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1) Pack artillery--King Family--home movies. Reel 1
On can: "Jumping OSC #4 Pack Artillery M.H.C. Etc.";Men and mules carrying munitions: howitzers, field artillery. b&w man with mule, mule has two wheels on its back. Mule carries munit...   more
2) Equestrian Olympic Trials--King Family--home movies. Reel 2
On can: "Olympic Trials 3 Day and Prix.";Horse and rider jumping in bermed ring area. Horse repeatedly refuses a rail jump. Hand drawn title: “Andy Andrews, Silent Sam” Man on hor...   more
3) Horses at Fort Riley--King Family--home movies. Reel 3
On can: "Horses at Ft. Riley";Horse and rider in picket-fence enclosure, man in military uniform with crop jumping horse in field. Various views of jumping. Rider comes to stop and sa...   more
4) Fort Robinson--King Family--home movies. Reel 4
On can: "Ft. Robinson Scenes";Viewer note, Fort Robinson was breeding and training center for horses and mules for the military. Sign, "Fort Robinson" View of road from car: cen...   more
5) Bailey Island Tuna Club--King Family--home movies. Reel 5
Label on can: 'Ft. Robinson Jumping.' // Film has severe twist throughout, numerous bad splices need repair. [Note 22 Jan 2012, this can label is not correct];b&w, Bailey Island, Maine...   more
6) Fort Sill horses--King Family--home movies. Reel 6
On can: "Ft. Sill Scenes. 1940 Spring Hunter Trials. Color.";b&w, men lifting an artillery shell with a winch. Cannon points into sky. They fire the shell. Cannon framed very low, lot...   more
7) Wedding--King Family--home movies. Reel 7
On can: "Wedding (Quintard).";Flower girl with basket, Bride holds onto head piece. Color, bride and groom with bridal party outside brick church. Bride and groom on top open truck wit...   more
8) Patsy as baby--King family--home movies. Reel 8
On can: "1940 Patsy 6 Months to 1 Year.";Title: “7 months” b&w baby with people in doors, light and shadow. Mother holds baby, walks with grandparents out the door, down steps to ca...   more
9) Patsy 12 to 18 months--King Family--home movies. Reel 9
On can: "1940-41 Patsy 1 Year to 1 1/2.";Title: "Christmas 1940" color. Decorating tree with tinsel and ornament on top. Presents underneath Dog. Patsy crawls across room. Patsy ge...   more
10) Christmas, Birthdays--King Family--home movies. Reel 10
1941 edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Billy 1941 - Patsy's 2nd Birthday. Xmas 41.';b&w, woman and baby in bed. Baby is crying and very small. Baby in bath still crying. Baby looking...   more
11) Washington, DC, and Rehoboth-King Family--home movies. Reel 11
1941, 1944 edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Winter '41-'42 Wash D.C. Harry here from Dix (April). Billy's 1st Birthday - June, July A.N.C.C. Ft. Myer - Surles Party. Summer '45 Reh...   more
12) Bailey Island--King Family--home movies. Reel 12
On can: "Bailey's 1942. Patsy + Billy. Nana, Paw Paw. Lots of Surf + Pinnacle Rock.";Color, Patsy swimming in ocean. Stone bridge in background. Children jump and run on dunes. Parent...   more
13) Washington, DC--King Family--home movies. Reel 13
1943, 1944 edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Jim + Elinore May '44. Wading Pool. 712 Dale Drive. Walter Reed. Park [illegible]. VA Hunt Birthday '45. Bill's Party. HK Home From V.F....   more
14) Western travel--King Family--home movies. Reel 14
On can: "Mt Rushmore. Trout at hatchery. Mt Rushmore Riley Shots." ;b&w, Car arrives at curb. Dog behind driver. Woman gets out, she is wearing plaid coat. Dog comes to a hole in the...   more
15) Summer, duckling--King Family--home movies. Reel 15
On can: "ANCC Jim - Elinor - 45?";Color, two men, shirtless, one drinks beer, pan to woman smoking and drinking from a cup, another woman in swimsuit and sunglasses. Men walk with beer...   more
16) Winter and rollerskates--King Family--home movies. Reel 16
Date range from edge codes on film. // Label on can: '1946. Winter at 4433. Scenes in Little Park by HK. Easter - Kids on Skates. Pony Ride. May Day at School.';b&w child in snowsuit wi...   more
17) Watermelon, Christmas--King Family--home movies. Reel 17
1946 edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Summer '46. Bob Brand and HK at ANCC. Second Pony Ride. LPK Boarding Plane for SD. Xmas 1946.';Color: Boy on playground equipment, upside down...   more
18) Lake, snow--King Family--home movies. Reel 18
1947 edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Karen - June 47. ANCC Summer 47. Trip to Luray, VA. Douthat State Park September 47. Savannah Trip (NYL) Frankie and Kirby Payne. Canal Boat....   more
19) Bailey Island--King Family--home movies. Reel 19
1948 edge code on film. // Label on can: '48 and 49 Bailey Island.';color Ocean. Steamship approaches. Man rowing, dock with toddler, mother and child in stern of rowboat, lunch baske...   more
20) Fort Sill, hunts--King Family--home movies. Reel 20
On can: "Gerry and Farview. Hunts. Hunt Bkfsts. Deer (Wogan-Adams Col. McCallum). Firing Dem. Sam Jumping. Fort Sill.";color pan of landscape with hills. Woman in plaid dress holds fl...   more
21) Roller skating--King Family--home movies. Reel 21
1947 edge code on film. // Label on box: 'Spring 48. Maryland Hunt Cup. New Bike. [illegible name] on Skates. Bill's Party 1948.';Color, Man in suit with vest and hat, CU. Woman on rol...   more
22) May Day--King Family--home movies. Reel 22
1947 edge code on film. // Label on box: 'May Day 1948.';color School playground, children with American flags, processions and activities at a distance including “circus” and girls w...   more
23) Bailey Island and Safety Patrol Parade--King Family--home movies. Reel 23
1950 edge code on film. // Label on box: 'B's 1950 + Patrol Parade May 1951.' [Bailey Island];color Quick pan of trees, “To the Sea: The Harpswells, Bailey and Orrs Island” sign. Peop...   more
24) Glen Echo Park--King Family--home movies. Reel 24
1950 edge code on film. // Label on box: '6th Grade Graduation. 1951. Glen Echo. Skimobile. Bailey.';color. Girls in white dresses, boys in blazers. They wave diplomas. Flare. Girl wit...   more
25) Fort Sill--King Family--home movies. Reel 25
On can: "Winter Ice Scenes. Flood on 277. Lizard. Deer. New Year's Reception at Dept. OSCA. March. Bob + Horse Swimming. Hunt. Good Quinette Shot. Close up of People at Sill. Marge and...   more
26) Birthdays and Christmas--King Family--home movies. Reel 26
VINEGAR SYNDROME // Dates from edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Dec 42 - March 43. Jim + Elinore Dec 42. Patsy's 3rd Birthday. Christmas 42. Billys 2d Birthday Spring 43. Babylon L...   more
27) Baby from hospital to home--King Family--home movies. Reel 27
VINEGAR SYNDROME // Dates from edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Patsy to 6 Months. Dec 39 - Jun 40.';First half only transferred due to advanced vinegar syndrome. Art titles of...   more
28) Children play--King Family--home movies. Reel 28
VINEGAR SYNDROME // Dates from edge codes on film. // Label on can: 'Patsy to 6 Months. Dec 39 - Jun 40.' Note 22 Jan 2012, this label is not correct for Reel 28. ;Color, children outs...   more
29) West Point--King Family--home movies. Reel 29
Date from edge code on film. // Label on can: 'West Point.' // Reel begins with Castle Films News Parade reel about United States Military Academy. Second portion of reel is amateur foo...   more
30) Prior Lake, Minnesota--King Family--home movies. Reel 30
Title: Prior Lake, Minnesota, July 1924 Title: Mr. Westlake, Major O'Hara One man smokes and walks toward the camera (O'Hara), the other man (Westlake, with white hair) holds scre...   more
King Family Collection
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Credit: King Family Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Bailey Island Tuna Club, 1942.
Credit: King family home movies. Excerpt from “Bailey Island Tuna Club," 1942. 8 mm. film. From the King Family Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 4:53.
Primary Format and Extent
29 film reels
Collection Date Range
1939 – 1949
The King Family Collection contains 29 reels of 8 mm. film depicting William Harrison King II and Grace O'Hara King family and friends, including equestrian interests and children growing up in the Washington, DC, area. Grace King is responsible for most filming, particularly after World War II, as Harrison King (known as Harry) lost his eyesight in the war. Earlier military and equestrian reels were shot by Harry and Grace King. The family visits Bailey Island, Maine, in summers, swimming, boating, and playing outside the grandparents' shingle house. Coverage includes Fort Robinson, Nebraska, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and Fort Riley, Kansas, in connection with Harrison King's military service and riding, also Maryland Hunt Club horseback and social events. The cavalry coverage includes soldiers with mules and horses, military vehicles and artillery exercises. The children, Billy (William Harrison King III) and Patsy, attended Rose Lee Hardy elementary school in Washington, DC, and for several years there is film of the school's Mayday celebration. Neighborhood coverage in summer and winter is extensive with children sledding, roller skating, and playing in the backyard in a small canvas pool. The family dogs--springer spaniels--are often present. The family attends the Army Navy Country Club and goes to Glen Echo Park and other recreation destinations. New babies, children's birthdays and Christmas are regularly filmed in color and black and white.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Lt. Col. William Harrison King II served in North Africa and Italy in World War II. He attended West Point, as did Grace O'Hara King's father and brother. Following a wartime head injury in Italy, he was treated at Valley Forge General Hospital; he suffered significant loss of eyesight and was cared for at home by Grace with the help of a housekeeper. Leila Pier King, Harry King II's mother, was from South Dakota. Grace's brother, James O'Hara (Jim), and sister-in-law, Eleanor, are depicted. They also lived in Washington, DC; James O'Hara served in the Army. They had no children. The O'Hara family first went to Bailey Island, ME, in the 1890s; Winifred Westlake O'Hara, depicted in the film (Grace O'Hara's mother), purchased a house and spent every summer there.
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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