9 Items in This Collection
1) [Jericho Film]
Jericho Film   more
2) Summer 1962 [William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films] Reel 1
Summer 1962 St. John; Deer Isle; Brimstone; Isle Au Haut; [Pond ID] Lots of Adam;William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films Reel 1 : 1962 Canada (filmed by [Anita?] Canadian [flog?] St. John H...   more
3) Summer 1964 [William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films] Reel 2
Summer 1964;Reel 2 1964 In and around Hashell House WAH on porch playing accordion (Neville Hardy's car outside) Tom on porch : Walks Tom + Sally on porch WAH + Tom in Dining rooms with...   more
4) Summer 1967 [William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films] Reel 3
Summer 1967;Reel 3 Summer 1967 Hashell House: C[?] G[?], Tom + Wally [?] clothes Kids playing on rope swing Tom playing "driver" on fence Tom + Norwood Beverige play on slide Tom + Wall...   more
5) Deer Isle 1970-71 [William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films] Reel 4
Deer Isle 1970-71 [Cor...nt?] Mark ID Schooners Ducks Rope [Swing] [Swimming];Reel 4 1970-71 Deer isle cormorant Mark Island Schooner Ducks at house Rope swing Swimming   more
6) 1977-79 [William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films] Reel 5
1977-79;Reel 5 1977-79 (Super 8) Jericho Vermont 1977-78 Ted at Dining Room Table, bird feeder in background WAH walking on addition to house Builders at work Addition to house from S W...   more
7) Winterport and Saint John 1955 [William Haviland Collection] Reel 1
Winterport and Saint John 1955;Reel 1 - Winterport and Saint John 1955 Filmed by Thomas P. Haviland Picnic area (where?) Church (Winterport?) House (Winterport?) House of Theophilus Cus...   more
8) Boat Schooners Bridge #2 [William Haviland Collection] Reel 2
TPH Film Bill, Anita and Tom in Phila N.Y and Vermont [?] Boat Schooners Bridge #2;Reel 2 WAH + Family filmed by TPH WAH = William A Haviland TPH = Thomas P Haviland 1963-1967 Philade...   more
9) Misc. 1963 + Later [William Haviland Collection] Reel 3
Misc. 1963 + Later;Reel 3 Filmed by William A. Haviland WAH filmed : Misc. 1963 + Later Wissahickon (Phila) Adam in snow WAH and Adam WAH Wissahickon Creek WAH ice skates (Chestnut Hill...   more
Haviland, William Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
[Jericho Film], 2556
[William A. Haviland Deer Isle Films], 2672
[Winterport, Saint John and elsewhere], 2673
The collection consists of 9 reels of 8mm film.
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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