from Rocky Hill [?].' // Town street shot; lake shot; old car and new car with convertible top going down...   more
8) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 8
1960. // Box notes in quotes: 'Mary Curtis, Indoor Christmas pictures.' // Christmas: tree, children, adults, Popeye doll; convertible with top down driving in the snow.   more
9) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 9
1960-1961. // Box notes in qutoes: 'Christmas 1960. John, Mary & Cathy at Christmas time, kids on the back of horse in Mass., David & Rex[?] on lawn.' 'David, John, Phyl & kids; Charlot...   more
10) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 10
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'Mary & John, Charlotte & Aunt Charlotte skiing, Uncle Stew's plane, brown jacket, Charlotte [?] blue scarf, Aunt Charlotte's red gloves, Mary.' // Skiing...   more
11) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 11
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'Summer 1961 Our trip home from Maine, summer 61, the first part is in Niagara Falls, the last is when we arrived in Calif. at Favors[?].' // Family at Nia...   more
12) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 12
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'July 2, 1961 John & Rod, parade--Rosemary, Mann Michaud--wedding, Char & girls going to Pris[?]'s wedding, Susie riding bike, Lisa, flowers.' // Fishing;...   more
13) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 13
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'July 23, 1961 at the cottage (White's), Mary Curtis.' // Picnic in the woods by a lake; shots of kids with women; kids in a wooden play pen; swimming in t...   more
14) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 14
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'August 1961 Center Pond, [?] David, Donnie.' // Exterior scene at a camp picnic; fishing from pier; water skiing.   more
15) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 15
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'August 1961 Cathy & Kelly on horse, Johnny riding horse, Aunt Charlotte [?] on horse, lobster feed on [?], lots of John's kids.' // Little girl being led...   more
16) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 16
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'Picnic at A. White's, Mary Curtis.' // Kids playing in lake with red watering can; woman in a swim cap diving into lake from pier and boat; shot of lake s...   more
17) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 17
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'John & Johnny, Wilson's Pond' 'Dove, recognize Helen at the table? (from Texas).' // Footage of shoreline from boat on a lake; shot of boat on lake with m...   more
18) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 18
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'Fall 1961 Bobby S. & Phil Humphry, horse show in Gray.' // Horses and ponies at horse show; horseback riding Western style and English; sunset sky.   more
19) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 19
1961. // Box notes in quotes: 'Christmas, Thanksgiving 1961 Thanksgiving at Shirley, Christmas at Phyl & Donnie's.' // Girl playing clarinet; dog (beagle?) and cat playing together; Chr...   more
20) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 20
1961. // Box notes in quotes: '1961-1962 Mostly snow scenes, sliding, Mr. Fodder's barn, Gramps feeding birds, not very exciting.' // Sledding with both kids and adults; exterior house...   more
21) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 21
1962. // Box notes in quotes: 'San Jose - John, Edna & kids.' // Christmas?--little boy in pajamas unwrapping toy gun; Volkswagen Beetle being driven; kids on tricycle and bicycle with...   more
22) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 22
1962. // Box notes in quotes: 'Linda on tricycle, Char playing guitar, Reunion at Center Pond.' // Woman and little girl with tricycle; woman playing guitar and singing; exterior of red...   more
23) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 23
1962. // Box notes in quotes: 'September 1962 Reunion at Steve & Del's [?], water skiing at Center Pond.' // Picnic; kids on swing; baby on tricycle; eating corn on the cob; water skiin...   more
24) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 24
1962. // Box notes in quotes: 'October 7, 1962 Borestone Mt., Morore's camp & plane, Bailey Island, hurricane.' // Shore shot from lake--houses, rocks, trees; water plane landing; ocean...   more
25) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 25
1963. // Box notes in quotes: 'George & Mary's anniversary, Susie & Linda, riding bikes in Medway.' Anniversary party--cake cutting; little girls playing dress-up and dancing; kids ridi...   more
26) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 26
1963. // Box notes in quotes: 'Greenville[?], black & white film of skiing, Kim & Susan Drew on motorcycle.' // Skiing with dog; man with car; Winter landscape shot; man and woman ridin...   more
27) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 27
1963. // Box notes in quotes: 'October 3, 1963 Charlotte & Donna over to Gray's building B[?], Kilbrides camp, fall, up country.' // Sunrise or sunset shot; horseback riding; reindeer (...   more
28) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 28
1964. // Box notes in quotes: 'San Jose, S[?], Bruno, Susie & Linda.' // Man reading newspaper; playing tennis; kids dancing; tractor plowing snow; Winter landscape; Bath (?) bridge; ca...   more
29) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 29
1964. // Box notes in quotes: 'J. E. Curtis, Jr.' // Roadtrip; 'Jesse's Cafe' sign; changing kids' clothes in the station wagon in the parking lot of 'Howdy House'; playing ball.   more
30) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 30
1964. // Box notes in quotes: 'Haying season, John & Charlotte riding horses, Phil, Donnie's new home.' // Tractor baling hay; loading hay bales on trailer; horseback riding; sunrise or...   more
31) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 31
1964. // Box notes in quotes: 'Bobby Simpson breaking colt to halter, Linda back of house in Mass., Rosemary before senior prom, scenes at Plymouth Rock in Mass., Ellis (from Hawaii) wi...   more
32) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 32
1964. // Box notes in quotes: 'Double exposed.' // Double-exposure footage of picnic and a wedding: bride getting ready; shot of an amaryllis; sledding; kids in a tire tube; horseback r...   more
33) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 33
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'David & Jonny, family reunion.' 'Moosehead, John, David & John, Jr.; last part--family reunion.' // Two men fishing from a boat on a lake; filling up gas...   more
34) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 34
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'Family reunion, 1965.' // Men tossing kid between them; woman refusing a can of beer; volleyball game; family group shot; woman and kids sitting on a car;...   more
35) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 35
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'Kelly & Leanne's birthday at Edna's folks cottage & trip at Bar Harbor.' // Birthday part at the lake--opening presents, clothes, rag doll, book, lighting...   more
36) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 36
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'Johnny, family in N.H., Western singing in N.H., Web Pierce, Mom & Dad, Hielder [?] & Woody, from Greenville in Phoenix.' // Man throwing little girl in t...   more
37) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 37
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'July 1965 Grandchildren playing on the lawn, swimming at White's Beach.' // Kids playing in yard with dog; woman with flower pot avoiding the camera; two...   more
38) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 38
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'Summer 1965 Phyllis, kids at Pleane [?] Island, kids at Kilbride's Cottage.' // Little girl coming down silo slide at an amusement park; man on sliding tr...   more
39) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 39
1965. // Box notes in quotes: 'Fall 1965 Bar Harbor trip.' // View of ocean and islands from the shore and Cadillac mountain; Acadia National Park shots; 'Cadillac Summit Loop Trail' si...   more
40) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 40
1966. // Box notes in quotes: 'Timmy on a date, Susan & Linda at White's, Marie & Ira riding Char's horse, Steve, airplane.' // Water plane with dead deer on it; formalwear shot; kids g...   more
41) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 41
1966. // Box notes in quotes: 'Grand Canyon, Mes [?] with boats, back in N.H., Johnnie's house in New Hampshire.' // Grand Canyon and visitor center; horses and burros coralled; boy in...   more
42) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 42
1967. // Box notes in quotes: 'Phoenix, David & Chris & kids, Rd. to Grand Canyon.' // Arizona landscape--rocky desert; suburban ranch style houses--family walking out the door; Rhinos;...   more
43) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 43
1967. // Box notes in quotes: 'Algonquin, Ill.' // Boy and girl coming out of house and walking to school; exterior shot of ranch style suburban home from backyard--swing set, detached...   more
44) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 44
1968. // Box notes in quotes: 'Susan & Linda on the Hondas, Char, Susan on Haybol [?], at swimming hole.' // Girls riding scooters around yard; boy on a tractor with hay bales on back t...   more
45) [Curtis Family--home movies] Reel 45
1969. // Box notes in quotes: 'Winter - Grampa plowing, someone's wedding, Tammy, Linda on Honda [?].' // Leaving church scene; Winter landscape scene, barn, house with dog; playing wit...   more
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