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1) Lucerne, Maine
1. Actuality: Tozier's winter sports party 1928, 1929' with Dupont Pathe 12 stock. Decorated frame shots, Lucerne Hotel, train, fishing. (Dupont Pathe 29 stock). Six or so men put on sk...   more
2) Welcome Home Parade, 1919
3) Grand Review 26th Division
NOTE: ONLY BEGINNING TITLES AND SOME END FOOTAGE CAN BE SAVED. NO TRANSFERS MADE OF THIS FOOTAGE AT THIS TIME. 'Welcome Home Parade, May 22, 1919. Grand Review of 26th division at Bosto...   more
4) King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Recent version, new titles of King of all Fur Bearers. Title:'King of All Fur Bearers' 'Produced and photographed by Daniel M. Maher' 'Courtesy of Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ranches.' In...   more
5) [Ballroom dancing footage]
NHF cataloguer's notes: 5004-02-MAHR-?? (Dupont 11, nitrate, very dark.) Ballroom dancing.   more
6) [Dirt track racing footage]
NHF cataloguer's notes: 5004-03-MAHR-24 (360 ft., Kodak Safety, 1924) Dirt track racing. (scratched, fuzzy) open car going away from camera. Man in white shirt, bare head. Houses around...   more
7) Maine Catholics, 1920-24
Death of Bishop Louis S. Walsh. Cardinal Hayes arrives. Priests and 4th degree Knights of Columbus honor guard. Train arrives with Cardinal. Late Bishop in Bangor, May 30, 1920. Funeral...   more
8) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 8
Children on jungle gym and playing in yard. Swimming in ocean. Man in knickers with dog and family in yard. Swimming and family shots. Color material (1940 date code) shows wedding part...   more
9) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 6
Equestrian shots, jumping. Man with small girl in saddle.   more
10) Lindbergh--the Epic American Transatlantic Flight [Maher Reel 13]
Reel 13 in Maher home movie collection. Kinograms newsreel production about Charles A. Lindbergh's Atlantic flight and aftermath (May 20-21, 1927). Placed after 'Jack Benny' segment, al...   more
11) [University of Maine footage?]
Inter-leader says 'University of Maine campus scene to be used with cabin colony.' Men outside building. Man sawing wood. Young men in log cabins, taking showers, etc. Possibly Universi...   more
12) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 7
Ansco stock. Summer activities. Softball game. Men and women shoot golf in yard. Building fire pit on beach, taking a hike and playing in woods.   more
13) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 5
Overexposed snow scenes of family outing. Child, camp store, woman, children ice fishing. Inside, very dark exposure, school pageant with young girls in sparkly costumes.   more
14) [Peaks Island aerial footage]
NHF cataloguer's notes: 5004-01-MAHR-19 (nitrate): 'A pleasing glimpse of Peaks Island from an altitude of 1,500 ft.' Islands and water, houses on island. (Very scratched, nitrate, 1920...   more
15) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 13. Jack Benny, Our Gang, Salmon Pool, Water Sports, Lucerne
1931 from date code, shots of parade with stars (including Jack Benny?) dark exposures. b&w views of horse being led in snow. Snowy exteriors. Playing with lariats. Woman displays t...   more
16) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 2
House, infant being brought out of hospital.   more
17) [Maher--home movies.] Reel 15
Unidentified negative.   more
18) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 4, Boston Boat on Penobscot
Woman applies makeup while on running board of a car. Woman poses. Coastal steam boat, looks like Penobscot River. Girls in bathing suits.   more
19) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 1
Sailboat, possibly Bar Harbor. Waves. People on shore.   more
20) Armistice Day Parade at Bangor, Me.
Dated 11 November 1921. Parade going through downtown Bangor.   more
21) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 12
Ansco stock. Steam train moving along. Scenics in woods. Waterfalls. Woman near waterfall, same as reel 10? Lake. Nice motor boat shot.   more
22) King of All Fur Bearers (Gordon Silver Black Fox)
Opening of film shows old Lincoln House hotel on right, then Odd Fellows Hall in center and Methodist Church on left. First shots of foxes taken at Gordon's Silver Black Fox Ranch #1. F...   more
23) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 10
City building, then woman posing near waterfall   more
24) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 11
Single perforation stock, but silent. Late 1950s or early 1960s. First communion. Bird takes food from window sill. Old woman with pie walks to car. Child on pile of snow. Winter sports...   more
25) [Kodak promotional film, Maher Collection reel 9]
Kodachrome promotional film. Colorful shots including neon signs at night. Edits in the reel.   more
26) [Maher--home movies]. Reel 14. Northern Logging
Can note: 'Northern Logging. Lumberman's Museum. Caterpillar crawlers hauling.' Caterpillar company promotional film showing caterpillar tractors in action in the woods in winter.   more
27) NRA Parade, Bangor
Dated October 1933. 'The pictures of the Bangor Brewer NRA Parade are brought to you through the efforts of Bangor Publix Theatres.' LS front of library? Bands, military, Independent Re...   more
28) [Lucerne, Maine excerpt]
Excerpt from 5001-01 Lucerne boat riding 16 mm. workprint and negative made by John E. Allen for stock footage sale. SEE ACC. 0150/CAT. 5001-01 FOR DESCRIPTION OF THIS 'LUCERNE, MAINE'...   more
29) [Sailing and sunset footage]
NHF cataloguer's notes: 5004-04-MAHER-23 (Kodak safety, 1923, 1925 by d.c.) Sailing, various boats in lake, sailboat and sunset. Windjammer?   more
30) [NHF Compilation: selections 4/27/89]
1989 NHF compilation of Maher Collection selections. Tape contains: acc.0150: Lucerne, Maine (1928) acc.0153: [Peaks Island aerials and other footage] (1919-1924) acc.0147: Maine Cathol...   more
Maher Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (4,000 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35 mm. print.
Secondary Format and Extent
film (2,450 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1919 – 1960
Collection contains factual works including "King of All Fur Bearers," a film about the Gordon Silver Black Fox Ranch in Lincoln, and [Maine Catholics], with 1920 footage of Bishop Louis S. Walsh and his 1924 funeral in Bangor attended by Cardinal Hayes. "NRA Parade, Bangor" shows the 1933 parade marking local participation in the National Recovery Act. Collection also contains [Maher--home movies] with scenes of family activities and celebrations, including recreational sports and a wedding. Collection also contains promotional films for Kodachrome and Caterpillar tractors, and a Kinograms newsreel segment about Charles A. Lindbergh's 1927 transatlantic flight. See also Ellsworth Historical Society Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Daniel M. Maher, Sr. was a newsreel cameraman who worked for major news companies including Pathe, Fox and Universal. He also worked as a still photographer for the Bangor Daily News newspaper. He is the model for the Northeast Historic Film logo. The silent newsreel Kinograms was introduced shortly after World War I; it was highly successful for several years but declined in the late 1920s and went into receivership in 1931.
People and Organizations
Bishop Louis S. Walsh
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