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1) Richard Hale Collection Reel 6
Footage of a large bird coop and a fawn in a pen. A group of men pose and joke for the camera. A shot of a saw mill, the adjacent river full of logs and the nearby town. Footage of m...   more
2) Richard Hale Collection Reel 28
This reel contains re-edited footage from Reel 27 of the Richard Hale Collection. Please see item 2447.0028 of the Richard Hale Collection for the complete footage. Two shots of logge...   more
3) Richard Hale Collection Reel 3
A shot of University of Maine graduates in their caps and gowns. A shot of a faculty member in a cap and gown. Guests arrive at the commencement ceremony. A faculty member instructs...   more
4) Western Logging Then.. and Now
Footage of loggers chopping down a tree using hand saws and axes and oxen pulling the downed tree to show what logging was like in the late 1800s. A shot of photos in a photo album ent...   more
5) Richard Hale Collection Reel 17
Footage of deer, including a man petting one. Footage of loggers cutting down trees with chain saws and axes and surveying trees in the forest. Footage of river drivers in boats aroun...   more
6) Richard Hale Collection Reel 7
Footage of a farmer herding game birds through the brush and back to the coop. Footage of a bird coop including birds in cages and shots of the buildings on the farm. A man displays a...   more
7) From Trees to Paper
Footage of forests and loggers cutting down a tree. Footage of tree seedlings, seeds and pine cones. Footage of men planting tree seedlings on a hill and with a tree planting machine....   more
8) Richard Hale Collection Reel 1
Intertitle: “Photographed by WM. H.MC Gill, President Lombard and Company Incorporated Boston Montreal” Footage of a forest fire interspersed with title cards explaining that it was st...   more
9) Richard Hale Collection Reel 29
This reel contains re-edited footage from Reel 27 of the Richard Hale Collection. Please see item 2447.0028 of the Richard Hale Collection for complete footage.   more
10) Richard Hale Collection Reel 12
Footage of logs, or pulp length, floating down a river. Footage of workers using a large mechanized saw to cut logs. Two shots of a large body of water filled with logs. Footage of t...   more
11) Richard Hale Collection Reel 27
Footage of loggers cutting down and trimming trees and counting the rings on a stump. Footage of a saw mill including workers operating machinery, hauling logs in from the water with a...   more
12) In These Woods
In These Woods is a film about woodsmen working in the forests of the Northwest region of the United States. The film includes extensive footage of loggers chopping down trees with cha...   more
13) Richard Hale Collection Reel 14
Footage of a few rivers and lakes. Footage of trees along a small road in the forest. Two shots of logs floating in water. Footage of trees. Notes on can: “Crane Lbr. Co. Log Drive...   more
14) Richard Hale Collection Reel 8
A shot of a wooden structure in the forest. Young men walk along a road in the forest. A group of young men, an older man and a young woman gather in a meadow. A shot of the surround...   more
15) Richard Hale Collection Reel 22
Extensive footage of students at the University of Maine’s Forestry Camp learning and practicing their trade. Footage includes students working with a small, outdoor stone fireplace, a...   more
16) Richard Hale Collection Reel 15
A shot of river drivers in boats with pick poles. A shot of tree tops. Footage of logs floating through rapids, including a shot of men on a bridge watching them. Notes on can: “Cran...   more
17) Richard Hale Collection Reel 25
Two shots of a sign for the Indian Township timber and recreation area. Footage of men loading logs onto a truck. A few shots of a group of men. Footage of men in hardhats and masks...   more
18) Richard Hale Collection Reel 30
Footage of various pieces of logging equipment being demonstrated to onlookers. Footage of the inner workings of a variety of saw mills including workers cutting logs and a variety of...   more
19) The Tree In A Test Tube
Directed by Charles McDonald, narrated by Pete Smith and Lee Vickers and starring Laurel and Hardy. Pete Smith explains to Laurel and Hardy how many products in their daily lives are m...   more
20) Richard Hale Collection Reel 13
Shots of a bridge, the river below it and the trees along the river. Footage of river drivers in boats and along the shore pushing logs along a river with pick poles. A shot of the ri...   more
21) Richard Hale Collection Reel 26
A shot of a sign that reads, “Evergreen Farms Christmas Trees Jackson, Maine” followed by a shot of the tree farm. Footage of workers at the tree farm chopping down, tying up and trim...   more
22) Scenes from Summer Camp
Extensive footage of students at the University of Maine’s Forestry Camp learning and practicing their trade. Footage includes classes taught by professors, park rangers and industry r...   more
23) Forestry for 4H
Footage of a group of children at R. Leon Williams Lumber Co. including the group gathered around an older man, learning how to measure the width of logs from two other men, watching a...   more
24) Richard Hale Collection Reel 5
Footage of men milling about a campsite with tents, cars, a still photographer and men sitting around a fire. Footage of the Oronoco Harmonica Band performing on bleachers at the Unive...   more
25) Richard Hale Collection Reel 2
Footage of horses pulling a raft full of equipment across a river. A shot of a small waterfall from a canoe. A man pulls a moose onto a barge and then carries it across the shore. Me...   more
26) Richard Hale Collection Reel 23
Footage of young men wrestling on a float and swimming in a lake. A shot of a sluice dam. Shots of a lake. Footage of people gathering around a wooden sculpture of a dinosaur. Foota...   more
27) Richard Hale Collection Reel 4
Two men surveying, taking notes and making their way through the scrub in the forest. A shot of a clearing in the forest. A man measures a tree’s width. A shot of a surveyor looking...   more
28) Mt. Desert Island Forest Fire
Intertitle: “Mt. Desert Island Forest Fire October, 1947 University of Maine Forestry Department” A shot of three signs that read, “Cadillac Mtn Road,” “Jordan Pond House,” and “Seal H...   more
Hale, Richard Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
Richard Hale Collection, 2447
Credit: "From Trees to Paper," Richard Hale Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Tree seedlings are planted to replace those cut in a forest, 1951.
Credit: Richard Hale Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Maine logging.
Primary Format and Extent
film (8,750 feet): si., sd., col., b&w. ; 16 mm.
Collection Date Range
1927 – 1984
The Richard Hale Collection consists of 30 reels shot between the 1920s and 1984. The majority of the films are amateur films documenting the many aspects of the logging industry and how it has changed over time. The footage covers the entire spectrum of the industry from the equipment used to the practices of the loggers in each step of the process. The collection also contains a few films produced by and for the University of Maine at Orono School of Forest Resources, previously the Forestry Department. These films show students learning the science of managing forests. The collection also contains educational films sponsored by commercial enterprises and governmental agencies. Educational films include materials on preventing and treating forest fires, children learning about mill work and logging and how trees become paper. Most notable of the educational materials is a 1942 film about how wood is used in everyday life and in the war effort during World War II. The film was sponsored by the Forest Service of the United States Department of Agriculture and stars Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Richard Hale is an Associate Professor Emeritus in Wood Technology at the University of Maine School of Forest Resources. The Department of Forestry was started at the university in 1902 with grant money from the Maine legislature. The University took over funding and management of the department in 1929. In 1935, the Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit was founded with C.M. Aldous as its leader. The department was accredited by the Society of American Foresters for the first time in 1937 and the first Master of Science degree was conferred in 1938. The Ph.D. program in forest resources was approved in 1970. The School of Forest Resources became the College of Forest Resources in the 1980s.
People and Organizations
Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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