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1) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 1
North Star Camp footage. Sailing. Canoeing. Raising of the flag with campers saluting. Sports activities such as running springs (shot from front and side views) and long jump. Cam...   more
2) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 2
Family scenes. Boy in high chair with little girls. Woman feeds boy. Father holds boy. Cartoon (Coco the Clown). Laundry being hung on line (shot from inside the house, looking thr...   more
3) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 3
Family scenes. Family getting in cars. Fire and roasting hot dogs. Swimming. Eating. Working outside of a building, mixing sand in wheelbarrow. Three children play with a cat. A c...   more
4) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 4
New Hampshire trip. Teenage boys shooting guns. Playing basketball. Snow shoeing. Young men outside a large building. Sign reads: White Mountain Glen Ellis Falls Parking Space Nat...   more
5) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 5
Family scenes. Chubby baby shots. Sleepy baby with girl (sister?). View of water, sky, and landscape. An historic ship with tourists on it. Shot of shoreline including anchored ste...   more
6) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 6
Family scenes. Child looking out a window, waving. Child is read to. Shots of playing catch outside with girls. Jump roping. Girls walking down the street. An old man on the stree...   more
7) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 7
North Star Camp scenes. Dark. Boys piled in back of North Star Camp truck with one young man sawing something off the back of the truck. More dark footage, cannot make out what is ha...   more
8) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 8
North Star Camp scenes. Group of boys posing, waving to camera in front of camp structures. One boy has crutches. Shot of water through the trees from the top of hill or higher groun...   more
9) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 9
Family scenes. Spring trees in bloom. Shots of water, water appears to be a large river. Shot of water from bridge. Buildings around a park area. Boy in shallow creek, looking at...   more
10) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 10
Family scenes. Spring trees in bloom. Shots of water, appears to be a large river. Shot of water from bridge. Buildings around a park area. Boy in shallow creek, looking at rocks....   more
11) [North Star Camp/Gillingham Family] Reel 11
Family scenes. Men on tractors. Wide shot of farm. Men and teens shovel sand into the back of a truck. Shot of a plane in the sky. Wide shot of water and trees. Shot of streets....   more
Gillingham, Chet Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
[North Star Camp/Gillingham family], 1711
Credit: North Star Camp/Gillingham Family, Chet Gillingham Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Campers in the back of the North Star Camp truck.
Credit: Excerpt from North Star Camp/Gillingham Family, Chet Gillingham Collection, Northeast Historic Film. North Star Camp, ca. 1935-1942.
Primary Format and Extent
film (3,700 ft.) : si., b&w, col. ; 16 mm.
Collection Date Range
1925 – 1953
The Chet Gillingham Collection consists of eleven reels of 16 mm. film shot between 1925 and 1953 by Arthur Douglas Gillingham, father of the donor. The collection contains both family movies and summer camp movies. The Gillingham family is shown both at home and at play. One clip shows Chet Gillingham graduating from the Higgins Classical Institute school in Charleston, Maine, in 1950. The bulk of the film depicts the activities at the North Star Camp, including hiking, swimming, canoeing, and other sports. These activities also included trips to Profile Lake at Franconia Notch, New Hampshire, and Glen Ellis Falls at Pinkham Notch, New Hampshire, in the late 1920s. The collection contains footage of the flood at Salmon Falls in Buxton, Maine, in the late 1940s.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Creator Arthur Douglas Gillingham was the Boys Work Secretary for the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Portland, Maine, active from the 1920s into the 1940s. In that capacity, he ran the YMCA North Star Camp in Waterboro, Maine, on Little Ossipee Lake. The donor, Chet Gillingham, was born in 1930. His eldest sister was born in 1920. Chet’s maternal grandparents, Alice and Hugh Smith, are depicted within the collection. Hugh Smith was a dorey fisherman in East Penobscot, Maine, and later worked at the Hollingsworth & Whitney Paper Mill in Waterville, Maine.
People and Organizations
Alice Smith, Hugh Smith, North Star Camp
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://www.oldfilm.org/research for more information.
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