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2) [Irving Gold--home movies]
89 reels of16mm. 19,550 ft Irving Gold was a jeweler in NYC Collection consists of footage from vacations taken all over the United State and Europe dating from 1939-1968, including tri...   more
3) [Ski Pictures, etc. 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 2
Ski Pictures, etc. 1940 Ski Pictures   more
4) [Tamis Circle--circa 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 3
Tamis Circle;Happy Birthday [..] Tamis Circle   more
5) [Postcard Campaign/Federated Council for Americanism/Golfing--circa 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 4
Postcard Campaign - Federated Council for Americanism - Golfing   more
8) [Xmas 1940 – Dinner at Axelrod's--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 7
Xmas 1940 – Dinner at Axelrod's Wash DC 11/24/40   more
10) [Mar 1941 Legion Parade – Central Park Views--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 9
Mar 1941 Legion Parade – Central Park Views;Mar 30 1941, Legion Parade – Gr Cone – view of Central Park and NY buildings   more
11) [America’s First Comm./May 23 1941/Madison Sq. Garden--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 10
America’s First Comm. May 23 1941 Madison Sq. Garden   more
13) [Dude Range July 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 12
Dude Ranch July 1941;Dude Ranch July 1941;July 194[?] Horseshoe Lake Ran[ch]   more
14) [FCA Boat Ride Post Card Campaign–July 12--circa 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 13
FCA Boat Ride Post Card Campaign – July 12;On marquee George Bernard Shaws Major Barbara.   more
15) [Horseshoe Lake Ranch--circa 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 14
Horseshoe Lake Ranch La Vie Amoreuse Des Chevaux    more
18) [Forest Hills tennis 1941–Sunset Florida 1942--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 17
Forest Hills tennis 1941–Sunset Florida 1942   more
20) [Army Day Parade 1942--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 19
Army Day Parade 1942;A float saying 'Movies for Morale Buy War Bonds and Stamps'   more
21) [Colorado--1943-1944--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 20
Colorado;Rocky Mountain Scenes May 1943 - Mar 1944   more
22) [Going to Estes Park – 20 Sept 1944--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 21
Black + White Going to 20 Sept 1944 Estes Park   more
24) [Sept 1944-June 1945 Estes Park--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 23
Sept 1944-June 1945 Estes Park Golf Shangri-La Jane’s Birthday Denver View   more
25) [Feb-March 1945 Castle Rock--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 24
Feb-March 1945 Castle Rock, Trip to Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods   more
27) [1945 Denver Zoo, 1946 FDR Library & Grave Sunny Croft--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 26
1945 Denver Zoo, 1946 FDR Library & Grave Sunny Croft   more
28) [Parade--circa 1947--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 27
10/26/[47] [Re..?] Parade 11/5/4[7] [W]CA Show   more
32) [Shop C.G. + Co--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 31
Shop C.G. + Co Black + White   more
33) [Judy + Irving before wedding--circa 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 32
Pre-Honeymoon Judy + Irving before wedding   more
34) [Gold-Fleminger Wedding Sep 19 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 33
Wedding Gold-Fleminger Wedding;On Screen: "You are invited to the wedding of Judy and Irving Sunday Sept 19, 1948"   more
35) [Honeymoon--Netherlands, West Indies, Venezuela, Peru circa 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 34
Honeymoon;The Grossinger Tropical Honeymoon Netherlands West Indies Venezuela Tour of the Andes In Old Cartogena   more
36) [Queen Elizabeth to Europe--1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 35
Queen Elizabeth to Europe;'49 Gold Rush To Europe Shuffleboard on deck, ring toss   more
37) [Paris, Europe--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 36
Paris, Europe;A map: "Cherbourg, Omaha Beach" Titles: "Avenue de L'Opera" "We Climb Notre Dame" "Glamour Goyle Among the Gargoyles" "Jardin de Luxembourg" "St. Etienne du Mont" Sign: "L...   more
38) [Auto tripping thru France--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 37
Auto tripping thru France Torn Film;Titles: La Côte D'Azure" "Le Puy" "Nimes" "Aix En Provence" "Cannes" "Monte Carlo" "Antibes" Sign: "Arcadia"   more
39) [Italy and Switzerland--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 38
Italy and Switzerland;The Leaning Tower of Pisa Titles: "Florence", "Venice", "A Day at Versailles", "Chartres", "Paris from La Tour D'Argent", "The End".   more
40) [May 1950--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 39
May 14th, 1950 & May 23rd 1950 Skip 1st 5th   more
41) [June 1950 Ronney from Hospital Long Beach--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 40
June 1950 Ronney from Hospital Long Beach;Title: "Home! Ronney and Mommy"   more
42) [1950 Long Beach Ronney 9 weeks old--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 41
1950 Long Beach Ronney 9 weeks old;Title: Ronney 9 wks old   more
43) [Ronney Xmas 1950--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 42
Ronney Xmas 1950 Reverse Xmas Title   more
44) [Ronney in Carriage--1951--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 43
Ronney in Carriage, New Year 1951, Gold Anniv., last of Ronney 3/11/51   more
49) [9/27/52 Playground Beech Hill--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 48
9/27/52 Playground Beech Hill 9/28 [Ronney] in House 12/25 Xmas Gifts   more
50) [1/10/53 Icy Beech Hill--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 49
1/10/53 - Icy Beech Hill 2/22 - Ducks at Scarsdale 3/22 - House - Ronney in cowboy suit 4/24 - House - Tulips etc. Harold [Ronney's] Birthday   more
51) [4/24/53 Donna Fr. Hosp.--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 50
1953 Loaded 4/24/53 4/24 Donna Fr. Hosp. [8]/1 - [Ronney] - At Golf 8/22 - Stewart's Party   more
52) [8/30/53 Donna--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 51
8/30/53 Donna 9/11/53 Juoy Ronney Donna Sagamore 11/3/53 Mohawk School    more
54) [May 30, 1954 Donna + Ronney on Lawn--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 53
May 30, 1954 Donna + Ronney on Lawn (Last of Roll) Apr 25 1954 - Donna on Birthday Ronney on Horse Glenn's Birthday   more
60) [Aug 1956 to May 7, 1947--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 59
Aug 1956 to May 7, 1957 Show Mamamaroneck, Halloween, Xmas '56, Donna's 4th Birthday;Theater performance, beach scenes with people, swimming pool scenes, children in angel and devil Hal...   more
61) [Caribbean Cruise 1 Feb 1957--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 60
Caribbean Cruise 1 Feb 1957;Titles: 'Caribbean 1957', 'Nassau', 'Martinique', 'RMS Mauritania', 'Trinidad'.   more
62) [Caribbean Cruise 2 Feb 1957--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 61
Caribbean Cruise 2 Feb 1957;Titles: 'Venezuela', 'The Jolly Roger', 'Panama', 'Jamaica', 'New York'.   more
64) [European Trip 1958--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 63
European Trip 1958;Homemade animated intertitles throughout. Visits England, Belgium, France, Italy, including Venice, Rome, Florence, Vatican, Paris, Southampton,Pompeii, World's Fair,...   more
65) [1958 Halloween Xmas--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 64
1958 Halloween Xmas B6;Title: '1958'. Boy in Cub Scout uniform, Shirley Temple Playhouse costume.   more
66) [Grossinger Feb 28 1959--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 65
Grossinger Feb 28 1959 B7;Title: 'Have an Ice Time. Grossinger, N.Y.' Sign: 'Ice Skating Indoors'   more
67) [Grossinger's 1959--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 66
Grossinger's 1959, Donna's Birthday, Ronney's B-, Sailing;Title: Six Years   more
68) [1959-Plymouth-Mayflower--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 67
1959 - Plymouth - Mayflower - Sturbridge 1959 Halloween - Xmas 1960 - Purim - Donna's Birthday   more
69) [Sunset--1960--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 68
Sunset, Donna Setting Titles Sept 1960 Flowers   more
70) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 69
Sunset, Donna Setting Titles Sept 1960 Flowers   more
71) [Feb 1960 Mexico--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 70
Feb 1960 Mexico;Mexico City, bull fight, Cantiflas Theater, University City, Acapulco, etc. Homemade intertitles.   more
73) [Aug 1960 Sagamore--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 72
Aug 1960 Sagamore Labor Day 1960 Phila. Visit   more
75) [Mayer Farm 1962--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 74
Mayer Farm 1962 - Ronney Graduation '26 Donna at Wenonah Ronney at Zakalo 1963 Camp;Christmas 1961 + 1962   more
77) [1962 Donna + Shelley--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 76
1962 Donna + Shelley 196[2] Cruise Titles   more
78) [Trip West 1962--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 77
Trip West 1962;Disneyland, Frontierland sign, Fantasyland sign, Monorail, The Magic Kingdom Castle, Double Decker Disneyland Truck, Revue Studio sign, Mission Santa Barbara sign, Hearst...   more
79) [1963 Wenonah--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 78
1963 Wenonah - Winnebago - Sterling Forest - Xmas 1963 Mar 1964 Hollywood Beach Hotel Donna 11 Yrs old, Worlds Fair;Swimming, Diving, Baseball, Christmas morning. Title: 'Donna 11 yrs o...   more
80) [Lake Placid Donna's Graduation '26--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 79
Lake Placid Donna's Graduation '26;Skiing, dog sledding. Sign: 'Home of Santa's Village, Northpole, NY'.   more
81) [Europe 1964--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 80
Europe 1964 Torn Film;Titles: 'Europe 1964 Greece, France, Spain, Italy', 'Along the Seine', 'Flig[h]t to Milan', 'Principe E Savoie Hotel', 'Milan Cathedral', 'La Scala', 'Milan to Ath...   more
83) [July Aug 1964--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 82
July Aug 1964 SAAC Donna + Shelley   more
84) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 83
Signs: 'Xmas 1965', 'Mijas Altitude 460 Metros'.    more
85) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 84
Trip to London, England.    more
90) [To Europe--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 89
Animated intertitle: 'To Europe'.   more
Gold, Irving Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
Film (19,550 ft.) si., b&w. ; 16mm
Collection contains almost 20,000 feet of travel film. Footage from vacations taken all over the United State and Europe dating from 1939-1968, including trips to both the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs in New York, hiking in Colorado, and a honeymoon trip in Paris and Milan.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Irving Gold (1914-2007) was a New York City jeweler, whose clients included Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany and Co., Marlene Dietrich, Betty Grable, Jackie Kennedy, and Grace Kelley. Gold was a founding member of the anti-Nazi group Vanguard of Democracy, which later became the American Youth For Freedom. During World War II, Gold served both as a civilian, making torpedo components, and later as an Army instructor and engineer. Irving Gold was married Judy Fleminger. The collection was donated by their daughter, Donna Gold. Irving Gold passed away in 2007.
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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