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1) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 1
View of mountains, car parked on side of the road. Couple dressed up (prom?) woman waves to car as couple drives away. Dark footage of man in hat addressing football team in huddle....   more
2) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 2
Football game, grainy footage. Shots too bright to make out some actions in the game.   more
3) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 3
View of dam and water with boys posing in front of rock walls. View of the Madawaska Inn, Edmunston, NB, Canada. Shot of logs in river. Reel consists mostly of countryside shot from...   more
4) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 4
Camp Katahdin scenes. Boys play games/participate in various sports (baseball, high jump, long jump, archery), read about leaf types. Counselors building kayaks. Medals in boxes. Bo...   more
5) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 5
Camp Katahdin scenes. Dark footage of campers in bunks, bunk-house views, cleaning and packing before a bunk inspection. Swimming. Boys pile in back of truck. Tennis. Staff shot in...   more
6) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 6
Beach scenes of women and children in suits. Swimming, boats, burying someone in the sand. Man pulls horse with child riding, horse pulls farm tiller. Dark footage in town of horses...   more
7) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 7
Swimming. Ice skating. Family scenes. Girls carrying schoolbooks. Family poses wearing corsages, appears to be a wedding party in the yard. Cruise ship footage, dark footage of str...   more
8) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 8
Women in white dresses with bouquets, graduation? People seated watching the women on a lawn. Women in dresses hold hands and sing.   more
9) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 9
Little girl crying on beach. Family scenes on beach. Family/group walks out of a house and onto the sidewalk.   more
10) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 10
Camp Katahdin scenes. Campers stand in line, men walk through the boys into camping structure. Tennis. Ladies in a kitchen cut celery and cook. Boys holding up various items they ha...   more
11) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 11
Camp Katahdin scenes. Sailboat. Boys in dining hall. One boy gives speech to others. Man works in office (Crate). Boys in boat trying to get through reeds in the water. Boating sc...   more
12) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 12
Jamaica vacation. Boating, beach, shots of resort and landscape.   more
13) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 13
Caribbean cruise vacation. Footage from boat deck and dock. Resort and landscape. Cruise ship shot from smaller boat on water. Marketplace shop with sign: Carlos Craft Mahogany Sisa...   more
14) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 14
Out of focus Camp Katahdin scenes. Group exercise. Sports including baseball, basketball, volleyball, running, swimming, canoeing. Women on the dock watch the swim races. Raising of...   more
15) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 15
Camp Katahdin scenes. Intertitle: “Good Fishing” followed by footage of two men carrying fish strung on line. Intertitle: “Chow Time. Thursday Weinie [sic] Roast” followed by footage...   more
16) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 16
Dark and scratchy Camp Katahdin scenes. Boys and counselor on docks. Swimming. Tennis. Woodshop. Boy with a birthday cake. Woman who made the cake poses with boy. Campers coming...   more
17) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.--home movies] Reel 17
Views of a toddler walking around yard in front of a house. Out of focus shots of family. Shots of boys at Camp Katahdin, Etna, Maine circa 1952. Boys build tents, line up for inspec...   more
18) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.--home movies] Reel 18
Shots of Katahdin boys camp, Etna Maine, circa 1953. Close shots of boys swimming in lake. Intertitle: "Supervised advanced swimming". Shots of boys diving off dock into lake, watch...   more
19) [Douglas W. Crate,Sr.--home movies] Reel 19
Shots of Katahdin boys camp, Etna Maine, circa 1953. Interiors of one of the cloth tents. Views of man in white suit checking the cabins and tent. Intertitle: "Assembly for Mail Call...   more
20) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 20
Camp Katahdin scenes. Sailboats on the water. Morning raising of the flag. Tented camp structures and grounds. Boys shooting rifles, target practice. Swimming and boating. Shots o...   more
21) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 21
Family scenes. Countryside. Yard and trees (out of focus). Men gathered in chairs sitting under a tree in a yard. Young boy with dog. Woman in garden. Men and boys in garden picki...   more
22) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 22
Camp Katahdin scenes. Out of focus. Campers posing as group in front of building. Water and sailboats. Swimming. Flag raised, campers in formation. Shot of a group of counselors/s...   more
23) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 23
Football game. Woman leaving car and going into house. Boys join woman on the lawn and pose. Football team in uniform playing a game or practicing. Wide shot of football field from...   more
24) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 24
Family scenes. Woman and girl on bench next to man and woman on bench. View of scenery from behind people on benches. Footage of sailboats on water from moving vehicle. Landscape....   more
25) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 25
Camp Katahdin scenes. Out of focus. Boys running. Sailboats and boating races with boys cheering from dock. Campers gathered for raising of flag. Red footage of boys with towels. R...   more
26) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 26
Camp Katahdin scenes. Trees and view to water. Sailboats and swimming. Campers on docks.   more
27) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 27
Football game. Half-time show with marching band and baton twirling color guard.   more
28) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 28
Family and school scenes. Crowd of children around a man. Bicycles parked outside of a building. Landscape shots of treeline and water. Boys and girls gathered in what looks like a...   more
29) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 29
Family scenes. Driveway and house. Street and pond. Dog in yard. Two boys sit in the yard, same two boys play football and wrestle, shake hands. Various shots of a little boy sitti...   more
30) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 30
Out of focus family scenes. Pool with boys swimming laps. Swimming competition with audience in stands around the pool. Wide shot of what appears to be a hotel. Footage of a rocky s...   more
31) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 31
Boys (campers?) on top of a mountain, eating. Wide shot from the mountain with views of surrounding landscape. Roadside shots on the mountain. Pool scenes (pool basketball, diving, s...   more
32) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 32
Family scenes. Brick buildings. Snowy hillside and skiing (appears to be downhill course). Yards and houses from street with cars parked on street (snow-covered). Blurry building an...   more
33) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 33
Camp Katahdin scenes. Campground and buildings. Shot of clock reads: 7:30. Shot of docks and swimming from within trees. Campers and counselors brush teeth. Raising of the flag. B...   more
34) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 34
Camp Katahdin scenes. Water skiing. Buildings and houses. Campers gathered in the morning to raise the flag. Dark indoor footage. Campers go inside for breakfast. Double exposure...   more
35) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 35
Camp Katahdin scenes. Douglas Crate, the Camp Director, exits office, leads a song with a man at a piano and the campers are singing. Swimming. Clock face reads 7:30. Boys in towels...   more
36) [Douglas W. Crate, Sr.—home movies] Reel 36
Family and Camp Katahdin scenes. Kids in above-ground pool with adults interacting with them from yard. Swimming. Men wave at camera from picnic table on lawn. Man joins kids in poo...   more
Crate, Douglas W. Sr. Legacy Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
[Douglas W. Crate, Sr.--home movies], 1719
Credit: Douglas W. Crate, Sr. home movies, Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Legacy Collection, Northeast Historic Film. A Camp Katahdin counselor guides his young swimmers.
Credit: Excerpt from Douglas W. Crate, Sr. home movies, Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Legacy Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Camp Katahdin, 1956.
Primary Format and Extent
film (6,695 ft.) : si., b&w, col. ; 8 mm., 16 mm.
Collection Date Range
1930 – 1960;
The Douglas W. Crate Collection consists of 50 reels of both 8 mm. and 16 mm. film shot from the 1930s to the 1960s. The collection contains a variety of family movies and camp movies. The family movies capture the Crate family during picnics and barbecues, documenting voluminous snowfalls, sledding, and enjoying the outdoors. Camp Katahdin footage shows counselors and boys getting haircuts, shucking corn, and enjoying summer activities such as swimming, canoeing, playing baseball, volleyball, and other sports. Some reels include explanatory intertitles, such as “Every boy is instructed how to swim” before showing a swimming lesson. Crate took special care in documenting the landscape, capturing views of the New England coast, the mountains, and trips up Mt. Katahdin. Unfortunately, the film appears dark and blurry in many places, taking away from the overall aesthetic.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Camp Katahdin was founded in 1926 and opened in 1928 by Douglas W. Crate, Sr. in Etna, Maine. Crate aimed to provide a challenging experience for boys spending the summer in the outdoors. Many skills were taught at the camp, including athletic fundamentals, leadership, camping, crafts and water sports. The summer season was highlighted with a five to seven day climbing and camping trip at Baxter State Park to the peak of Mt. Katahdin. Camp Katahdin was closed in 1970 upon the death of Douglas W. Crate, Sr. Douglas W. Crate, Sr. was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where many privileged campers came from. He taught in a private school, and early trips to the camp were used as training films for his football team.
People and Organizations
Crate Family, Camp Katahdin
Camps, Summer camps
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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