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1) [Irving Gold--home movies]
89 reels of16mm. 19,550 ft Irving Gold was a jeweler in NYC Collection consists of footage from vacations taken all over the United State and Europe dating from 1939-1968, including tri...   more
3) [Ski Pictures, etc. 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 2
Ski Pictures, etc. 1940 Ski Pictures   more
4) [Tamis Circle--circa 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 3
Tamis Circle;Happy Birthday [..] Tamis Circle   more
5) [Postcard Campaign/Federated Council for Americanism/Golfing--circa 1940--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 4
Postcard Campaign - Federated Council for Americanism - Golfing   more
8) [Xmas 1940 – Dinner at Axelrod's--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 7
Xmas 1940 – Dinner at Axelrod's Wash DC 11/24/40   more
10) [Mar 1941 Legion Parade – Central Park Views--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 9
Mar 1941 Legion Parade – Central Park Views;Mar 30 1941, Legion Parade – Gr Cone – view of Central Park and NY buildings   more
11) [America’s First Comm./May 23 1941/Madison Sq. Garden--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 10
America’s First Comm. May 23 1941 Madison Sq. Garden   more
13) [Dude Range July 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 12
Dude Ranch July 1941;Dude Ranch July 1941;July 194[?] Horseshoe Lake Ran[ch]   more
14) [FCA Boat Ride Post Card Campaign–July 12--circa 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 13
FCA Boat Ride Post Card Campaign – July 12;On marquee George Bernard Shaws Major Barbara.   more
15) [Horseshoe Lake Ranch--circa 1941--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 14
Horseshoe Lake Ranch La Vie Amoreuse Des Chevaux    more
18) [Forest Hills tennis 1941–Sunset Florida 1942--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 17
Forest Hills tennis 1941–Sunset Florida 1942   more
20) [Army Day Parade 1942--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 19
Army Day Parade 1942;A float saying 'Movies for Morale Buy War Bonds and Stamps'   more
21) [Colorado--1943-1944--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 20
Colorado;Rocky Mountain Scenes May 1943 - Mar 1944   more
22) [Going to Estes Park – 20 Sept 1944--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 21
Black + White Going to 20 Sept 1944 Estes Park   more
24) [Sept 1944-June 1945 Estes Park--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 23
Sept 1944-June 1945 Estes Park Golf Shangri-La Jane’s Birthday Denver View   more
25) [Feb-March 1945 Castle Rock--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 24
Feb-March 1945 Castle Rock, Trip to Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods   more
27) [1945 Denver Zoo, 1946 FDR Library & Grave Sunny Croft--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 26
1945 Denver Zoo, 1946 FDR Library & Grave Sunny Croft   more
28) [Parade--circa 1947--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 27
10/26/[47] [Re..?] Parade 11/5/4[7] [W]CA Show   more
32) [Shop C.G. + Co--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 31
Shop C.G. + Co Black + White   more
33) [Judy + Irving before wedding--circa 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 32
Pre-Honeymoon Judy + Irving before wedding   more
34) [Gold-Fleminger Wedding Sep 19 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 33
Wedding Gold-Fleminger Wedding;On Screen: "You are invited to the wedding of Judy and Irving Sunday Sept 19, 1948"   more
35) [Honeymoon--Netherlands, West Indies, Venezuela, Peru circa 1948--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 34
Honeymoon;The Grossinger Tropical Honeymoon Netherlands West Indies Venezuela Tour of the Andes In Old Cartogena   more
36) [Queen Elizabeth to Europe--1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 35
Queen Elizabeth to Europe;'49 Gold Rush To Europe Shuffleboard on deck, ring toss   more
37) [Paris, Europe--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 36
Paris, Europe;A map: "Cherbourg, Omaha Beach" Titles: "Avenue de L'Opera" "We Climb Notre Dame" "Glamour Goyle Among the Gargoyles" "Jardin de Luxembourg" "St. Etienne du Mont" Sign: "L...   more
38) [Auto tripping thru France--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 37
Auto tripping thru France Torn Film;Titles: La Côte D'Azure" "Le Puy" "Nimes" "Aix En Provence" "Cannes" "Monte Carlo" "Antibes" Sign: "Arcadia"   more
39) [Italy and Switzerland--circa 1949--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 38
Italy and Switzerland;The Leaning Tower of Pisa Titles: "Florence", "Venice", "A Day at Versailles", "Chartres", "Paris from La Tour D'Argent", "The End".   more
40) [May 1950--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 39
May 14th, 1950 & May 23rd 1950 Skip 1st 5th   more
41) [June 1950 Ronney from Hospital Long Beach--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 40
June 1950 Ronney from Hospital Long Beach;Title: "Home! Ronney and Mommy"   more
42) [1950 Long Beach Ronney 9 weeks old--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 41
1950 Long Beach Ronney 9 weeks old;Title: Ronney 9 wks old   more
43) [Ronney Xmas 1950--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 42
Ronney Xmas 1950 Reverse Xmas Title   more
44) [Ronney in Carriage--1951--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 43
Ronney in Carriage, New Year 1951, Gold Anniv., last of Ronney 3/11/51   more
49) [9/27/52 Playground Beech Hill--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 48
9/27/52 Playground Beech Hill 9/28 [Ronney] in House 12/25 Xmas Gifts   more
50) [1/10/53 Icy Beech Hill--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 49
1/10/53 - Icy Beech Hill 2/22 - Ducks at Scarsdale 3/22 - House - Ronney in cowboy suit 4/24 - House - Tulips etc. Harold [Ronney's] Birthday   more
51) [4/24/53 Donna Fr. Hosp.--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 50
1953 Loaded 4/24/53 4/24 Donna Fr. Hosp. [8]/1 - [Ronney] - At Golf 8/22 - Stewart's Party   more
52) [8/30/53 Donna--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 51
8/30/53 Donna 9/11/53 Juoy Ronney Donna Sagamore 11/3/53 Mohawk School    more
54) [May 30, 1954 Donna + Ronney on Lawn--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 53
May 30, 1954 Donna + Ronney on Lawn (Last of Roll) Apr 25 1954 - Donna on Birthday Ronney on Horse Glenn's Birthday   more
60) [Aug 1956 to May 7, 1947--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 59
Aug 1956 to May 7, 1957 Show Mamamaroneck, Halloween, Xmas '56, Donna's 4th Birthday;Theater performance, beach scenes with people, swimming pool scenes, children in angel and devil Hal...   more
61) [Caribbean Cruise 1 Feb 1957--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 60
Caribbean Cruise 1 Feb 1957;Titles: 'Caribbean 1957', 'Nassau', 'Martinique', 'RMS Mauritania', 'Trinidad'.   more
62) [Caribbean Cruise 2 Feb 1957--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 61
Caribbean Cruise 2 Feb 1957;Titles: 'Venezuela', 'The Jolly Roger', 'Panama', 'Jamaica', 'New York'.   more
64) [European Trip 1958--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 63
European Trip 1958;Homemade animated intertitles throughout. Visits England, Belgium, France, Italy, including Venice, Rome, Florence, Vatican, Paris, Southampton,Pompeii, World's Fair,...   more
65) [1958 Halloween Xmas--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 64
1958 Halloween Xmas B6;Title: '1958'. Boy in Cub Scout uniform, Shirley Temple Playhouse costume.   more
66) [Grossinger Feb 28 1959--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 65
Grossinger Feb 28 1959 B7;Title: 'Have an Ice Time. Grossinger, N.Y.' Sign: 'Ice Skating Indoors'   more
67) [Grossinger's 1959--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 66
Grossinger's 1959, Donna's Birthday, Ronney's B-, Sailing;Title: Six Years   more
68) [1959-Plymouth-Mayflower--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 67
1959 - Plymouth - Mayflower - Sturbridge 1959 Halloween - Xmas 1960 - Purim - Donna's Birthday   more
69) [Sunset--1960--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 68
Sunset, Donna Setting Titles Sept 1960 Flowers   more
70) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 69
Sunset, Donna Setting Titles Sept 1960 Flowers   more
71) [Feb 1960 Mexico--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 70
Feb 1960 Mexico;Mexico City, bull fight, Cantiflas Theater, University City, Acapulco, etc. Homemade intertitles.   more
73) [Aug 1960 Sagamore--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 72
Aug 1960 Sagamore Labor Day 1960 Phila. Visit   more
75) [Mayer Farm 1962--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 74
Mayer Farm 1962 - Ronney Graduation '26 Donna at Wenonah Ronney at Zakalo 1963 Camp;Christmas 1961 + 1962   more
77) [1962 Donna + Shelley--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 76
1962 Donna + Shelley 196[2] Cruise Titles   more
78) [Trip West 1962--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 77
Trip West 1962;Disneyland, Frontierland sign, Fantasyland sign, Monorail, The Magic Kingdom Castle, Double Decker Disneyland Truck, Revue Studio sign, Mission Santa Barbara sign, Hearst...   more
79) [1963 Wenonah--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 78
1963 Wenonah - Winnebago - Sterling Forest - Xmas 1963 Mar 1964 Hollywood Beach Hotel Donna 11 Yrs old, Worlds Fair;Swimming, Diving, Baseball, Christmas morning. Title: 'Donna 11 yrs o...   more
80) [Lake Placid Donna's Graduation '26--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 79
Lake Placid Donna's Graduation '26;Skiing, dog sledding. Sign: 'Home of Santa's Village, Northpole, NY'.   more
81) [Europe 1964--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 80
Europe 1964 Torn Film;Titles: 'Europe 1964 Greece, France, Spain, Italy', 'Along the Seine', 'Flig[h]t to Milan', 'Principe E Savoie Hotel', 'Milan Cathedral', 'La Scala', 'Milan to Ath...   more
83) [July Aug 1964--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 82
July Aug 1964 SAAC Donna + Shelley   more
84) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 83
Signs: 'Xmas 1965', 'Mijas Altitude 460 Metros'.    more
85) [Irving Gold Collection] Reel 84
Trip to London, England.    more
90) [To Europe--Irving Gold Collection] Reel 89
Animated intertitle: 'To Europe'.   more
Gold, Irving Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
Film (19,550 ft.) si., b&w. ; 16mm
Collection contains almost 20,000 feet of travel film. Footage from vacations taken all over the United State and Europe dating from 1939-1968, including trips to both the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs in New York, hiking in Colorado, and a honeymoon trip in Paris and Milan.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Gold was a jeweler in NYC.
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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