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1) Bell '64 [Bill Bell--home movies] Reel 1
Bell '64 [matches description of "Bell '63];A t 141 Washington St., Holliston, MA. Daughter Cathy 8 yrs old, saddling up her donkey Memorial Day parade Otter at Bluehill MA "Trailside M...   more
2) Bell '63 [Bill Bell--home movies] Reel 2
Bell '63 [matches description of 'Bell '64"];Upside down, etc: also backward Sailboat at Buzzerd's Bay Ma More sailboat Camping at Bird Island in Buzzard's Bay Cat in Holliston OPAQUE L...   more
3) Summer 1961 [Bell Family Movies] Reel 1
Summer 61;1962 Pat B L. Champ. Burlington rope/swing 141 hous o stilts cup scout knights dueling Edding Danforth + Mack Bill/sling sledding squirrel/cat PatB L. Champlain Andy and chick...   more
4) [Bell Family Movies] Reel 2
Lake [Winthrop?] model planes Holl sch. Mark unicycle Dover Mark + Andy magic show towel on Dany's head ages 11-6? 10-5?   more
5) [Bell Family Movies] Reel 3
1st AB Anim. TV. Gumby, Tinker Toys, British soldiers;Whitecomb Farm buckin' bronco 141 yard in winter Slo-Mo- Animation - L.RM. Tinker-Toys Gumby - Toy Soldeirs - (B+W) - Race-Cars-Gu...   more
6) [Bell Family Movies] Reel 4
Sam in 141 Kitchen / Christmas Stocking - L. Rm - Toys Andy - Mark - Skiing - Down Lawne 141;Gumby animation 1968 Christmas Sam Skiing 141 yard Andy in Kitchen - Christmas Stocking - A...   more
Bell, William Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (1450 ft.) : si. b&w and col. ; 8mm
Secondary Format and Extent
film (50 ft.) : si., col. ; Super8
The collection consists of 5 reels of 8mm film, totaling approximately 1450 feet, and 1 reel of Super 8 film totaling approximately 50 feet. The films include home movies and animation. "summer 1961", cute animation with kids toys, christmas, skiing
People and Organizations
Bell Family
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