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1) Summer of '72, 1972--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 1
Among things on the footage is a performance of "The Circus" by Polly Thomas School of Dance. It was filmed summer of 1972. Nearly a decade later is some footage from the Airplane Mus...   more
2) Recital B.D., circa 1972--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 2
Children with toys. A girl holds up a spinning top. A birthday cake with a ‘3’ shaped candle. Dark, green tinted scene. Girls in dance costumes. Dance performances. [End of Reel]   more
3) Christmas '71, 1971--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 3
Adults and children seated in the living room. Children lying under a blanket around the Christmas tree. Children opening gifts. Pies and cakes. Children sledding. [End of Reel]   more
4) July 15, 1972--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 4
A child’s birthday party. A girl blows out the candles on a birthday cake. Children playing. A girl shows off a set of decorated eggs. An Easter egg hunt. Two girls playing. (Star Trek...   more
5) Winter Snow, circa 1972--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 5
Two people on a snowmobile. A girl dancing and doing hand-stands. A little girl in a sparkly cape and hat. A girl in bed. A group of people, eating while wearing paper crowns. A little...   more
6) Shawn's Birthday, 1973--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 6
Children and adults opening Christmas gifts. A young man opens a gift to reveal a tool kit. A man holds up a new ax. Shot of the Christmas tree. Children sledding. A girl opening an env...   more
7) March, Aug '73, 1973--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 7
A girl opening gifts. She holds up a mini-tennis set. She blows out candles on a birthday cake. People seated in a living room. Children playing. A woman dancing. People playing outside...   more
8) Summer Vacation '73, 1973--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 8
Adults and children swimming in a pool. A child holds up a plastic egg. A girl holds up a box for ‘Create Your Own Hang Ups’. People hold up photographs. [End of Reel];Summer vacation '...   more
9) Spring and Summer '74, 1974--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 9
A man playing a game with a little girl. A child ice skating. A dance performance. [End of Reel];Spring and Summer 1974   more
10) Bangor Fair, Gram & Folli, circa 1974--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 10
Hand drawn posters, including ‘Oklahoma’, ‘South Pacific’, ‘Babes in Toy Land’, ‘Godspell’, ‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’, ‘Bye Bye Birdie’, and ‘West Side Story’. A theater perform...   more
11) Gymnastics, 1974--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 11
Girls in a dance/gymnastics performance. [End of Reel];Gymnastics; Linda believes this is 1974   more
12) Gymnastics, 1974--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 12
A dance/gymnastics performance, girls dancing with fans. [End of Reel];Gymnastics; Linda believes this is 1974   more
13) Shawn's Birthday & Summer, 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 13
A baby in a stroller. Children in a pool. Two girls play with a baby in a cradle. A toddler and a baby pose for the camera. Children seated around a table wave at the camera. A woman ca...   more
14) Outdoor party, circa 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 14
A girl in a tutu. People outdoors. A group of people seated around a picnic table. People swimming in a pool. [End of Reel]   more
15) Parade, circa 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 15
A gathering of people outdoors. People swimming in a pool. Shots of people around the pool. Scene too dark to see. A parade with the banner: ‘Hampden Academy est. 1903’. The Hampden Aca...   more
16) Hiking, circa 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 16
A woman and two girls hiking. [Ruth Stearns with Shawn and Kimberly Corey, hiking in Hampden, Maine] Shots of the Penobscot River through the trees. A girl on the shore of the river. Ch...   more
17) Fair Parade Mansfield, MA, 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 17
Clowns and motorcycles in a parade. Shriners in go-carts/mini cars and on horseback. Shriner floats. People on motorcycles. An antique car. Girl scouts. Clowns in antique cars. A marchi...   more
18) Swimming, circa 1975--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 18
Girls swimming in a lake. Girls in swimsuits with a swing-set in the background. Girls on the beach. A woman holds up a book to the camera. People playing in the water. A girl swimming...   more
19) Babies and Airplanes, circa 1980--Linda Stearns--home movies, Reel 19
A baby playing in the grass. (Filmed sideways.) A woman holding a baby and waving at the camera. She holds the baby out to the baby sitting in the grass. Children sitting in the grass....   more
Stearns, Linda Collection
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Credit: Linda Stearns Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Girls playing in the livingroom, Maine 1973.
Primary Format and Extent
film (1100 ft.) : si., col. ; Super 8
Collection Date Range
1971 – 1980
The collection consists of 19 reels of silent, color, Super 8 film. The films were shot during the 1970's and 1980's by Linda Stearns. The films are primarily home movies, including scenes of Christmas and birthday celebrations, dance recitals, and trips to the lake.
Biographical/Historical Notes

Linda Stearns was born in 1942, to parents Ruth Louis C. Stearns. She attended Hampden Academy, Colby College and the University of Maine. She has previously worked as a reporter and editor for the Bangor Daily News. Her daughters Shawn Corey, Kimberly Corey, and Samantha Taber also appear in her films.

Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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