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1) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 1
Spring 1968 - Kevin in Vineland & Borden-town (with Jenny Patel) ; then in N.C. at Easter. ***** May 19, 1968 Grandmom Johnson's 85th birthday celebration at Uncle Len's house. ****...   more
2) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 2
Spring 1969 - Longwood Gardens continued ; then Kevin, Carol, and "Holly" in our yard; then Mary and Russell's wedding day (May 24th); Memorial Day cookout at Mc-Keons; then Denny's gra...   more
3) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 3
March 23, 1970 - Susan and Frank's wedding day. ***** Easter 1970 - In Millville and in Vineland; then fixing a flat tire here in May before picking up Dad at the air - port ***** May 1...   more
4) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 4
Christmas 1970 - On our back porch; then New Year's day outside in the snow; then our visit to George and Mary in early Feb-ruary. ***** April 1971 - Palm Sunday at the Millville High S...   more
5) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 5
Summer 1971 - Eddie holding Maura, with Kevin & Dandy; then Gretchen & Maura; Pop & Menega's visit; then at beach in Vent-nor with Sr. Francis; then out back and beside gara...   more
6) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 6
May 26, 1972 - Annual Somers Point fish - ing trip with Al & Peggy; then here the next day before their departure for Lan-caster. ***** June 4, 1972 - Mom, Dad, Denny, Patty, &...   more
7) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 7
October 1972 - Halloween here with Ned in in-fant's seat; then all four kids out front with Gretchen; then Christmas on our back porch. ***** Christmas continued; then Ned on Grandmom M...   more
8) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 8
August 1973 - Our first annual vacation in Ver-mont with the Schulzes -- all the kids at Star Lake, with Gretchen and a strange dog; then the kids in the sleigh outside the house; then...   more
9) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 9
May 1974 - A visit from the Schulz family (with dog) -- all the kids out front and out back. ***** July 1974 - Our visit with the George P. John-sons at a "borrowed" house in Margate; t...   more
10) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 10
Christmas 1974 - The kids on our back porch open - ing presents; then a glimpse of the Schulzes in front of Gus's house. ***** February 1975 - Dad McKeon's birthday here with Aunt Mary,...   more
11) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 11
July 1975 - Another fishing trip with Al & Peggy. ***** August 1975 - A Sunday visit to Tom Henry's place in Sea Isle, with Pat Liebenow, Franny, Paul, and Matthew Menz; then the st...   more
12) [Johnson Family Chronicles--home movies] Reel 12
Christmas 1975 - In Statesville, kids opening gifts in den; then outside near Eddie's truck & 2 "adopted" dogs. ***** January 1976 - Dandy's 7th birthday (including Theresa Walder &...   more
14) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 1
Original Can #13;August 1976 (Our Ireland trip) - Bunratty Castle on our arrival; then Cork, including the Quay; then Blarney Castle & grounds; then another view of Cork. Cobh on a...   more
15) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 2
Original Can #14;Vermont 1976 cont'd. - The Schulzes & Eddie; then kids at home in Olympic shirts; then at Hankin's Pond in August. ***** August 1976 - A visit to York for Mom &...   more
16) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 3
Original Can #15;May 1977 - Danica's 1st Communion: outside St. Mary's with Fa-thers McHugh, Falatico, and McGarvey, Sisters Margaret, Berna-dette, and Loretta, the McKeons, and Vincent...   more
17) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 4
Original Can #16;August 1977 - Vermont continued: the Johnson family departure (note Mom's haircut) ; then the Greensboro cemetery, including John Gunther's grave and a view of the lake...   more
18) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 5
Original Can #17;June 1978 - Wait and Al buying strawberries on Route 49 after an annual fishing trip to Somers Point, the day after a rental per-formance of Little Murders at the Littl...   more
19) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 6
Original Can #18;August 1978: Vermont, cont'd. at Lake Elmore Park for a picnic with Kevin, Carol & kids; then fishing at the lake itself; then sunset on Caspian Lake with kids on t...   more
20) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 7
Original Can #19;August 1979: Bolton fish hatchery cont'd - feeding the "big ones," our kids & Paul; then an outdoor "carnival" at Greensboro Bend, featuring strawberry ice cream, w...   more
21) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 8
Original Can #20;August 1980: Vermont vacation with Anne & Paul, including Ned with a crayfish & Lamb II, visit to Cabot Creamery for a yogurt feast, Morgan Horse Farm, Fairbank...   more
24) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 1
[See] this #24 OOUR FINAL SUPER 8'S   more
25) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 2
OUR SPLICED SUPER 8's (with written commentary);Maura / Vineland - Boxwood Drive 1981 long to shore [?] Canada - Ned, Kevin, Paul + F[?] fish swimming + cliff Brian Jaeger + Maura - all...   more
26) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 3
#21 OUR FINAL SUPER 8's   more
27) [Johnson Family--home movies] Reel 4
OUR SPLICED SUPER 8's (with written commentary);1983 - fishing - Canada J [L]adue, John B[?] Church Milne Gallagher + all of us Molson Display Gratzs look Ballpark 7-4 + Denny + Luke +...   more
28) [Johnson Family--home movies] Tape 1
The Johnson Family Reunion SLP Runtime: 0:50:53 onscreen dates: 8/30/1996 + 8/31/1996 + 9/1/1996   more
29) [Johnson Family--home movies] Tape 2
SLP Runtime: 0:35:48 Onscreen dates: 12/25/1998, 6/11/2000, 8/4/2000, 9/30/2001, 11/4/2001 + 11/23/2001   more
Johnson Family Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (9526 ft.) si. col. ; Super 8mm
Collection Date Range
1968 – 1980
The collection consists of 27 reels of silent, black and white, and color Super 8 film, totaling approximately 9526 feet, and 2 VHS-C tapes. Very detailed summary of each reel in collection folder. Lots of family travels. Films are well shot and edited. Maple syrup production, camp footage, family, holidays.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Donor, Kevin Johnson, is the photo archivist at the Penobscot Marine Museum. Family is from New Jersey.
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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