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1) Looking Back: The Gilded Age
TV spot for Brick Store Museum. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
2) Speak Out series
Speak Out series: 5 tapes, one tape for each title: Living Wills; Parental Rights; Nicaragua; Programs 5 & 6; Prayer in Public Schools. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
3) Gardiner on the Kennebec
Gardiner, Me: Depicts the history of Gardiner from 1754 to the present, from color postcards, photographs and memorabilia showing the development of Gardiner. The audio track consists o...   more
4) Si j'comprends Bien
Demo tape for New Sweden Group (John and Richard Heid) for Humanities and Public Policy showing. Two 3/4-inch tapes, one with subtitles (approx 50 mins.). FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
5) Living the Good Life
Helen and Scott Nearing left city life 45 years ago to homestead. This footage is a visit to their farm in Maine. FOR REFERENCE ONLY. NHF cataloguer's notes: Helen and Scott Nearing wor...   more
6) Ojos Que No Ven
English version. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
7) Who Has the Right
8) Painting Churches
Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
9) Shinto -- Morse Film
Shinagawa visit 17-21 May 1985 ; Morse film Shinagawa material. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
10) Living with Illness: Sustaining the Self in a Sick Body
Dated 1/19/83. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
11) Maine Street '90
Public service announcement. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
12) From Stump to Ship News Interviews: September Tape 1 and Tape 2
Tape 1: WMTW TV Portland 10/01/85; WABI TV Bangor 9/3/85; WVII TV Bangor 9/3/85; WLBZ TV Bangor 9/3/85; WLBZ TV Bangor 9/20/85 includes Portland and Bangor Press conferences and Orono f...   more
13) Lovejoy, the Vigil
14) Parkside: A Neighborhood in the Making
15) [no title known]
Dated 11/19/86. Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
16) The Real Thing
Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
17) The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People
Rough cut of documentary that speculates about vanished Native American tribe. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
18) Orphans
Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
19) Long Day's Journey into Night
Dated 2/27/87. Portland Stage Company. Playbill in folder with actors names. Call Portland Stage and then actors in production for rights.   more
20) Woodsmen and River Drivers Sample Reel
Dated 2/9/87. VHS off-line, preparation for trial edit, 18 Feb 1987. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
21) Stuff as Dreams
Dated 1/23/87. Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
22) An Oral Historian's Work
"Captioned Master" with visible burned in captions. Instructional videotape with demonstration of skills and techniques needed for conducting an oral history project. Demonstration by D...   more
23) Year of the Duck
Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
24) High School Report
25) From Stump to Ship News Clips
News clips from Maine news organizations, compiled by Henry Nevison, 14 June 1985. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
26) Maine at Statehood
Interview with scholars from Maine Humanities Council project, 'Maine at Statehood.' FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
27) Porte Ouverte sur Les Vieilles Societes et les Nouveaux Groupements/The Old Societies and the New Groups...Survivance to Maintenance
Reflets et Lumiere II, dated 2/22/82: Visits with traditional groups in the Augusta and Lewiston areas to discuss why they were created in the 1900s and if their goals have changed for...   more
28) Porte Ouverte sur le Bilinguisme/Bilingualism...Facts and Fiction
Dated 12/28/81. Facts and fictions of being bilingual in a monolingual atmosphere, An interview with Antonine Maillet, Acadian author and recipient of top honors for her many novels abo...   more
29) Porte Ouverte sur la CommunautÈ/The Community...Old Town, Maine, Yesterday and Today
Dated 10/26/81. Eugene Paradis recalls his earlier years in Old Town, Maine, when life was simper and run by bells, whistles and horns. Visits with other Old Town residents who speak of...   more
30) Porte Ouverte sur l'Assimilation/Assimilation...Loss of Culture
Dated 11/23/81. Interviews with Franco-Americans, young and old, about growing up in an authoritarian, closed and rigid society. Among matters discussed: the effects of being surrounded...   more
31) Porte Ouverte sur les Arts/The Arts...The Rich Mosaic
Dated 1/25/82. Visits with artists and performers from around Maine and New England including Julien Olivier, storyteller, Gilbert Roy, artist, Buck McHenry, wood sculptor, Josee Vachon...   more
32) Porte Ouverte sur l'Emigration/Immigration...The Journey
Dated 9/28/95. Immigration movement of French-Canadians to New England at the turn of the century. Two puppets comment on the program after it is over. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
33) Porte Ouverte sur la Politique/Politics...Illusion and Reality
Dated 3/22/82. Several Maine politicians discuss what it means to them to be Franco-American and the political realities for Franco-Americans in Maine today. Professor James Gallagher,...   more
34) Chez Nous: The St. John Valley
Dated 11/29/85. Video Workshop demo tape, Maine State Museum. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
35) Confronting Illness: Alternative Ways of Viewing the Body
Illness and the Literary Experience Tape 1, dated 10/20/82. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
36) Creative Approaches to Death and Dying
Dated 2/16/83. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
37) From Stump to Ship: 10 minute excerpt
Dated February 1985. Excerpt with rough track for Maine Humanities Council meeting to consider grant request. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
38) Fifth of July
Portland Stage Company. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
39) [A Century of Summers--excerpts]
Raw footage to be used in final production. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
40) 'Cross the Bay
41) Canadian-American Local History Conference
Dated 9/9/89. Festival videotape musical program Canadian American local history. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
42) AIDS series
AIDS series of videotapes: conference speakers and panels. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
43) Porte Ouverte sur Nous et la Communaute/We and the Community
Dated 4/26/82. A live one-hour call-in program. The series producers and community representatives open the telephone lines to take questions from viewers. Among the topics to be discus...   more
44) Land of Norumbega, The (Camera Negative)
Color negative. // Picture only. // Leader is labeled: 'Dennis Kostyk, Camera Rolls 1-2-3, 4-5-91' // Unidentified strips of film are taped to inside of can lid.   more
45) Land of Norumbega, The (Picture Negative)
A-wind color negative. // Picture only. // Came in lab box from John Allen along with items 0802.0003 and 0802.0004.   more
46) Land of Norumbega, The (Soundtrack Negative)
B-wind soundtrack negative. // Soundtrack only. // Came in lab box from John Allen along with items 0802.0002 and 0802.0004.   more
47) Land of Norumbega, The [Soundtrack Print]
Soundtrack positive print. // Soundtrack only. // Came in lab box from John Allen along with items 0802.0002 and 0802.0003.   more
48) Land of Norumbega, The
1st answer print. // Label on can: 'This is in case of disaster. 'First answer print.' Use other pix + this sndtrk.' // Images are transfers from 35 mm slides, accompanied by soundtrack...   more
49) Land of Norumbega, The
2nd answer print. // Label on can: 'This is the one to use. '2nd answer print.'' // Images are transfers from 35 mm slides, accompanied by soundtrack. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
50) AIDS series
AIDS series of videotapes: conference speakers and panels. FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Tapes generally correspond to VHS copies at acc. 0800, though provenance needs to be clarified. TC#1 ìMedi...   more
51) Modern Times in Maine & America: 1890-1930
'This video explores the growth of the paper industry and hydroelectric utilities; Maine's role in American expansionism; immigration and the decline of agriculture; urban problems and...   more
52) Modern Times in Maine & America: 1890-1930
NHF Tape 1: SP-Dub of 'Modern Times' production made from Ggroerer/Creativideo production master. The program is a retrospective look at social and technological change in Maine and the...   more
53) Illness and Solitude: Changing Relations with Self and Others
Dated 10/19/82. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.   more
Maine Humanities Council Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
video (730 min.) : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.; video (770 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Collection Date Range
1977 – 1995
Collection contains documentaries and other factual works that explore diverse aspects of Maine's history and peoples including "The Land of Norumbega" about early maps of the region, "Master Smart Woman" portraying the life of author Sarah Orne Jewett, and "Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People" based on circumpolar archaeology. "From Stump to Ship: A 1930 Logging Film" comprises both a sample reel of this film and press coverage. Factual works of a public affairs nature include a 1987 AIDS conference in Augusta, and "Speak Out" by WCBB in Lewiston concerning social topics such as living wills, parental rights and prayer in public schools. Collection also contains educational/cultural works, including: "An Oral Historian's Work" with Dr. Edward Ives, "Illness and the Literary Experience," and "Theater Thoughts" from the Portland Stage Company. "Reflets et Lumiere," produced in 1981-1982 by Maine Public Broadcasting, is a series on French-American art and culture. "Modern Times in Maine and America" is a look at social and technological change in Maine and the U.S. during the period 1890-1930. See also MPBN Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Maine Humanities Council is a private, nonprofit foundation, affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Council awards grants, consults on the design of public programs, distributes educational resources, and initiates public projects. Most titles in the collection were produced with the support of the Maine Humanities Council.
People and Organizations
Dr. Edward Ives
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